Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English] Hwayugi Episode 17 Wallpapers


“I like you more and more. Even at this moment as I’m looking at you, you become prettier.”


If he’s alive, would he resemble you?

Woo Ma Wang


PK: When I see that face, I can’t help but to be fooled. Because you’re my younger brother.

ASN: That’s right. In the future, please continue to be fooled.


No matter what happens to us, what’s sweet is sweet, and what you like is what you like.


From the beginning we had a deadly fate.

Predator and prey.


I sleep well here…

Ah Sa Nyeo


Become a king. I’ll make you into one.

Son Oh Gong


Source: tvNSatSunDrama

English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Hwayugi Episode 15 Wallpapers

He’s found his bride but the groom continues to sleep. Human Jin Sun Mi loves the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, Son Oh Gong. Now, let’s end your love.  

I’m going to do it. I’m going to do it with my one and only bride in this world. 

Son Oh Gong 

I need that incense burner in order to find my bride.

Son Oh Gong 

JSM: Please don’t come. I cause you to get hurt.

SOG: Then try killing me in this place.

SOG: When I am scared, struggling, or in danger, you said you’d come and protect me if I called your name. 

In the end, I’ll be able to fool your heart also.

There is nothing I can do for her. The pain of not knowing where she is or how she is doing, that’s what my 1,000 years were like. 

You really love and cherish her, don’t you? 



English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever 


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K WAVE BTS Making of Clip ~ Lee Seung Gi

Credit: kwave

Kwave 6월호 커버 스토리의 주인공인 ‪#‎이승기‬
댄디하고 시크한 느낌의 화보와 달리 활짝 웃는 승기를 보실 수 있습니다!
You can see the ‘Smile seung-gi’. That is differ from Dandy & chic feels pictorial!

….너무 짧다고요? 고화질로 보고싶다고요?
조금만 기다려주시면 고화질 메이킹 영상으로 돌아오겠습니다!!!
…Too short? Do you wanna high-definition video?
Please wait a few days. We’ll come back to high-definition making film soon!

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15.5.21~ Severance Hospital Family Concert Photos by Our Home Hospitality ~ True Meaning of A Star

These photos show what a star truly is. Humble, quietly working behind the scenes, putting in every ounce of his care into each gift basket for the patients and their families at the Severance Hospital Family Concert. Seeing the photo of Seung Gi focusing so hard while putting stickers on every single packaged muffin made me so proud to be his fan. How can one NOT love Lee Seung Gi?  🙂

ourhomehospitality1“Severance Family Concert Together with Lee Sun Hee and Lee Seung Gi

2015.5.21 (Thurs) 12 noon”

ourhomehospitality5 ourhomehospitality6 ourhomehospitality2 ourhomehospitality3 ourhomehospitality4Credit: Our Home Hospitality’s official fb page

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Marley Coffee Facebook Event ~ 4/16 to 5/17

Marley Coffee Asia is having 2 events on their official facebook page to win Marley coffee and other prizes. First, here’s their CF:


Credit: MarleyCoffeeAsia

Event 1: Post the Marley Coffee CF on your facebook page and share it publicly. 1,000 people will receive Marley Coffee RTD as shown in the CF above.

Event 2:  If it’s together with Marley Coffee, 000 also becomes a premium cafe! 

Your job is to fill in the blanks with what moment in your life becomes premium using this slogan and add the hashtag for Marley Coffee in Korean. #말리커피. Post this on your facebook page and make it public. Winners will be chosen by random drawing. 

They’re even nice enough to give you 2 tips:


Add a photo to your slogan and your chances of winning go UP!

TIP #2:

The more likes you get on your facebook post, your chances of winning go UP! 


1.  Banyan Tree Hotel lodging voucher ( I looked this up online and it’s a club and spa in Seoul) ~ 1 person

2. Abeauty Premium Body Set from Belport ~ 5 people will win a set of their body lotion and body cleanser

3. Marley Coffee Tumbler ~ 30 people

Winners will be announced on May 22nd through Facebook PM.

Links to participate if you know Hangul or someone who does: Marley Coffee Event

To participate via PC: https://www.facebook.com/MarleyCoffeeAsia/app_929790917051985

To participate via mobile: http://eventonelove.co.kr/

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Marley Coffee Asia’s Update

Last week, I posted my experiences at both branches of Marley Coffee at Itaewon and the grand opening in Gangnam. Marley Coffee Asia just updated their site with a mini photo journal of Rohan Marley’s four day stay in Korea.  The photo I took of his message at the Itaewon branch was written on Monday, January 26th, according to a Marley Coffee employee. Here are photos of his visit along with a group photo with Seung Gi taken during Marley Coffee Gangnam’s VIP launching party on the 27th.

1978719_1124071594285761_8322921910036094933_nMarley Coffee Itaewon Branch

B8bmLHpCQAAPZDAHere’s a close up that I took when I visited on the 28th. His message says,”One Love Unity + Strength Rastafari Love” – Rohan Marley

10247364_1124071590952428_1698880356317377328_nChecking out ready to drink products for sale

10404878_1124071604285760_8017244098995911139_nAt the VIP launching party for Marley Coffee Gangnam on the 27th

10968580_1124071600952427_8621667795376708900_nAt Everland Amusement Park with a lion cub. The lion is the symbol of Marley Coffee.

Credit: MarleyCoffeeAsia