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15.6.26 Lee Seung Gi Sighting at 3rd Street Butchers in Hongdae ~ Fanpic 2

Here’s a 2nd fanpic of Seung Gi at 3rd Street Butchers tonight. According to the person who posted the first fanpic, he left already. There was no mention about who he was with but the woman Seung Gi is speaking to appears to be Noh Hee Young, former CJ Executive Brand Strategist. 


Credit: torlayr12

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15.6.26 Lee Seung Gi Sighting at 3rd Street Butchers in Hongdae

Someone just tweeted a Lee Seung Gi sighting at 3rd Street Butchers in Hongdae less than 15 minutes ago, around 7:30pm KST. He was last spotted there on June 4th with Lee Seo Jin, Lee Sun Hee, and several prominent celebrities at the grand opening of the restaurant owned by YG Entertainment CEO, Yang Hyun Suk. 


Credit: Ralrol_Real

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2015.6.05 Lee Seung Gi’s Dinner at 3rd Street Butchers ~ Photos 2

These photos were posted on 1stLook Magazine’s official facebook page today:


“Nation’s Younger Brother #LeeSeungGi”


“We can also see the model of the meat we use, Korean pork model Lee Seo Jin nim ~”

Credit: firstlook.F

English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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2015.6.05 ~ Fanpics of Lee Seung Gi’s Dinner at 3rdStreetButchers w/Commentary

juliesungyoonieCredit: juliesungyoonie

The uploader of this photo said her office was above the restaurant in the same building.  “Sam” means 3 in Korean. Geori refers to street so samgeori can be translated as 3rd Street.

“Finally open! #SamgeoriButchers#Hongdae#GoodRestaurant

#LeeSeungGi #LeeSeoJin are also eating 😳 #Wish for it to be daebak

ne_parlez_pasCredit: ne_parlez_pas


hino2Credit: hino2033 (Noh Hee Young, former CJ chief strategist)

“Samgeoributchers@3geori butchers@leeseunggi.official

Trendy man Lee Seo Jin and Nation’s Younger Brother Seung Gi

He’s always upstanding ㅎㅎ

#hookentertainment, I’d be thankful if you had a company dinner here~~^^

kristenparrkCredit: kristenparrk (appears to be friends with Noh Hee Young’s niece)

“Pre-food coma 👌#SamgeoriButchers #lowerbackproblems

#LeeSeungGi #LeeSeoJin”

dclsghongdaeCredit: dclsg

hino2033Credit: hino2033

Teacher Lee Sun Hee was also present!

“#Samgeoributchers@3geori butchers

Like my own family #hookentertainment’s anchor Lee Sun Hee Sunbaenim~~~~^^

Always has a girlish calm smile”

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever