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Lee Seung Gi During Class at Dongguk University~ Photo

This photo was posted on SNS around 11pmKST by one of Seung Gi’s classmates at Dongguk University.

j_hye_jiCredit: j_hye_ji

“Today’s #Cultural Psychology #Class #Appearance 
I’m into the #Psychology of ‘Some ‘
#Lee Seung Gi #Sunbaenim is into the #Psychology of Selfies
Since he was taking a #Selfie He asked to take a #Photo of him
I’m #Bright and innocent like this………
The reveal of the psychology of ‘Some’, Finished


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Lee Seung Gi’s School Fashion~ Airens’ Birthday Gift ^^

The backpack by Seung Gi’s side is a gift that Airens gave him for his birthday this year. According to another Airen who has a keen eye for fashion, it appears to be a bag by MICHAEL KORS.  Last time, he was seen wearing the black patent dress shoes he received at one of the stage greetings for Love Forecast. So glad to see that he liked the gifts. As always, such a thoughtful star.   🙂

donggukj_hye_ji B_V2uVtUcAA6JutCredit: j_hye_ji,  presentSG

B_ViTlrU0AAkr4dMICHAEL KORS bag retail price $224 US

Credit: koni_sptlsg

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Photo of Lee Seung Gi at Dongguk University for New Semester with Comments

A female student at Dongguk University took this photo of Seung Gi most probably tonight and uploaded it about 2 hours ago onto SNS.  In Korea, the new semester (and school year) starts on March 2nd of this year. She stated in two of her comments that she would be seeing him again tomorrow.  How lucky!

donggukj_hye_jiCredit: j_hye_ji

 This semester, it seems that I’ve hit the jackpot
I have 2 #classes together with #Lee Seung Gi ☺️
(By the way, he is a sunbaenim from the same department with the same major 👍)
Sorry for having taken this photo without you knowing …

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Lee Seung Gi promotional video for Dongguk University’s Graduate School of Digital Image and Cultural Contents

Credit: AirenVideo

Here is Lee Seung Gi doing a promotional video for his graduate school, Dongguk University’s Graduate School of Digital Image and Cultural Contents. Since we talked about 수능 (Soo Neung), the important University entrance exam, and Seung Gi’s current enrollment in grad school for a Master’s degree in Cultural Contents, here’s his entire video that was included in the link I provided for Dongguk University in my previous post.

English translation:

Hello, I’m Lee Seung Gi.  Different fields of study, different personalities and talents all gathered in one place to create a synergistic effect is what I think is the strength of my school, Dongguk University’s Graduate School of Digital Image and Cultural Contents. Currently, as a student studying at Dongguk Graduate School of Digital Image and Cultural Contents, I may be working in this field. However, I’ve asked myself, where can one go to learn this? Perhaps I want to learn a little bit more in depth about this but in what way should I approach my studies? I was always curious about this. Dongguk Graduate School of Digital Image and Contents always answers my questions while satisfying my curiosity. The course I’m taking now is extremely satisfying and on my own, I am learning a lot of realistic knowledge about making progress in this field of study.

The question in yellow asks for which areas of study would this school be helpful if advising prospective students?

Right now, out of people who will graduate, those who are currently attending graduate school here, and including those who have graduated , across the board there are 21st century cultural enterprises including movies, music, performances, festivals, and planning. There are many people who are active in different fields of study. It’s likely that if you are a student dreaming about  these fields of study, I am confident that this school will definitely be of help. Dongguk Graduate school of Digital Image and Cultural Contents is a place where talented individuals who will lead the cultural industry in the 21st century are raised.

Question in yellow asks: Last words? 

If you have enthusiasm and curiosity, I certainly believe and trust that this place will be of great help.  I would really like it if we could use this rare opportunity to be a time where we can study together.  Thank you.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Administrator for Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Lee Seung Gi’s College Graduation Video

Here is footage of Seung Gi’s college graduation video: He looks adorable! 🙂

Credit: dongA.com

Caption reads: The scene of Lee Seung Gi’s university degree graduation ceremony
Seoul Dongguk University, 2009, February 20th

Reporter: How does it feel?
Seung Gi: It feels good

Reporters: Congratulations
Seung Gi: Thank you

Male Reporter to Seung Gi as he is sitting down before the graduation ceremony: Hello
Seung Gi: Hi, nice to meet you
Reporter: How are you feeling?

Seung Gi: I’m nervous and it hasn’t hit me just yet. Four years has passed so quickly that I can’t believe that I’m graduating already.
Male Reporter: But compared to four years ago, you look exactly the same.
Seung Gi: The same? I’ve aged a lot (he laughs as he fixes his cap)

Female Reporter: If you had a secret to being able to graduate without taking time off from school, what would it be?
Seung Gi: To begin with, many people have helped me, there has been a large amount of that part …when I see it…I have to come to school often…, I have to visit (professors) often anyhow and finding other things that I can do in a way that doesn’t harm other students is the best thing to do…
Female Reporter: How did you manage your grades? Did they come out well?
Seung Gi: My grades? I came out with average grades (he laughs and covers his mouth with his fist)

Male Reporter: You look the same as you did four years ago. If there was a secret to that, what would it be?
Seung Gi: Uh, this is really…well, I think that I’ve changed very much but I thank you for seeing me as being young. Uh, honestly, up till then I entered university right after my debut and didn’t know the real state of things. During the past four years, many people have helped me and I think that’s why I’m able to graduate right now. If there was a secret, it would simply be to work hard.

Male reporter: Did the team from One Night 2 Days send a congratulatory message?
Seung Gi: So far, I don’t think they know yet.

Male reporter: How do you feel about being awarded a lifetime achievement award?
Seung Gi: I don’t really feel that I’ve studied particularly hard from semester to semester, but I am thankful. In any case, I will try even harder in the future.
Man in the background: please wrap things up

Commencement speaker: We will be awarding a special lifetime achievement award. This lifetime award goes to Lee Seung Gi majoring in International Trade and Commerce for his active contributions to school life on February 21st, 2009 by the Dongguk University Dean, Oh Yun Goh.

NOTE: I love his HEODANG moment when he forgets to take his award!

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever