Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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GeniusSYYS’ Seung Gi Caricature Tumblers, Fans, Eyeglass Cleaners Come to Life ^^

Delighted dclsg fans were posting photos of the merchandise they received from geniusSYYS this morning and afternoon. After seeing so many beautiful photos, I wanted to share the actual merchandise sets with you. How I regret not ordering a set for myself!

fan1 Credit: 그린나래

fan2 Credit: 토닥토닥

fan3Credit: 승기좋소

fan4Credit: 쁘띠 띠아블

fan5Credit: 달콤쌉싸름

fan6Credit: 혜르

fan7Credit: 사랑이넘쳐

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GeniusSYYS~ Fan Art~ Airen 6 FM Seung Gi Caricatures Decorate Eyeglass Cleaner & Tumbler

Here are geniusSYYS’ finished products for the sketches of the eyeglass cleaner and tumbler cups I posted a few weeks ago. It seems like the majority of dclsg members liked the sketch of Seung Gi holding a cup of coffee with drawings of various desserts above his head. The tumbler came out really cute and I wish I had ordered one. The eyeglass cleaner seems to be printed on soft chamois cloth and will be a useful item for anyone who needs to wipe delicate surfaces without fear of leaving scratches.

genius eyeglassA pile of eyeglass cleaners on top of boxes of merchandise ordered by dclsg members

genius tumblerIsn’t the tumbler adorable? 🙂

final fan geniusFinally, the beautiful fan with Seung Gi’s drama characters on it. Lucky dclsg members! Many ordered all 3 items.

Photo credit: geniusSYYS

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GeniusSYYS’s FINAL Finished Seung Gi Drama Fan~ Caricatures~ Fan Art

This is absolutely gorgeous. Wish I had ordered one when she was taking them through dclsg. Since I uploaded several stages of this fan in the making, I felt it was only right to upload the finished product. She plans to send them out along with the eyeglass cleaners and tumblers which I posted a few weeks ago.  The fan came out in a traditional Korean style and geniusSYYS was happy that the paper used in the fan was crisp and well made for hot days.  🙂

final fan genius final fan2 genius final fan3 genius final fan4 geniusCredit: GeniusSYYS

Original link to dclsg post: FAN

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Airen 6 FM Caricatures of Lee Seung Gi ~ Fan Art

GeniusSYYS is taking orders for a tumbler and is asking dclsg members to vote on a design. There are two options. One is a caricature of Seung Gi holding a cup a coffee while the second includes a drawing of some dessert items above his head. Orders will be placed tomorrow morning.  Here they are:

1889504268_7d30b2f9 tumbler2tumbler3tumbler4Credit: GeniusSYYS

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Airen 6 FM ‘Pasta Seung Gi’ Caricature~ Eyeglass Cleaner

Dclsg caricaturist, GeniusS, just finished drawing a sketch of what she called ‘Pasta Seung Gi’.  She plans to use this sketch to make a print for an eyeglass/smartphone cleaning cloth. The response from dclsg fans has been quite positive and it looks like we’ll be seeing photos of another beautifully finished product soon. 🙂

geniuseyeCredit: GeniusSYYS


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Seung Gi Caricatures~ Fan Art ~ The Finished Product

Here’s the nearly finished product that Airen artist, geniussyys is taking orders for on dclsg. What a beautiful fan! She said that she needed to finalize the grass and stones in the background.  Can you recognize all the different characters that Seung Gi has played in his dramas? 🙂

fan by geniusSYYS

Credit: geniusSYYS via dclsg

Please click here for the original link which shows a larger photo: FAN

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Lee Seung Gi Drama Character Caricatures~ Fan Art

This is the fan by GeniusSYYS that I mentioned in my post about her mugs. She hasn’t finished the background yet but has uploaded an almost complete version of Seung Gi in the various drama roles he has played.  The background will be a stream. There have been so many orders placed for her fans and tumblers already. One person even ordered 10 fans!  This is really a piece of art. 🙂

신형오죽선(중)신형오죽선(중)신형오죽선(중) 신형오죽선(중)신형오죽선(중)Credit: GeniusSYYS

Click here for the original link to see it enlarged: DCLSG


YAAS Eun Dae Gu Caricature Mugs Have Arrived! ^^

The caricatures that I posted about a week ago for mugs have finally become real mugs! Here are photos of the sample mugs that the dclsg artist, geniusSYYS, received today. She was very pleased with the color and the way they turned out~ “10 times more compared to (the ones during) The Gu Family Book”.  Her caricatures are well known and respected among the Airen community. She is currently working on a fan portraying Seung Gi in all of his drama roles.

dgmugs2 dgmugs1Credit: geniusSYYS