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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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Lee Seung Gi Appears as Final Guest on tvN’s ‘Three Meals a Day’

Lee Seung Gi will appear with actor Kim Kwang Kyu in the next episode of ‘Three Meals a Day’ starring the other dimple brother, Lee Seo Jin, as the variety show winds down to an end. Lee Seo Jin is glad to see Seung Gi as seen in the first photo and the caption says that the usually fussy Seo Jin praises his arrival. The second photo is of Seung Gi and the caption says he goes through “strange punishment” as he works the field. The last photo shows Seo Jin when he takes Seung Gi’s luggage and tells him,”Give me your things and get to work in the red sorghum field.” He also makes a joke about Seung Gi by saying,”He’s really my slave”.  Here’s a Teaser for Episode 9:

3 mealsCredit: tvN

Credit: seunggiairen

Brief summary:

Seung Gi: Hyung nim!

Seo Jin: Seung Gi~ya? You did well! You did well! (Says it out loud and also in Red captions~ He’s really my slave!!!)

Seung Gi at 0:24 as he takes a break in the field: Are we really finishing here after we eat?

Pink Bubble Caption by Seung Gi’s head as he’s lying down in the field: He’s lost his mind. The field is like my bedroom.

At 0:32 Captions say: At that time, Kwang Kyu appears by himself!! (Everyone is cracking up here)

At 0:36 Lee Seo Jin says: “Give me your things and go in (to the field)” LOL!

At 0:41 Caption says: “A friendly Seo Jin who pushes (them) into the red sorghum field”

At 0:44 Caption says: “The red sorghum field is open at night (for the first time!!)”

At 0:51 Caption says: “Kwang Kyu has returned as a red sorghum machine!!”

At 0:53 Caption says: “Slaves’ festival. When will the red sorghum hell end?”

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Photos of Lee Seung Gi at Teacher Lee Sun Hee’s After Party

The post in dclsg didn’t say when these were taken, but most likely it was after day 2 of Seung Gi’s appearance as a guest at Teacher Lee Sun Hee’s final concert in Suwon. Since this spring, she started her nationwide tour celebrating her 30th Anniversary.

daum_gallery_photo_20141119214922 daum_gallery_photo_20141119214928 daum_gallery_photo_20141119214935 daum_gallery_photo_20141119214941Credit: dclsg

Original link: dclsg

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Lee Seung Gi Guest Stars at Lee Sun Hee’s Suwon Concert~ 2014.11.16 Fancams

This is from day 2 of Teacher Lee Sun Hee’s final nationwide tour celebrating her 30th Anniversary. The concert took place in Suwon, a city 2 hours south of Seoul.


Because You’re My Woman

Credit: sh Reine