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English translation of Photo by the Official Airen Fanclub

Here’s a photo tweeted by the official Airen fanclub.  The tweet was accompanied by the following description:

[PHOTO – Heritory Fan Signing Event]  The sweetness of receiving a cute candy necklace from a fan~ His majesty Lee Seung Gi responding with a smile and eye contact! Ah~I’m melting~^^♥

Let’s meet again at our concert~♥♥♥

[PHOTO-헤리토리 팬사인회] 팬의 깜직한 캔디 목걸이 선물에 달콤~한 미소와 아이컨텍으로 화답하는  황제 이승기님! 아~녹는당~^^♥
우리 콘서트에서 또 만나요~♥♥♥

heritory fan signing22 AIREN_fanclub candy necklace

Photo credit: AIREN_fanclub


Korean to English translation by Elise, Administrator for Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Heritory Facebook fan signing event part #2

You need an English translation in order to participate in the event after you click on the link, so here it is:

Together with Heri & Tory, complete the MC Look Nickname! (The picture below shows 4 of Korea’s most famous talk show hosts) Please choose a nickname that goes well with the Heritory sweaters worn by the MCs. Through a drawing, a signed T shirt by MCs, Heritory sweaters, and abundant gifts will be given away.

Choice #1 Heri recommendation (The 2 sweaters on the left, Navy and Green)
Squirrel Knit & Ink Bottle Knit

Choice #2 Tory recommendation (The 2 sweaters on the right, Beige and Grey)
Dong Yeob Young Ja Knit & Cul Two Ink Knit (Lee Young Ja is a famous comedienne and MC, Cul Two is a male comedy duo in Korea)

Choose the Heritory MC Look nickname and write it down in the comments section.

Hello October! If you comment with your impression after watching the show, your chances of winning will increase! (UP! UP!)

Notice: You can confirm the MC Looks in the Heritory homepage CELEBRITY, CAMPAIGN corner.

Duration of the event: 10/15 (Tuesday)~11/1 (Friday)

Announcement of winners: 11/6 (Wednesday), Announced on the homepage

Prizes for winners: Heritory Knit (2 people)
MC signed logo T-shirt (1 person)
(Starbucks) Americano gift coupon (20 people)

Note: For non-Korean speakers, you can copy and paste one of the following under the comments section for this event:

If you like Choice #1, you can copy and paste the following: 저는 #1 헤리추천합니다.

If you like Choice #2, you can copy and paste the following: 저는 #2 토리추천합니다.

When you scroll down the page, you will see two white boxes side by side. The first one will say “이름” which means name. The second one says “비밀번호” which is a password that you have to make for this event. Then you will see a big white box with the words “WRITE” in a navy box to the right. Copy and paste one of your choices there. After you press enter, a box in Korean will pop up saying your ID and choice have been recorded successfully. Then, go back to the Heritory facebook page under the Hyundae Department store fan signing event and write your ID (name) that you commented with along with your choice.

Just copy and paste this and replace it with your name and choice.

Ex. 아이디: Your name/ #2 토리추천합니다! or #1 헤리추천합니다!

Good luck!

Korean to English translation by Elise, Administrator for Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Lee Seung Gi Hyundae Dept. Store Fan Signing Event on Facebook Part #1

Sorry to be posting this at the last minute, but you still have 2 days to enter the drawing on Heritory’s facebook page-> Heritory to win a ticket to Lee Seung Gi’s fan signing event at Hyundae Department Store, Joong Dong Branch in Bucheon. Bucheon is about 1 hour Southwest of Seoul by car.

Lee Seung Gi Signing Festival Invitation Giveaway Event
Do Doong! We are definitely carrying out the best Lee Seung Gi Signing Invitation Event! Participate in Heritory’s homepage ‘Creating a Nickname’ Event and afterwards, leave a comment with your participation ID and the nickname that you made on the Facebook event comment section!

Through a drawing, 20 invitations will be given away for Lee Seung Gi’s Fan Signing Festival at the Hyundae Department Store, Joong Dong Branch.

To go directly to the homepage event ▶ http://bit.ly/H57qwg

Event Duration : 10/17 ~ 10/22
Announcement of winners : 10/23 3pm KST Heritory Facebook

+) Please make sure to leave your homepage event participation ID! (in the comment box)
+)After the announcement of winners, we are planning on receiving information only until the 24th, 2pm KST so please check back!

Direct Korean to English translation by Elise, Administrator for Lee Seung Gi Forever