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Photo of Young Eo Soo Sun and Police Chief Kang Tweeted by Actress Ji Woo

Child actress Ji Woo just tweeted a message for ‘You Are All Surrounded’ with a photo of her with actress Seo Yi Sook a few minutes ago. Here’s an excerpt:

I ask you to continue watching original broadcasts and to give it lots of love~~!!

young eo soo seon and chief kang fanpicCredit: jiwoo543

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


[English translation] Article and HD photos of “Dream Cast’s” Scriptreading for YAAS

[TopStarNews=Reporter Jang Jae Yeon]  SBS’ new drama special ‘You Are All Surrounded’s veteran actors gathered together in one place.

The SBS Drama Special ‘You Are All Surrounded’ which is drawing attention for its dream casting (script, Lee Jung Sun, director Yoo In-shik, Production Company HB Entertainment) had its first script reading last week at SBS’ Tanhyeon Production Center.  At the scene were director Yoo In-shik and scriptwriter Lee Jung Sun including Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won, Go Ara, Oh Yoon Ah, Ahn Jae Hyun, Sung Ji Roo, Im Won hee, and Park Jung Min.  South Korea’s cream of the crop in the acting industry participated and started the drama’s production in earnest.

HD Yaas1 topstarnewsCredit: TopStarNews

Before the script reading, ‘You’re Surrounded’s head, Director Yoo In-shik  said,”After seeing the casting for ‘You Are All Surrounded’, they were known as the ‘dream cast’.  As much as viewers are anticipating ‘You’re Surrounded’, it would be great if the actors have as much anticipation while shooting”.  In addition, scriptwriter Lee Jung Sun said,” I trust the actors. I hope it will be a happy environment during filming.”
  Multifaceted actor Lee Seung Gi who has appeared in ‘The Gu Family Book’ and  ‘Noonas over Flowers’, be it drama or variety, has the ability to make anything a box office hit. He  has successfully mastered the role of ‘Eun Dae Gu’, a strong, 3rd term rookie cop with a short- tempered personality who is blunt and makes spiteful remarks.  From Lee Seung Gi’s first reading, it was as if he were wearing the clothes belonging to Eun Dae Gu’s character. Because he was in perfect synchronization with him, one can anticipate his ability to show a complete change in character while he is acting.

Cha Seung Won, who returns to the small screen in 3 years, plays a strong, 3rd term head cop as Seo Pan Seok. He is assigned criminal cases and receives promotion after promotion worthy of being called the top investigator. During the script reading, he also overflowed with a masculine image.  In particular, there was rumor that from his first reading, he focused perfectly on the character and showed an enthusiasm from which one was able to feel his passion for the production.

HD yaas2 topstarnewsCredit: TopStarNews

  Go Ara plays the role of Eo Soo Sun, a rookie female detective whose character’s charm is her mix of perseverance and sass. From her first script reading, she blew vitality into ‘You’re Surrounded’ while Oh Yoon Ah demonstrated a wide spectrum with her strong acting skills as a charismatic female detective, Kim Sa Kyung. In addition, Ahn Jae Hyeon, who is growing in popularity with time, plays a rookie cop named Park Tae Il whose character has charming looks, is chic, rational and composed. He was perfect in transforming into this character and we can look forward to a different one from his role in “You Who Came From the Stars”.

 Famous actors crossing over from the movies and TV shows, Sung Ji Roo and Im Won Hee, demonstrated a passionate image during their script reading. Actors who have been acknowledged by Chungmuro (refers to Korea’s movie world and is an actual city in Seoul) Park Jung Min and top child actors Ahn Do Kyu, Ji Woo, and Yang Han Yeol befitting their reputation, heated up the room with their acting abilities.

  Starting from the script reading, the actors’ fiery and passionate acting has created a warm atmosphere for SBS’s new drama special ‘You Are All Surrounded’. The first episode is planned to air at the end of April after ‘Three Days’.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever