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[English] Korean Airen Wins Healing Camp Mug Autographed by Lee Seung Gi

SBS held a RT event on Twitter to win autographed mugs by Lee Sun Hee for Part 1 of Healing Camp and one by Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young for Part 2 of the show. A Korean Airen I follow on Twitter was the lucky winner of the mug signed by Seung Gi. Today, she tweeted a short message along with a photo to @SBSNOW:

RT이벤트당첨~ 이승기씨의 사인이 들어간 머그컵 도착했습니다. 감사합니다~ ♥♥♥

English translation:

RT Event Win~ Lee Seung Gi’s signed mug arrived. Thank you~♥♥♥

sg mugCredit: summersonaki

I tweeted a congratulatory message since I also participated in both RT events. I never win these types of events. LOL.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


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[English] Healing Camp Episode 135~ Baek Ji Young’s ‘I Won’t Love’ Sung by Lee Seung Gi and Lee Sun Hee

The original title of this youtube clip is Lee Sun Hee, Lee Seung Gi, Baek Ji Young, the 3 different colors of ‘I Won’t Love’. I’ve provided an English translation for this clip. There are many others from last night, but I won’t upload them without translations.

Credit: SBSNOW


English translation:

Caption: Lee Sun Hee & Baek Ji Young’s Collaboration 

Caption 2: The <I Won’t Love> that I’d listened to throughout the night and cried over

Caption 3:  A clear ringing voice

A special <I Won’t Love> (As Lee Sun Hee sings)

Caption 4: Don’t forget me..don’t erase me..

Baek Ji Young: Why, what kind of song is this? What song is this?

Caption 5 as Seung Gi speaks: A new Song <Let’s Love>

MCs: It slightly gave off the feeling of a new song’s release. Sung Yu Ri is crying.

Yu Ri: Yes, my heart was touched.

Kim Je Dong: Why? Is something the matter?

Yu Ri: Because she kept on asking don’t you love me

Caption: Now I’m going to love again~ (As Yu Ri dabs away her tears)

Lee Kyung Kyu: When Baek Ji Young sings it, there’s the feeling of not wanting to love but when Lee Sun Hee sings it, she gives off the vibe of having to love. As different singers sing it, the feelings are different

Caption: Same song, different feeling

Kim Je Dong: Baek Ji Young’s version slightly gives off the vibe of undergoing life’s hardships

Baek Ji Young: Right now, after kicking back a shot of soju and then …

Kim Je Dong: It’s very sad, you know…

Caption in white and hot pink: Baek Ji Young’s changed Seung Gi?

Seung Gi: After I heard <I Won’t Love>, I liked it so much that there was a time when I went to the karaoke bar …I don’t usually sing female songs..and changed it to a male’s pitch.

Lee Kyung Kyu: Did you sing it?

Caption: At the karaoke bar, male version of <I Won’t Love> sung passionately

Seung Gi: yes, I did. After hearing it, my boss…at that time when I first remade the album, I did a remake of it. I produced the album after hearing that song.

Caption: Idea, how about remaking songs only from female singers?

Caption: A different Seung Gi’s “brand” of

Caption: Soft and sweet… (As Baek Ji Young listens)

Caption: Seung Gi directly relays the sorrow of

Caption: A totally new feeling when a man sings it…

Lee Kyung Kyu: Depending on who sings it, the healing is different

Caption: Now it’s the Goddess of Love, Ji Young’s original <I Won’t Love>

Caption as Baek Ji Young speaks: Right now, the feeling I have is that I am singing Lee Sun Hee sunbae’s song…

Kim Je Dong: Then, we’ll also listen with that feeling


Baek Ji Young: please don’t expect too much

Caption by Lee Sun Hee: I will look forward to it Ji Young

Caption as Ji Young speaks: Extremely nervous, I was too nervous, what should I do?

Baek Ji Young: I’m so nervous, what should I do? I’ll do it again. Sunbaenim, I’ll do well.

Caption by Lee Sun Hee: Note by note, not wanting to miss a single one

Caption as Baek Ji Young finishes singing: Nice

Baek Ji Young and caption: I really wanted to finish it well in front of sunbaenim

Caption as Baek Ji Young speaks: (Timidly) This is my song.

Kim Je Dong: The expression on Lee Sun Hee’s face while listening to your song was one of extreme happiness. She was totally lost in it.

Lee Sun Hee: Since this is the first time listening to you so close up, I really liked it. Ji Young, thank you

Baek Ji Young: Thank you


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Lyrics for Baek Ji Young’s ‘I Won’t Love’

I was going to do that
I was going to go back
Your coldness had a reason

When your touch was gone
I realized that my heart had left

Because of a lingering attachment that asked “what if..”
I comforted myself
Now I am more pitiful for doing this to myself
Now I will really erase you
All the memories too

Now I don’t love you
And myself saying that is the same as you
Because I can’t meet anyone else
Because I can’t love again
Like a fool, I don’t love you
And you who is saying that, are the one I love
I hope you forget me, please erase me

Like a fool I didn’t know
I didn’t know about you two
Trying to remember us–
That was all a part of my greed

Even though I promised myself,
I open my eyes every morning
and pray for you who passed by
for you not to forget me

Please, the one thing I am hoping for right now
Is for you not to speak about me so easily
Instead just say that you don’t know me
You will know after time, about the value of my love

Now I don’t love you
And myself saying that is the same as you
Because I can’t meet anyone else
Because I can’t love again
Like a fool, I don’t love you
And you who is saying that, are the one I love
I hope you forget me, please erase me

The seat without me, the seat that is not me
Don’t fill it with love
If we can meet again
If we can love again
It’ll hurt but I love you
I will watch over you and I love you
Because I couldn’t say these words…

(Credit: JpopAsia)



Healing Camp Episode 135~ Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young’s Sexy Choreography Encore

Credit: entertainmentSBS

For readers living in countries where this clip can’t be viewed:

Credit: entertainmentSBS

After watching the two dance, Teacher Lee Sun Hee said she felt Seung Gi’s manliness and felt a jolt of electricity during their performance. Lee Seung Gi looked bashful and jokingly asked if others would agree with her.


[English translation] “To J” Lyrics ~ Teacher Lee Sun Hee’s Song

I haven’t found English lyrics for this classic song, so I did my best to share its meaning with international fans. Just in time for tonight’s healing camp:

 Credit: SBSNOW

For readers who live in countries where this clip is not available, another option:

Credit: SBSNOW

English translation:

”To J”

J in the subtle wind

J as I see your image
Today as well, I quietly
long for you

J in my dreams the other night
J the image that I met
Deep in my heart
Forever you remain

J even if a beautiful summer’s day
were to disappear far away

J my love
still has not changed
J I can’t forget you

J I love you
J where we walked

 J that path of memories
Tonight as well, I alone
I am walking it alone


Credit: Naver blog for Korean lyrics

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] SBS Tweet About Healing Camp Part #2

SBS has a twitter account @SBSNOW and they tweeted info about Part #2 of Healing Camp today.

21일(월) 는 이선희 편 두번째 이야기! 22일(화) 12시까지 RT 해주신 분들 중 추첨을 통해 2명에게 그녀를 지원사격하기위해 출동한 백지영과 이승기의 싸인 머그컵을 드립니다~

English translation:

On the 21st (Mon), stories about  Lee Sun Hee on Healing Camp Part 2! For those that RT this by the 22nd (Tues) 12pm, 2 people will be chosen through a random drawing to receive autographed mugs by Baek Ji Young and Lee Seung Gi  who appeared to support her~

healing camp 2Credit: SBSNOW



Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] SBS’ Tweet and Autographed Mug Event

SBS tweeted group photos of Lee Sun Hee appearing on Healing Camp. There is an event going on Twitter until  Tuesday, April 8th, at 12 am? pm?  KST.  Here’s their tweet:

게스트는 이선희 입니다!! 8일(화) 12시까지 RT해주신 분들 중 추첨을 통해 1명에게 싸인 머그컵을 드립니다~

The guest is Lee Sun Hee!! Until the 8th (Tues) 12 am? pm?, among those that RT this, 1 person will receive an autographed mug through a random drawing~

I am guessing this is 12 noon, since Korea uses the 24:00 to express midnight. If you have a twitter account, here’s their address: @SBSNOW

Here are the photos:

healing camp sbsCredit: SBS

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever