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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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KWAVE SNS Releases BTS Photo of Lee Seung Gi

Among the 4 photos tweeted by KWAVE’s official SNS account today was one of Lee Seung Gi. The caption that went along with their tweet said they were releasing photos of “memorable” events in the making of the June issue. I’m not sure if this photo is a B cut, but one of the hashtags said “KWAVE editorial department”.


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Teaser~ Lee Seung Gi Interview

Looking forward to this interview with Seung Gi. Thanks to Chinese speaking Airen friends and what I could gather from tweets in Chinese and Japanese, this is about Lee Seung Gi’s 11 year debut and his 6th album. I dislike using online translators, but Google translate gave me a translation of this video’s Chinese title as “Debut 11 years,”Prince of Ballads” Lee Seung Gi eager to play rock and roll” …I will post a translation of what Seung Gi says in Korean during this trailer.

Credit: letv.com uploaded by hanrize

Seung Gi in Chinese: Hello everyone! I’m Lee Seung Gi.

Seung Gi in Korean: Earlier, if I heard it’s been 10 years (since someone’s debut), I thought of them as a huge sunbaenim (senior). There’s still a lot that I don’t know…

English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Seung Gi’s fashion in this interview: KENZO ‘Metallic Curls’ Extra Trim Fit Print Sport Shirt 

kenzoCredit: koni_sptlsg

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[English] 2015.06.17 Lee Seung Gi on One Night’s TV Entertainment

Credit: SBS uploaded by I love Junsu via dclsg

This show ended late last night after 1amKST so I’m uploading a detailed summary this morning.
“The Prince of Ballads has returned!” The show begins with Seung Gi getting ready for his comeback stage as he can be heard saying,”I’m getting nervous and excited”. It’s Lee Seung Gi who has returned after 2 years and 7 months as a singer. Seung Gi says,”Despite the fact that it’s an inappropriate season for a ballad, I released one to emphasize it.”  They talk about his comeback song and breaking the mold of dance songs in the summer/ballads in the winter. Seung Gi literally breaks the board representing this preset mold. Asked about his album, he says it’s “really high quality”. About his comeback promotion: “From opening day, all I could see was the ranking.”  They ask about his finger stuck in his sleeve for the poster and Seung Gi says he wasn’t sure what to do and that his hand wanted to go near his face.  They then talk about Seung Gi’s 11th debut anniversary by bringing out this cute chart with all his accomplishments and Seung Gi is impressed and asks for a copy. He comes from the Cheonju clan of the Lee family, which has royal blood. He asks the hostess,”How did you know that and says that many Koreans today come from the Cheonju clan.” He speaks English and Japanese. He says Japanese is useful for dining and shopping.  They talk about his career and his one weakness, dancing. He agrees but jokes that the red line should be extending further to the left beyond the board. He says he gave up on dancing when he was very young. “The lyrics themselves diss my weakness at dancing. Next scene shows Seung Gi lined up dancing onstage with the caption “A bad dancer a beat too late to the groove.” They go on to talk about his song Do You? as the hostess asks him why it was called that. It has no relation to EXID’s Hani. Instead, they were planning to make a 2015 version of Park Jin Young’s “Honey”, but suddenly Hani became very popular. Seung Gi says,”So we put a wavemark before it followed by a question mark at the end. ” When asked what he would say if Hani agreed to dance to it, he said he would immediately agree without any hesitation.  Still, the hostess says, “Now, all of us can look forward to Lee Seung Gi’s dance for ~Do You?, right?

Next question is about what kind of award he’d like to win. He said he’d “like to go big and go for a daesang”. Then he was asked in what?  Acting, Kpop, or variety. He said one should think big so it wouldn’t be bad to win one of each. Poor Seung Gi is then subjected to a popular Korean game called the consonant game where he has to name his own dramas and songs from his career in 1 minute. Seung Gi gets stuck at “Return” at the end.

“Already his 11th anniversary, somewhere along the line, Lee Seung Gi has grown from the Nation’s Younger Brother to a cool man.” Seung Gi, “When people think of and see Lee Seung Gi on television, I hope it gives them strength.  There’s nothing worthier than that.” We continue to look forward to your future image! One Night will cheer you on~

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Lee Seung Gi to Appear On Radio Program July 6th

According to a dclsg member, Seung Gi is scheduled to appear on Kim Young Chul’s ‘Fun Fun Today’ on July, 6th. She said it was announced on the radio. The radio program is aired from 6am to 7am KST daily.  Stay tuned for more info. Here’s the link to the radio show: http://program.sbs.co.kr/builder/programMainList.do?pgm_id=00000351036

funfuntodayCredit: SBS


[English] 2015.06.12 ~ Lee Seung Gi’s Interview on Music Bank

CHStwhRUYAArz3zCredit: SMTownEngSub

Credit: hideko jang

(Wish the quality was better, but the one uploaded on youtube by a KBS sponsored channel is just as fuzzy)

Male MC: The 2nd comeback interview is someone with an attractive voice and is the Nation’s Heartwarming Gentleman.  He’s none other than Mr. Lee Seung Gi!

Male and Female MC singing: Welcome!

Seung Gi: Yes, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Lee Seung Gi.

Female MC (Irene): Mr. Lee Seung Gi, it’s been approximately 3 years since your comeback. Please introduce yourself and your new song to fans who have waited for so long.

Seung Gi: You’ve really waited for a long time. I’ve come back with “And Goodbye” from my 6th album. It seems like it’s been 4 to 5 years since I’ve been on Music Bank as well.

Irene: Before your comeback, you made a surprise appearance on The Producers. Between singing and acting, which one is more difficult?

Seung Gi: Well, both are always difficult, but seeing that today is my comeback day, singing makes me feel more nervous and is difficult.

Male MC: If that’s the case, before you go on stage, to ease your nerves and warm up your vocal cords, please let us hear just a bit of your new song.

Seung Gi: (laughs shyly) Uhm..just a moment. ♫ The words goodbye,goodbye, goodbye doesn’t mean it’s the end. We are under the same sky. ♫

Male MC: Wow! Hearing it live right next to you, it’s really sweet.  There’s already a hunch that it’s going to be daebak.

Seung Gi: Thank you.

Irene: Lee Seung Gi’s stage which draws out hidden emotions 100% will be revealed in just a moment.

Male MC: Before that, shall we listen to the affectionate voice of Page?

All 3 in unison: Still Love.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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15.04.10 ~ Jimmy Choo Party ~ Yunkee TV Shoe Interview

This is a clip with Jung Yun Kee at Jimmy Choo’s Party on April 10, 2015 at Chungdahm-dong.  The clip starts out with a caption which says “Ep 1 ~ The shoes trend that you must remember” as the camera flashes shots of various pairs of $$$ shoes. Yun Kee then interviews many celebrities but Seung Gi is the first one.  The caption by Seung Gi as Yun Kee leads him to sit down is “Yun Kee’s good looking close friend, Lee Seung Gi.” Yun Kee asks him,”You just came? Without knowing?” Seung Gi replies,”No, I came since you said you were holding a party.” To add a comic flair, in stars across Seung Gi’s chest is the caption, “I came running Hyung because you called for me~” Yun Kee then tells Seung Gi,”Today, I’m receiving an award.” Seung Gi asks him “What kind of award?” Yun Kee continues,”Since it’s the first time in Korea…and the worlds’ (famous) shoes brands are acknowledging me.”  Seung Gi jokes with him by asking,”Don’t you think you’re good at praising yourself too much?” Seung Gi brings up Yun Kee’s comment about being acknowledged by international shoes brands and Yun Kee says, “That’s not it, they’re saying the brand is good.” Seung Gi says,”Oh, I see.”

Then Yun Kee asks Seung Gi,”What kind of shoes makes a woman look beautiful?” Seung Gi replies,”Me? I like someone who can wear casual and dressy shoes. Someone who wears sneakers has charm.” Yun Kee jokes, “I know who that woman is” as they both laugh. Final caption to the right of the screen by Yun Kee says, I wish for you to have a beautiful love with that girlish person who looks good in sneakers.” Final shots of sneakers say “Lee Seung Gi’s recommendation: Trend 1~ Sporty platform sneakers.  Sneaker styling Tip: If you choose sneakers over shoes! It makes formal wear or a romantic dress look cooler.

Credit: On Style

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever