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Belport Fan Sign Event in Myeongdong

Seung Gi held a fan sign event to commemorate the opening of the new Belport store in Myeongdong UNESCO branch. It started at 6pm KST and 120 lucky fans received autographs.  The Official Airen Fanclub was there since early this morning around 7am with Marley Coffee to keep fans who were lined up for autograph session tickets warm.

B8WsUSFCcAE-IXc B8jYPWyCQAEAFia B8jmyz_IcAEjgpk B8jscfZCIAAnkNRCredit: AIREN_fanclub

dclsg beauty7290 seoeungi zigzagzzangvegiita79B8lE2hACUAA0aLd B8lE3xQCAAAzwKrsurereum

Credit: dclsg, dmsrl88, beauty7290, zigzagzzang, vegiita79,philipjo_, surereum

yoooniaaanCredit: yoooniiiaaan

Fan signing has started

B8lqcsnCQAA6ljT B8lqdmYCAAAvf1dCredit: jejuslov

This Airen friend of mine gave Seung Gi this drawing that she made and he asked her if she had done it herself. She replied,”It is something that I drew earlier. When a pretty photo of (you) in Marley Coffee and Belport (CF) comes out, I will draw them. ” Seung Gi said “Wow”.

sssihaCredit: sssiha

This fan asked Seung Gi to draw 2 hearts and he gladly obliged. She said she will never forget this moment.


Some fanpics:

(According to a fan’s tweet, security was very tight and they didn’t allow photos or fancams. Thank you to these fans who were able to take some to share with all of us.)

sgsy1 sgsy2 sgsy3Credit: sgsunylove

Photo of people waiting outside the store to catch a glimpse of Seung Gi leaving the store after the fan signing.

beauty7290bCredit: beauty7290

Fancams of Seung Gi leaving the store:


Credit: zengjingyun


Credit: faraaeva

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Lee Seung Gi to Hold Belport Fan Sign Event in Myeongdong

20150128003346_0Credit: belport.kr

On January 30th at 6pm, Belport will hold a fan sign event to commemorate its opening at Myeongdong UNESCO branch. Lee Seung Gi, the model for Belport, will be signing for 120 fans. Twenty lucky participants were chosen at random through a facebook event. The remaining one hundred participants will be those who have purchased at least 100,000 Won worth (approx $100 US dollars) of merchandise on a first come, first serve basis.

Source: sportsworld.com

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