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Belport Fan Signing Event Fanpics of Autographs with Fan Accounts

bisso scanScan credit: jejuslov

I had written about her fan account in my previous post. She gave Seung Gi a picture of him that she had drawn in August of 2012. He asked her,”Did you draw this by yourself?” and she replied that it was from earlier. She continued by telling Seung Gi that she would draw portraits of him when CF ads of him for Marley Coffee and Belport came out. Seung Gi replied,”Wow!”

I am so happy for her! We met at the Airen 6 FM and she is well known for her HQ scans. She had tweeted a photo of this earlier, but she felt it didn’t do it justice so here’s a scan. This is the drawing she gave Seung Gi:

B8lqdmYCAAAvf1dCredit: jejuslov

bitnada autoCredit: qlcksms01

This Airen is well known for her HQ photos of Seung Gi. When it came to her turn, she asked Seung Gi to write (her name) and as he did so followed by a heart, she somehow felt one was not enough. So…she mustered up the courage to ask him if he could draw 2 hearts and he replied,”Alright, I’ll draw three.” She pretty much died and went to heaven. She doesn’t remember exactly how she walked out of there (the Seung Gi effect) and when she showed this to her friend, the friend noticed that the third heart was right by his eye. She joked to this lucky Airen that it seemed as if Seung Gi was shooting hearts at her with his eye. LOL!

dimple autoCredit: LovelySgDimple

This Airen opened up her conversation with a thank you for all of his stage greetings. Seung Gi didn’t seem to understand or misheard her when he said,”What did I do well?” All of a sudden, she got very flustered and couldn’t think …and the next thing that she did was hug Seung Gi! Even she couldn’t believe it. She said,”A HUG! As if there was an envious ghost who wanted to hug him!” She asked him who he was working with for his next album and Seung Gi told her,”Because it is a secret, it’s better to find out later.” She left the desk and wandered around until the fan signing finished. Then she watched him get into his van and leave.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation and Korea Mundipharma~ Medifoam Fan Signing

Seung Gi took part in a brief fan signing event at a healing picnic sponsored by Medifoam’s Korea Mundipharma and the Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation in Gapyeong yesterday afternoon around 3pm KST. He signed for 25 minutes from 3:05pm to 3:30pm KST.

chcancer2 chcancer1 chcancer3Credit: efbkl naver blog

Link to original blog: efbkl

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KCON 2014 Artist Engagement with Lee Seung Gi

People waiting:

Credit: seoulsistaah

waitingpetiteetoilesCredit: Petiteetoiles

artist engagement the_oneshotsCredit: the_oneshots

“Lee Seung Gi speaking to the crowd in adorable English.”

artist petiteetoilesCredit: Petiteetoiles

signing b01c3Credit: b01c3

“I’m melting”

artist hurleywewdsCredit: hurleywewds

artist summermiffyCredit: SummerMiffy

“Lee seung gi is so beautiful”

signing myrarapopCredit: myrarapop

“#LeeSeungGi signing! So adorable! That smile kills me. #Kcon2014”

signing porkybaoCredit: porkybao

“Lee Seung Gi fansign event!”

Credit: myrarapop


Credit: purplegela

“2 secs of Lee Seung Gi. Such a cutie i just-“

ButjgHICYAAnmtl ButjkpSCUAAoFHZ Butjmc3CEAIcMQ2 ButjVUVCEAAxj6YCredit: Jenny10161

signing porkybao2Credit: porkybao

“Lee Seung Gi autograph!”

signing purplegelaCredit: purplegela


artist seoulsistaahCredit: seoulsistaah

“It was definitely worth the wait. for

signing sarahmoonyCredit: sarahmoony

“Lee Seunggi is so handsome ㅠㅠ♥”

signing miumiu1120Credit: miumiu1120

signing sarah.ryuCredit: sarah.ryu

“Mr. Lee Seung Gi at KCON!!! What a nice smile…. ;)”

signing Jenny10161Credit: Jenny10161


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[English] Fan’s autographed poster- Will you Marry Me? NOT!!!

During Seung Gi’s days as a CF model for Kolon Sport, he had a fan signing session where one fan asked him to write “Will you marry me?” on the poster.  This wasn’t the first time Seung Gi received such requests. Here’s a translation by an Airen friend of mine:

昇基的Sense~~~謝謝DC韓飯大愛分享^^ 話說這是兩年前韓飯參加簽名會拿到的簽名 當時 她請昇基寫”will you marry me?” 但是我們昇基…他很care這種(以前也有很多例子XDDD) 所以昇基就用韓文拼音寫了”will you ❤ me?”

Credit: 113 승기바보당

Seung Gi’s sense~~ thanks to DC for sharing with us ^^ This signature was taken 2 years ago. She (the airen) asked Seung Gi to write “Will you marry me? during the fansign. But our Seung Gi cares about these kinds of issues (he has had some requests like this in the past before). So Seung Gi wrote “Will you me?” instead.

sg autograph marry meCredit: 113승기바보당

Chinese to English translation by Special guest contributor, Heodangseunggi

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English translation of Photo by the Official Airen Fanclub

Here’s a photo tweeted by the official Airen fanclub.  The tweet was accompanied by the following description:

[PHOTO – Heritory Fan Signing Event]  The sweetness of receiving a cute candy necklace from a fan~ His majesty Lee Seung Gi responding with a smile and eye contact! Ah~I’m melting~^^♥

Let’s meet again at our concert~♥♥♥

[PHOTO-헤리토리 팬사인회] 팬의 깜직한 캔디 목걸이 선물에 달콤~한 미소와 아이컨텍으로 화답하는  황제 이승기님! 아~녹는당~^^♥
우리 콘서트에서 또 만나요~♥♥♥

heritory fan signing22 AIREN_fanclub candy necklace

Photo credit: AIREN_fanclub


Korean to English translation by Elise, Administrator for Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Brief English translation of Heritory Fan Signing Event at Hyundae Department Store

Credit: YeGreen

In the beginning of this video, you’ll notice that the fans are leaning forward on the table and the security personnel says, “Leaning forward is not allowed”.  At 0:55, a fan shouts out “Seung Gi Oppa, you’re good looking!”. Towards the end at 2:10 you’ll see Yoshimoto Banana’s photostorybooks and fans in the background say,”Look at that, don’t you think they’re going to give them out because we’re participating? I don’t think they’re giving them out?  Why did they bring them? It might be for the remaining people. Then why did they bring them?

Korean to English translation by Elise, Administrator for Lee Seung Gi Forever