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YAAS Episode 14~ New Eun-Eo Kiss Scene Cut from SBS Drama

The kiss scene between Eun Dae Gu and Eo Soo Seon last night was definitely the highlight of the evening! SBS uploaded a longer clip today, probably due to enthusiastic responses from the viewers and the media.

Credit: SBSNOW

The P4 Team goes to a cafe to investigate an underground narcotics ring run by gangsters. Seo Pan Seok assigns Dae Gu and Soo Seon to play the role of a couple while Tae Il and Ji Gook pretend to be friends. Pan Seok compliments Soo Seon on her outfit as the couple emerges from the van to investigate. Soo Seon is convincing as a cutesy girlfriend asking Dae Gu.”Honey, take pictures of me.” Nice. A really clever way to take photos of all the gangsters that regularly frequent the cafe. All of a sudden, employees come out holding a cake and congratulate them on their 100th day Anniversary of dating. A gangster in the background yells out.”Why don’t you guys kiss?” Major awkward moment. Soo Seon tells Dae Gu that she’ll initiate it and the shocker comes when Dae Gu pulls Soo Seon towards him to go in for a deep 2nd kiss.  OMG!! I loved the expression on Seo Pan Seok’s face and felt sorry for Ji Gook who looked totally deflated. I think everyone’s jaws dropped at this 2nd unexpected kiss and it was definitely the highlight of last night’s episode. Enjoy watching! 😀


You Are All Surrounded~ Episode 14 Live Recap with Ratings

I did a live update on Twitter. Here are the ratings followed by a compilation of my tweets.  Further details have been added for better comprehension.

YAAS Episode 14 Rating:

AGB Nielsen Rating Nationwide. YAAS 11.9%
AGB Nielsen Rating for Seoul Metropolitan Area. YAAS 12.7%
TNS Rating for YAAS Nationwide 13.1%. Seoul Area 15.3%

Title: Crocodile’s Tears

Yoo Ae Yeon: Dad, are you aware? That woman’s son is alive! What’s going on Dad? You knew along Dad! Assemblyman Yoo: How did you know?

Assemblyman Yoo: Come here immediately. Dae Gu asks Yoo Ae Yeon to cooperate with him on the case. She tells him to get out of her way.

Dae Gu: “I’ll come find you tomorrow.” Yoo Moon Bae: That child doesn’t know anything. Yoo Ae Yeon: Dad, you must be getting old…

Assemblyman Yoo: Don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of it. Yoo Ae Yoon: Fine, then get that thing out of my sight immediately. I’m trusting you Dad.

ESS: Flashback to Chief Kang’s request to cover up her mom’s case. Soo Soen’s mom: talks to her husband’s photo about the incident. Talks about Soo Seon

Soo Seon’s mom to photo: We raised a child together well, didn’t we? Honey, you did well giving me Soo Seon. Thank you.

Chief Kang: Have you thought about it? Soo Seon: I’m sorry, but I find it difficult to do as you ask. I’m sure you have a good reason.

SS: But I also have a promise I made to my father. That I’d take care of my mom. I believe it’s fair to pay for one’s crime. A police’s job isn’t about covering up a politician’s sins. I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you the answer you wanted. Chief: I understand. You may leave.

Soo Seon makes sure Dae Gu listens in on the case~ He confronts Chief Kang now…Why did you do that? How could you? I think of you highly.

Chief to DG: I’m sorry I disappointed you. You’re right. I did something I shouldn’t  have done. But when you’re in a certain position, there are some things that can’t be helped…I did a shameful act..Dae Gu: So it was Yoo Ae Yeon…I understand. I’m also very upset

Soo Seon takes away her mom’s cell phone because she needs to rest her arm and eyes..Tae Il gives medical advice. They all know he’s a doc.

The P4 team is trying to prevent her mom from watching the video. Soo Seon says her mom would die if she knew that the entire nation saw her being assaulted

Tae Il and Ji Gook research through the internet and add comments to personal blogs asking the uploader to delete the video because it can happen to anyone.

DG: What’s with your face? Ji Gook: We pulled an all nighter asking people to delete the videos. Fight over bananamilk..LOL

SPS asks Team 1’s leader about Jo Hyung Chul’s killer. They can’t find him…he doubts it’s the deceased company president and gets upset.

Toad is upset at SPS that they’re still investigating Madame Luxury Bag’s case. Kim Ji Kyung, the video uploader, has disappeared. The team is going to investigate.

Yoo Ae Yeon demands that the girl give her the cell phone with the video. She deletes it and asks, “You don’t have a copy, right?”

Yoo Ae Yeon: You know what’ll happen to you if we find one (a copy). She orders her people to keep an eye on her.

DG as they search all the Seoul hotels for Kim Ji Kyung: Isn’t there any other way than this? You’re legendary Seo Pan Seok!

DG freaks out over SPS eating scallions.”Why did you put them in! I don’t eat scallions! ” SPS: But they’re good for you. DG:” I’m too young to eat things that are good for me.” SPS and DG talk about Jo Hyung Chul and the detective from Masan who went to Brazil. SPS tells DG that Boots told him not to dig further into the case. He gets a flashback moment while eating.

The Assemblyman’s advisors tell him not to worry and that interest in the video is decreasing plus Yoo Ae Yeon took care of the uploader and video.

Assemblyman,”It’ll be the end of my political career.” Eun Dae Gu remembers a photo he saw in the Yoo house. Links it with Neria vessel (Note: Neria is AIREN backwards! ^^)

Handbag lady’s son asks DG : By any chance, did you catch my mother? She’s not here. DG asks the son if they have a cottage in Sapyeong. Yes.

ESS doesn’t know that the P4 team was behind the decrease in videos

Dae Gu and Eo Soo Seon find Kim Ji Kyung. She tells them to leave. ESS tells her thank you…”that person was my mother. If it wasn’t for you, there wouldn’t have been anyone else. If you can help me just once, I won’t ever forget it. Miss Jin Kyung! Miss Jin Kyung! She asks ESS and DG if she can take her to the airport to Seoul. She gives her the ID & pswd to the site where the full video is uploaded. It films Soo Seon’s mom signing the agreement before the assault. She says that is her “payment” for the ride to the airport.

The entire P4 team has evidence now of the truth thanks to Miss Kim. SPS: You’ve downloaded everything, right? With this, we can confirm the agreement to be invalid. SPS to ESS: Are you okay? SS: Yes, I’m okay. Dae Gu: I’m here to see Yoo Ae Yeon. Housekeeper “Madam isn’t here”

Assemblyman Yoo to Dae Gu: Gangnam Station must have nothing to do.He hands him papers to give Yoo Ae Yeon. DG “You don’t need to tell Chief” We have definitive evidence. Tells him how he heard Yoo Moon Bae was once a role model cop admired by other police officers. Also says Chief Kang is like a living legend to rookies like himself.

DG to Assemblyman: “I no longer want to see any disappointing incidents”. Assemblyman as DG leaves, “If you’re blood is too hot, you’ll burn to death”.

The entire P4 team waits for Yoo Ae Yeon to show up. The Assemblyman’s advisors are mixed about showing up..your daughter and your relationship will be revealed.” Assemblyman Yoo: Let’s prepare to leave.~ puts on a show in front of SS’s mom saying his daughter suffers from depression

ESS’s mom falls for his ruse and he thanks her for understanding him. Now the entire team shows up & she says she has decided to overlook it

ESS: Mom, how can you believe that’s sincere? Mom: Do you think it’s easy for a politician to bow his head?

Lee Eung Do tells SS to let her mom have her way. It will give her peace. DG shows up and says: “Yoo Ae Yeon, have you committed that many sins?”

DG: You were lucky this time by hiding behind your father. Next time, I’m going to catch you for sure. Take a close look at my face. I’m Eun Dae Gu, from the Violent Crimes Unit, Team 3 at Gangnam Police Station.

Yoo Ae Yeon,”You really don’t know anything, do you?” You say your name is Eun Dae Gu? Who do you resemble?

Yoo Moon Bae’s warning to Chief: The next time that child bothers me, I will directly take care of him myself. Chief: Yes, I understand.

SPS to Sa Kyeong : I couldn’t sleep a wink that night. You don’t know why I signed those divorce papers? Because you asked me to. Sa Kyeong: Do you really not know why I served you with those papers? SPS: Because I’m a sinner. Sa Kyeong: So, you’re not totally clueless.

Tae Il: I met Kim Sa Kyeong last summer during vacation in London and the other night, I begged and asked her for a hug out of humanism. SPS: I don’t want to hear about that night!” Tae Il: I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry. And also, should I tell you why KSK handed you divorce papers? SPS: Get out!

SPS: My team members are …one b*t*rd is after my woman, another one is after me..The team goes to a cafe teeming with gangsters on a narcotics case, DG & SS are posing as a couple. Ji Gook and Tae Il are posing as friends.

SS: Honey! Take photos of me! (clever way to get photos of suspects)Suddenly, the staff approaches them with a cake celebrating their 100 day Anniversary of dating.  Gangster: Kiss! SPS and the team in the van are watching..She tells DG she’ll do it. OMG! Dae Gu kisses her back! SPS and the rest of the team are ready to flip out! LOL!!!

This was an awesome episode! FINALLY! Thank you for the kiss Eun-Eo couple! Waaah!!! ^^



Here’s the highlight of this episode: THE KISS SCENE!!
Credit: Drama SBS
kiss sceneCredit: LSGJapan


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