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[Full English translation] Lee Seung Gi’s Cameo on Episode 6 of ‘The Producers’ ~ Edited Clip

I’m currently subbing this video on Viki.com, so I’ll be up tonight helping the team. Just so you’re not totally lost, I’ll include a 95% thorough translation. Enjoy watching Seung Gi! 🙂 Credit to Noriko for the screencap on the upper left hand corner of the post.

Credit: Mangosteen via dclsg

SG: Oh! Cindy!

IU: Oh, oppa! It’s been a long time.

SG: How have you been? Have you been doing well?

IU: Oh, just so-so I guess.

(Kid falls on the floor and this scene reminds me of Seung Gi’s Medifoam CF~ LOL)

SG: Aiyoo! It seems heavy; are you okay?

Woman: Yes, thank you.

SG: Be careful (As he smiles broadly and waves goodbye)

SG to IU: Gosh, it’s really grating on my nerves..I can’t pretend not to notice.

IU: Pretend you didn’t notice! You don’t know her!

SG: How can I do that? I have a good image.

IU: Gosh, you really live a tiring life. Live like me, getting cursed at sometimes.

SG: Hey, I’m also envious of you. You can just get annoyed and angry anywhere.  As for me, because of my image, I don’t remember if I’ve ever been mad in public.

Man: Seung Gi, hello.

Seung Gi: Oh, hello! How have you been?

IU: So I’m saying, why did you create that kind of image?

p2Credit: dclsg

Seung Gi: Do you know anything during your debut days? You just go with the image you’re stuck with.

IU: Don’t you get stressed out?

Seung Gi: Of course I do. But there’s this group. (whispering) I have to be careful pronouncing this…It’s called Jo-Ga-Mo. (If pronounced incorrectly, it can sound like a curse word) It’s a group for celebrities with good images. ….I also relieve my stress there-

IU: With what do you relieve your stress?

Seung Gi: Volunteering, things like a donation battle…This hyung blew all the money he earned from his CF..Ahhh! I’m also going to put more effort into it.

—–Medifoam CF flashback…kid falls on the floor and SG rushes over——–

p1Credit: dclsg

SG: Are you okay?

Mom: Are you okay?

SG: Aiyoo, but the child is sooo cute.

Mom: Thank you.

SG: Shall I take a photo for you?

Mom: Ah, yes please.

p3Credit: dclsg

——————————————–BACKHUG SURPRISE SCENE w/Gong Hyo Jin——————–

GHJ: Omo! Seung Gi~ya! What’s up?!

SG: Noona! I’m sooo happy to see you! Have you been well?

CGQ3C_WUAAIRyyYCredit: TheDramaKorea

GHJ: Yeah!

SG: Noona, you got prettier! It doesn’t make sense.  You even got younger!

GHJ: Whatever..(as she smiles)

SG: But this person is? Ah..I’m sorry..I usually remember staff member’s faces and names…

GHJ: Ah, this kid is our newbie PD. His name is Baek Seung Chan.

SG: No wonder…(Bowing 90 degrees and shaking hands) Nice to meet you. Will you take care of the stage for me today? It’s been so long since I’ve been on stage…

KSH: I see..But, Mr. Lee Seung Gi, you also seem to sing.

SG: Pardon?

KSH: Well, I thought you were just an actor …earlier in The Infamous Chil Sisters…the Crown Prince..your performance left a deep impression.

SG: (cracks up) You mean (Hwang Tae Ja?~ still means Crown Prince). I was Hwang Tae Ja..the character..it wasn’t Wang Sae Ja (Crown Prince, just another way to say it) but Hwang Tae Ja.

KSH: Ah, that’s right. Hwang Tae Ja..my mother really liked him.

GHJ: Wait a second, what are you talking about? Our Seung Gi may have an enormous number of works as an actor but he originally debuted as a singer. In addition, you have a tremendous hit song..my absolute favorite..’Noona, Because You’re My Woman.’


Credit: Noriko

SG: ‘Because You’re My Woman’.

GHJ: What?

SG: The title of the song is not ‘Noona because You’re My Woman’…’Because You’re My Woman’.

GHJ: That’s right..that’s how it was..also there was more..when I get married, I’m definitely going to hear that as a congratulatory song. ‘Will You Marry With Me’?

SG: “Will You Marry Me”. The title is just ‘Will You Marry Me”…without the “with me” part.

WYMM Producer laugh

Credit: Overflowing with Love via dclsg

GHJ: That’s right..oh, geez..Why is that so important?! (She slaps his wrist) The fact that I like the song is.

SG: That’s not the case.  Shall we have a cup of coffee?

GHJ: Really? Fine. (to KSH) We’ll have a cup of coffee, you help Cindy out…

SG to GHJ as they walk away: Wow, how long has it been?

—-New clip starts at 4:09 to Coffee Boy’s Lyrics to the YAAS song ‘I’ll Be By Your Side’—

SG is busy thanking everyone for everything.

Epilogue: Starts with the backhug SG gives GHJ

CGQ3ivfUIAEYZiDCredit: TheDramaKorea

GHJ: Seung Gi~ya

SG: It’s so good to see you! How have you been?

GHJ: Yeah

SG: Noona, you got prettier. You even got younger.

KSH see’s Seung Gi’s name in the VIP waiting room which says :Lee Seung Gi nim (honorific) and takes a black marker to blot it out..LOL!!   ;P

CGQ3iO2UAAAaTkZ Credit: TheDramaKorea

Just then, the door flies open and SG pops out and says: You are the newbie PD-nim Baek Seung Chan PD-nim that I met earlier, right? Aigoo, I used to be able to spit out names on the spot but it’s no longer like that anymore. I’ll see you later. Ryu writer-nim! Writer-nim! Aiyoo..I’ll carry this..how have you been?

CGQ3hrbUYAEwFoqCredit: TheDramaKorea

Seung Gi’s Fashion is DOLCE & GABBANA:

CGQwhXfUgAEdv-xCredit: koni_sptlsg

Last shot of the screen just shows Lee Seung Gi without the honorific “nim”. LOL!!!

nonameCredit: suyusunyu

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Reminder to Watch Seung Gi on Episode 6 of ‘The Producers’ w/Link

Seung Gi will be starring in a cameo role as himself on Episode 6 of the K-drama ‘The Producers’. Here’s a brief synopsis and a streaming link for you to tune in tomorrow night at 9:15pm KST.  I watched Episode 5 tonight and I’ll just tell you that there’s a lot of tension between IU and Gong Hyo Jin’s characters if you aren’t following this drama.

This capture is from the end of Episode 5, tonight. A dclsg member was kind enough to post this.


Credit: 하롱 (Ha Rong) via dclsg

Live Streaming link for KBS2: http://www.kbs.co.kr/player/player_playlist.php?ch=12

Info about The Producers: Synopsis

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Lee Seung Gi To Make A Surprise Appearance on ‘The Producers’ *UPDATED 5/26 at 11:50pm KST*

Seung Gi is scheduled to make a cameo appearance on episode 6 of the Korean drama, ‘The Producers’ with IU and Gong Hyo Jin. He is scheduled to film tomorrow, May 27th. The show airs every Friday and Saturday on KBS.  He had been mentioned in Episode 1 of this show in the context of 1N2D as well.

Here are some translated articles:








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[English] You Are All Surrounded Episode 6 Screencap Comic Strip by 파쓰

The following series of HQ screencaps and commentary was made by dclsg’s renowned fanvideo maker, 파쓰. Her name is pronounced PAAS, but many know her as Path.  These were a hit on dclsg, so I wanted to share them with you.  This is a parody on Dae Gu and Soo Sun’s kiss scene from Episode 6 using some actual lines from the episode.

pass1Credit: 파쓰 via dc yaas

Screencap 1: Eo Soo Sun : Huh??

Screencap 2: Seo Pan Seok: What is this feeling I have… (like I’m being watched)

Screencap 3: Eo Soo Sun: Heol! (meaning No way!/ You’ve got to be kidding)

Seo Pan Seok yells at her: Eo Soo Sun, you!

Screencap 4: Seo Pan Seok: You have a really bad case of voyeurism, did you like it??

Screencap 5: Eo Soo Sun: Why, I didn’t mean to look on purpose!!

Screencap 6: Eo Soo Sun: Isn’t it rather harsh for him to say I’d die if he caught me one more time?!

Screencap 7: Eun Dae Gu: ……

Screencap 8: The next day

Screencap 9: Eun Dae Gu: !!

Screencap 10: Eun Dae Gu and Eo Soo Sun kiss

Screencap 11: Seo Pan Seok: Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! This is nice to see first thing in the morning..

Screencap 12: Eun Dae Gu: What is this? Is he watching us and liking it??

Screencap 13: Eun Dae Gu to Seo Pan Seok: I’m disappointed in you, Team Leader!!

Seo Pan Seok to Dae Gu: Sorry…somehow you got to see me this way

Screencap 14: Eun Dae Gu: You were the one who made a big fuss and said voyeurism was a terrible thing to do..

Screencap 15: Eun Dae Gu: You’re strict with your team but have a style of being generous on yourself?

Screencap 16: Seo Pan  Seok: ………

Screencap 17: Criminal Division Chief Cha: What is all this nonsense?!!! You punks! Is this a police station for voyeurism or what!!!


*In Korean, police station is 경찰서 and 파쓰 did a play on words by changing it to 관음서. 관음 refers to voyeurism and 서 is slang for police station. The members on dclsg were laughing because of the last line.



Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] You Are All Surrounded Episode 6 Teaser ~ 5/22 version

Credit: SBSNOW

LED: Hey, Eo Soo Sun, this is an emergency!

Chief Kang Seok Soon (Senior Superintendent, Chief of Gangnam Station): Exactly why did you create this mess?

Chief Kang to CSW: Team Leader Seo, do you know how much danger our police are in right now?

Eun Dae Gu: It won’t be easy..Please find that man.

KSK to SPS: If you were going to quit in this ridiculous fashion, you should’ve done it earlier, before sending our Jin Woo to the other world!

Eun Dae Gu to Park Tae Il: Park Tae Il,

Park Tae Il: Yes, Dae Gu

Eun Dae Gu: Relay that to Detective Seo

Criminal’s voice: Team Leader Seo, the arrest warrant has been issued.

LED: Okay, (she’s) quickly running to the rescue with Eun Dae Gu

Ji Gook:  Gosh Dae Gu, it’s all over. What are we going to do?

Eun Dae Gu: What are you doing Detective Seo when “Boots” finally called!

*Note: Dae Gu refers to the criminal as Goo Doo (구두) which is shoe in Korean. He could be referring to the criminal’s nickname since he’s known by his combat boots.  Viki.com’s Freeze team and I have subbed this episode tonight and we used the word bastard to refer to the criminal.

**UPDATE ON 5/23~ The Freeze team has decided to call the criminal “Boots” from now on.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min

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[English] You Are All Surrounded Episode 5 Ratings and Episode 6 Teaser

Episode 5 had the shower scene that many viewers were waiting for. Eun Dae Gu and Eo Soo Sun start developing feelings for each other. The plot also thickened and we learned that Seo Pan Seok and his ex wife had a young son who was killed in an accident years ago. Seo Pan Seok also ends up in jail for refusing to escort a victim. The jerk prosecutor seems like he’s going to play a larger part in the drama as it unfolds.  Here are the ratings for Episode 5:

YAAS Episode 5 Ratings:

AGB Nielsen Nationwide Rating: You’re All Surrounded 12.4% (-0.4%)
AGB Nielsen Seoul Rating: You’re All Surrounded 13.5% (-0.5%)
TNS Rating for YAS Ep5. Whole country 12%

Here is the teaser to tonight’s episode.

Credit: DramaSBS

English translation:

LED:  Hey, Eo Soo Sun, this is an emergency!

Chief Kang Seok Soon (Senior Superintendent, Chief of Gangnam Station): Exactly why did you create this mess?

Chief Kang to CSW: Team Leader Seo, do you know how much danger our police are in right now?

Eun Dae Gu: It won’t be easy..Please find that man.

Eun Dae Gu to Park Tae Il: Relay that to Detective Seo

Police officer: Team Leader Seo, the arrest warrant has been issued.

Ji Gook:  Gosh. It’s all over. What are we going to do?

Eun Dae Gu: What are you doing Detective Seo when “Boots” has finally called!

*Note: Dae Gu refers to the criminal as Goo Doo (구두) which is shoe in Korean. He could be referring to the criminal’s nickname since he’s known by his combat boots.  Viki.com’s Freeze team and I have subbed this episode tonight and we used the word bastard to refer to the criminal.

**UPDATE ON 5/23/14~ The Freeze Team has decided to call the criminal “Boots”.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min

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[English] Nunas over Flowers release of the Cannibalistic Umbrella and Seung Gi

식인 우산에도 굴하지 않는 듬직한 승기^^

A strongly built Seung Gi who will not yield to a cannibalistic umbrella^^

umbrella episodeCredit: Nunas over Flowers official Facebook Page

bad umbrellaCredit: tvN

English translation of Captions 1-4 starting from the top to bottom:

Caption 1: Yah! What kind of umbrella is this!!

Caption 2:Seung Gi notices the greed of the cannibalistic umbrella who wants to eat him

Caption 3: It’s already too late to escape its clutches…

Caption 4: Hey! You b*st*rd!! I can’t see!!

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Detailed Recap of Episode 6 of Nunas over Flowers w/ RAW Video

Here’s a compilation of the recap I gave my facebook group last night for Episode 6.  I hope this helps everyone to understand the RAW video until subs come out.

Credit: Nhokshockqn Plus



All the nunas are playing rock paper scissors to pick a room. Miyeon says she will use the room upstairs. Hee Ae interrupts and says she has a right to choose too. Seung Gi says that MiYeon was the winner. Everyone goes into their respective rooms to sleep and says goodnight. It’s morning now and she looks so happy waving out of her window.

YJ asks Hee Ae if she wants to use the bathroom first…she tells YJ to go ahead..YJ talks about constipation again. LOL! Hee Ae boils water for YJ …no hot water in the bathroom? Meanwhile in the kitchen, Hee Ae and Ja Ok talk about boiling eggs and are eating. Ja Ok as YJ as she emerges from the bathroom if she would like some scorched rice porridge. YJ says no. YJ is shown walking around her room saying “My important curling iron”. SG takes it and asks the front desk if it can be fixed. The lady says no. Then he asks what to do and another lady says “buy another one”. The first lady gives him directions on a map and tells him there’s a store that sells one.

Seunglish asking for directions and then says in Korean “I found it! Curling irons!” There are so many choices! SG looks confused as to which one to buy. Meanwhile, YJ is walking around Croatia talking about having purchased socks and having had to wear the same pair twice in a day with her feet smelling. She keeps saying that her hair looks like “Medusa’s hair”. She then says “I will change my socks”. SG texts photos of curling irons and calls YJ about which one she wants. SG is looking for 16mm diameter barrel and calls YJ and double checks and YJ says 16mm and says in English “Uh.Thank You, Good job, Good job!” He brings it to her and claps and says the thinner the diameter, the better. YJ tells SG to have a beer. He’s done a good job. SG says “beer” and YJ asks him if he would’ve purchased a curling iron if it were his mother and he says no, instead “I would buy her a hat”.

It’s raining in Croatia and Hee Ae and Mi Yeon are walking together around the streets with umbrellas. Hee Ae remarks at how the scenery is so beautiful and how it has remained the same exactly as it was thousands of years ago. They discover a cathedral and Hee Ae asks if it still holds mass. They walk in to find out. It is gorgeous inside.  Hee Ae has a private interview and says she thinks she needs some time to herself..this is after she is seen standing in front of something in the cathedral.  Hee Ae and Mi Yeon ask each other if they should climb up to the tower..it’s about 63m tall and several hundred steps. Miyeon is overflowing with energy, Hee Ae says, let’s take our time..Hee Ae pauses and asks a tourist from Boston where he was and he engages in conversation and asks her where she’s from. “I’m from Korea, Seoul. MiYeon continues to climb and tells Hee Ae to be careful, it’s slippery. Mi Yeon hs reached the top and Hee Ae follows and she remarks that it’s amazing. Mi Yeon states that it was a good idea to climb up to the top.

Captions says Hee Ae looks brighter while Mi Yeon’s caption says she appears happy. Mi Yeon takes a photo with Hee Ae. Hee Ae points out a house covered in purple flowers and says it’s beautiful. They’ve reached the ground level and head towards that house.  Mi Yeon says how its strange that people are living there when it looks desolated. She points out the laundry hanging out to dry as evidence of people living there.

Mi Yeon and Hee Ae catch up with Seung Gi and YJ and enjoy wine in the afternoon. Hee Ae takes off to explore the streets herself. SG asks YJ if she’s feeling ill. Mi Yeon comments that she’s just tired. Flash to a video clip of Mi Yeon taking off her socks and saying “I’m totally Kim Yuna” showing the tv her bandaged foot. YJ’s private interview: “Hee Ae doesn’t express her inner feelings.” Na PD makes fun of YJ walking around with her curling iron(s) and she says that she feels bad towards SG. She is in her room now looking for rings” She finds it underneath something and is so embarrassed to have discovered it right underneath her nose. She promises to buy everyone dinner.

Hee Ae is curious about ice cream and buys lemon ice cream only to find out that she didn’t bring money. She borrows money from one of the members of the production team. Captions of her eating is “Ang” (Korean term used to describe something delicious when biting into it) and she says it’s the essence of lemon and delicious. She wonders how it can be white yet still be lemon flavored. Ja Ok is shoe shopping and then walks the streets with Na PD and the other lady assistant asking where the other street was…she’s looking for a specific store. She goes into another shoe store only to leave shortly afterwards. Ja Ok and the production lady walk down stairs and see buildings built 1700 years ago by the Romans..she’s dancing to music in the middle of the underground store until the production lady playfully slaps her on the arm and pulls her away. Meanwhile Seung Gi is shopping for “baby clothes” for 5-6 year old. When asked for whom, he says “It’s for a niece/nephew of someone I know…so cute”.

SG comments about Ja Ok’s orange handbag and how he wouldn’t mind if it were black but that the orange color stands out too much. Flashback to scenes of him carrying the bag throughout the trip. Ja Ok is trying on shoes and SG is waiting outside and asks the production team what he should do if his girlfriend were in there, “Should I follow her in?” They tell him no. Seung Gi says he feels like he shouldn’t feel that he is being patient when waiting for women.  Then he says “I will have to wait for her”.  Ja Ok emerges from the shoe shop wearing a funky pair of red shoes with tassles in the back and Seung Gi just looks at her with the captions,”Is everything…finished?”LOL.

YJ is doing the dishes and says that Hee Ae has been doing the dishes a lot lately. Hee Ae comes in and offers to do them instead. Seung Gi is with an umbrella waiting outside a lingerie shop and is asked if he knows about cup sizes “ABCD”. He says of course he knows that much but asks how women chose lingerie and what you’re supposed tell them. Should I say, “It looks  pretty?” or “Teacher, why don’t you try this one on?”  LOL! They continue to ask him about his knowledge of women’s lingerie and he gets embarrassed..ends the subject by saying, “let’s end it here”.  Ja Ok finally emerges from the store.

Hee Ae is talking about how she asked herself “How am I going to stay here for 10 days?” as she is gathered with SG and the nunas. Hee Ae is seen exploring the streets of Croatia and passes a street musician playing the guitar. He starts singing and she laughs saying that she thought he was some reggae guy. She keeps walking and is looking for a mountain and says how the scenery is beautiful…sees a baby carriage with two babies and says how cute…that’s how she raised hers..she also steals a bite of grapes from someone’s garden and says it isn’t sour. She says that she will travel just a bit more..she’s almost home. She climbs to a terrace and scenery of Split’s rooftops are shown.

Hee Ae says “it’s raining…it’s not a big deal…there’s nothing to do anyway.” Cut to SG in his room who is texting Hee Ae about not seeing her all day…BG music is SG’s “Return”. Seung Gi “brings his umbrella” says the caption as he leaves his room, other captions say “it’s pouring, strong winds have started blowing”…SG tells the production crew that he’s not able to communicate with Hee Ae because the BAND isn’t working. The phone isn’t working either…his umbrella collapses on him and he looks so silly and says he’s about to go nuts saying “What’s with the umbrella?” Seunglish..”Excuse me, where is the fish market?” The umbrella keeps collapsing on him…it’s raining cats and dogs. The umbrella keeps collapsing on his head and it’s hilarious.

Hee Ae is in the van and see’s SG’s messages and says “Omo! SG is waiting for me” Private interview with Seung Gi and he says that he has gotten closer to Hee Ae nuna and she has become his source of comfort. Meanwhile, in the van, Hee Ae says “We have to find SG..he’s waiting for me in the streets.” SG says, “It must not be fate” BG music Because You’re My Woman plays as Hee Ae appears and SG tells her he was worried about her because it was raining so much. The captions are the lyrics to his song. They hug each other and Hee Ae holds tightly onto his arm as the BG song continues. She tells him that he has suffered a lot and he denies it.  She says, “Seung Gi ya, I’m cold.” Seung Gi jokes, “Should I take my jacket off for you?”  She tells him that he will receive a lot of luck. SG replies that he is already receiving luck. A private interview with Hee Ae says that she originally saw him as cute and sincere because he is young but now she sees that he also has a manly side to him. Hee Ae says that this trip will probably stay in her memories for a long time in a private interview. Another street musician creates BG music with a guitar..”Oh be my baby”.  Flashback to Seung Gi and Hee Ae hugging in the rain with Seung Gi saying to her “It is raining so much so I got worried.”

All of them are heading to Dubrovnic..”Croatia’s Paradise”. SG and Hee Ae take turns driving the van..Seunglish as he asks the toll gate person “We can go?” after showing them their passports. Seung Gi asks YJ to call the lodging and she speaks in fluent English to confirm the reservation. She has lived in the USA for 10 years..her English is awesome and everyone in the van including Seung Gi says she looks so cool. (The USA part is from my former knowledge of Yoon Yeo Jung’s background.  She lived with her former husband in the States for several years. Thus her fluent English.) Captions state that Dubrovnic is their final destination as they show beautiful footage of the city. Seung Gi has approached the lodging and Mi Yeon asks SG to check the name of the place..Villa Adriatica…YJ says it looks very majestic. Mi Yeon says there’s a fragrance to the place. Hee Ae sees the place that says “Exchange” and says “Omeh!” and rushes in..meanwhile YJ comments “She’s going in to exchange money again?”. Inside, Hee Ae asks in English, “We made a reservation under the name of Mr. Lee”. Someone’s going to come out to meet them. Ja OK stoops over to sniff a bag of onions and realizes it belongs to a man who comes out of his car to pick them up..she looks sheepish as he smiles.

They’ve arrived at their lodging and everyone exclaims “Oh it’s pretty” “Wow”! In English “It’s so beautiful!”.  One of the nunas mention it’s a crescent moon as the camera pans in on it. They’re facing the Adriatic Sea. The next morning, Mi Yeon is doing pilates while YJ is shown brushing her teeth by the terrace and she rushes back in.. The younger nunas tell YJ how the two rooms are connected to the Terrrace. Each room is 60 Euros. YJ comments that the flowers are probably fake (in a nice way because they’re so beautiful) and also mentions how majestic the marble top of the desk is and says how they shouldn’t move (because it’s so heavy). Mi Yeon tells SG to take a look at the room and terrace because YJ is so happy. Ja Ok is so happy with her room “I like this small room because I’m small”. She is proud of SG’s progress and says, “Is this really Lee Seung Gi?” He’s changed so much. SG tells her that’s he’s heard that he’s stupid so often..Ja Ok says “Who?!!” He replies that even though he hasn’t heard it, he’s felt it so often.  Ja Ok replies, “You’re so not stupid.”

The nunas and Seung Gi walk the streets of Dubrovnik and Mi Yeon asks Seung Gi if he’s parked in a safe place. He says yes. YJ says it’s a perfect place to film a sageuk as they walk the steets.. Mi Yeon likes Dubrovnik and says it really looks awesome. The captions say its a majestic and romantic place. YJ walks with Hee Ae as Hee Ae remarks how it’s a combo of old and new with the shops. Seung Gi asks YJ if she is pleased with her room and she replies “Excellent” in English. They are eating dinner together and drink wine and say cheers. They tell SG they do well. They just met a newly married Korean couple (9 months) and it’s their 3rd day there. The wife talks to Ja Ok out of their window as Ja Ok tells the rest of the group about them.  All of them say how brave they are and how envious they are. Hee Ae does her comic routine “Daebak, Daebak situation!” Caption says “Travel in Dubrovnic starts in earnest” before a CF commercial. Preview of next episode..happy scenes and a scene of a Hee Ae and Ja Ok crying..clips of them posing for NoF posters.. THE END.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever