Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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HQ Fan Pics from Goonghap Naver Movie Talk Live

These photos were taken on February 12, 2018 during Naver Movie Talk live.

Credit: @sgsunylove

#20180212 #NaverMovietalkLive #Movie_Goonghap #20180228_ScheduledToPremiere #SeoDoYoon #LeeSeungGi 

Me too, me too, heart heart ❤❤

English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever 

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Hwayugi Filming Fanpics 12/09/2017

These fanpics were uploaded about an hour ago by someone in Bundang, a metropolitan city 45 minutes south of Seoul. 

Credit: ho_rim_lee

They’re in the middle of filming a drama in front of our house. Amazing ㅋㅋ #Hwayugi #OhYeonSeo #Amazing #Drama #InTheMiddleOfFilming #Actor/Actress #DailyLife #ItIsCold #InFrontofMyHouse #Bundang #Daily #Blinding #LeeSeungGi 


English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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2015.7.06 ~ “The Guest” VIP Screening Press Video 1

Credit: tvdaily

Seung Gi at 1:39: I’m really looking forward to this summer’s “The Guest”. I’m positive that it will receive good ratings. I trust that it will turn out well because it’s by distinguished senior actor sunbaenims. Thank you. Let it hit daebak!

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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2015.05.25 Photos From Lee Seung Gi’s MV Set

These photos come from the blog of a stylist who was on set the day Seung Gi filmed his MV for “And Goodbye”. She expressed how hard everyone worked to film in addition to the fact that they were up all night. It’s a regrettable situation and again my heart aches reading accounts from MV staff.  Please visit her blog to see a short clip of the car going up in flames, the highlight scene of the MV.

NaverBlog_20150620_133553_07 NaverBlog_20150620_133553_08 NaverBlog_20150620_133554_10According to the stylist, this was model Jung Chae Yull’s favorite photo. She is the one who posted a photo of herself in black with Seung Gi after the MV was released.

NaverBlog_20150620_133555_12 NaverBlog_20150620_133557_13 NaverBlog_20150620_133557_15 NaverBlog_20150620_133558_16 NaverBlog_20150620_133559_17 NaverBlog_20150620_133559_18 NaverBlog_20150620_133600_19 NaverBlog_20150620_133600_20 NaverBlog_20150620_133601_21 NaverBlog_20150620_133602_22NaverBlog_20150620_133602_23This is the smoke ring rising up from the car explosion. Her naver clip is protected so you’ll have to visit her blog to watch the 19 sec clip:

Credit: hjbukgirl


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Seung Gi’s Interview on One Night’s TV Entertainment Filmed at Sound Mind Pub

Seung Gi’s interview was filmed at Sound Mind, a pub/casual restaurant in Seoul which turns into a live stage for musicians on weekends. They tweeted this photo around 12:15amKST as Seung Gi’s interview aired:

“Now, SBS One Night TV’s Entertainment’s Lee Seung Gi interview which was filmed at Soundmind is on air ㅋ Oh yeah.

soundmindseoulCredit: soundmindseoul

More fanpics uploaded by the owner at dclsg:

web_2039268688_55ac979e_image 2039268688_33307503_image 2039268688_893ca580_image web_2039268688_2d75d401_image web_2039268688_cd59bcc9_image 2039268688_d91e2bf1_image 2039268688_657f485b_imageCredit: ㅈ via dclsg

The last photo is of the water Seung Gi left behind. The owner remarked how well Seung Gi sang and said the filming crew gave him/her the panel of Seung Gi’s poster.