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[English Subbed] Donghaeng New Year Special Cut Lee Seung Gi

Many thanks to China Airen who took the time to make a subbed video.  Please note, these are not my translations. It would’ve been great to get a video subbed with them, but I simply didn’t have the time. Also, special thanks to Jessica Jai who uploaded this video. Your hardwork in translating, subbing, and encoding is much appreciated.

Credit: Jessica Jai

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KBS1 Donghaeng to Air on February 21st ~ Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi volunteered in a project to build houses for people in need.  Donghaeng is a documentary that airs every Saturday evening at 6pm KST. The episode with Seung Gi is scheduled to air on the 21st according to a post in dclsg and the blog that these photos came from.

1423840488959 1423840492839 1423840515284 1423840519137 1423840528614 1423840616397 1423840618882 1423840621102 1423840629037Credit: hyung0911

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Hear Lee Seung Gi’s Voice on ‘Insects, their Great Instinct’ Narration Preview

It’s going to be tough for Airens to choose between Seung Gi and Seung Gi this Friday night.  MBC vs. tvN. Insects vs. Nunas over Flowers.  I think we all know which show is going to be on everyone’s must watch list.  Both are scheduled for 10pm and the competition for viewers is getting stiff.  I’ve been seeing ads for MBC’s documentary on TV several times a day lately.  However, Na PD and tvN have done a great job with their teasers to draw netizen’s curiosity about the upcoming variety show.  The most recent Broadcast Preview released today was the funniest of the 3 I’ve seen so far.

Here’s Seung Gi’s soothing voice on MBC’s documentary. Translations to come… I’ll have to watch it as a rerun.  I’ll definitely be watching tvN’s Nunas over Flowers this Friday night.

Credit: MBC

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[English translation] Lee Seung Gi Narration, MBC, ‘Insects ‘Their Great Instinct’ His participation is ‘Gathering Much Attention’

A201311180216_1Credit: MBC

‘Insects, Their Great Instinct’ (planning by Hong Sang Woon, directing by Kim Jin Man, Kim Jung Min) in the meantime has sparked interest in the little known ecology of insects which is becoming a hot topic of conversation.  They have also produced the documentaries that people can empathize with called ‘Amazon’s Tears’ and ‘The South’s Tears’ which have been MBC’s selected documentaries through a mutual understanding with the production crew.

Every year, MBC’s featured documentary has been narrated by Kim Nam Gil, Song Joong Ki, and Hyun Bin among other top male stars who have participated and gathered a great deal of attention.  This year’s ‘Insects, Their Great Instinct’ was undoubtedly in the public eye regarding who would do the narration with the broadcast coming up soon.

Therefore, the production crew sent a request to ‘the Nation’s Hoonnam’ * and ‘the Nation’s Porter’, Lee Seung Gi, who would be best at raising interest.  Usually, he who enjoys documentaries willngly joined efforts with the production team of ‘Amazon’s Tears’ in a positive reply to their love call for ‘Insects, Their Great Instinct’ according to rumors.

As a singer and also actor who has been as active as he has, Lee Seung’s gentle voice and accuracy of his delivery will serve as a backdrop to a new type of charm.

Netizens who have heard of this work have said “I am looking forward to Lee Seung Gi’s narration” ” Lee Seung Gi’s narration of ‘Amazon’s Tears’ what do you mean it’s the  production team’s national pride” “Lee Seung Gi will do a good job narrating” “I really want to hear Lee Seung Gi’s narrations as soon as possible, I have to watch the broadcast” were some of the responses.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi’s voice that appears with ‘Insects, Their Great Instinct’ will broadcast at 10pm KST on November 29th . (Picture =MBC)

*Hoonnam in Korean refers to a kind, gentle, and sincere male who is also gentlemanly and good looking.

Original Source: Nate

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever