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[English] K STAR Hallyu Star Report ~ Lee Seung Gi, Together with Lee Seo Jin, Reveals ‘TGIF Proof Shot’

Credit: K STAR Hallyu Star Report & Live Star News


The news talks about Lee Seung Gi revealing his close friendship with Lee Seo Jin on his SNS. On June 5th, he posted a photo with the comment “Lee Brothers Part 2, with Hyungnim TGIF, pork belly is delicious”.  The two people in the photo are holding each others shoulders and smiling.  Their amiable image is a given in addition to both having dimples.  Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi is planning to release his 6th album this coming 10th.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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2015.6.05 ~ Fanpics of Lee Seung Gi’s Dinner at 3rdStreetButchers w/Commentary

juliesungyoonieCredit: juliesungyoonie

The uploader of this photo said her office was above the restaurant in the same building.  “Sam” means 3 in Korean. Geori refers to street so samgeori can be translated as 3rd Street.

“Finally open! #SamgeoriButchers#Hongdae#GoodRestaurant

#LeeSeungGi #LeeSeoJin are also eating 😳 #Wish for it to be daebak

ne_parlez_pasCredit: ne_parlez_pas


hino2Credit: hino2033 (Noh Hee Young, former CJ chief strategist)

“Samgeoributchers@3geori butchers@leeseunggi.official

Trendy man Lee Seo Jin and Nation’s Younger Brother Seung Gi

He’s always upstanding ㅎㅎ

#hookentertainment, I’d be thankful if you had a company dinner here~~^^

kristenparrkCredit: kristenparrk (appears to be friends with Noh Hee Young’s niece)

“Pre-food coma 👌#SamgeoriButchers #lowerbackproblems

#LeeSeungGi #LeeSeoJin”

dclsghongdaeCredit: dclsg

hino2033Credit: hino2033

Teacher Lee Sun Hee was also present!

“#Samgeoributchers@3geori butchers

Like my own family #hookentertainment’s anchor Lee Sun Hee Sunbaenim~~~~^^

Always has a girlish calm smile”

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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The Dimple Brothers Strike Again on Seung Gi’s IG

This photo was uploaded less than 40 min. ago around 10:20pmKST.

leebrothers2Credit: leeseunggi.official

“Lee brothers Part 2

#Hyungnim and Friday#HongdaeSamgeoriButcher’s

#TastyPorkBelly #AndSmile”

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] 2015.6.01 TvN Unexpected Best Friends Lee Seung Gi & Lee Seo Jin

Credit: seunggiairen

This clip talks about the close relationship between Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seo Jin despite the fact that they have a 16 year age difference. “However, between these two (Na PD and Lee Seo Jin) there was another close friend..he is…” Cut to the clip on 3 Meals a Day on the episode where Seung Gi shows up as a guest.  Na PD met Lee Seo Jin for the first time after asking 1N2D members to bring a friend. Lee Seung Gi called and asked him if he could bring Lee Seo Jin.  Na PD says “That was totally ‘Thank you’.” That’s how Na PD got to know Lee Seo Jin.  Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seo Jin also spent Christmas Eve together and Lee Seo Jin says he got angry at Seung Gi when he showed up at his house.  Seo Jin asked him,”What are you doing here on Christmas Eve?” That’s how they became close friends. Clip from Love Forecast with Seung Gi saying, “This is something the entire world should know.” 

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[Full English Translation] Lee Seung Gi Sends a Message of Encouragement for Yoon Yeo Jung’s Premiere of ‘Salut d’Amor’

Actress Yoon Yeo Jung of ‘Noonas over Flowers’ is starring in a movie titled ‘Salut d’Amor’ which will premiere on April 9th. Among the actors who sent messages of encouragement and congratulations was Lee Seung Gi.  Actually, all the actors are familiar to us through Na PD and Lee Seo Jin, so I will provide a full translation of the clip.

Credit: CJ Entertainment Official

cj-salut-damourCredit: Variety

Choi Ji Woo: Hello, I’m Choi Ji Woo. I’m cheering on Teachers Park Geun Hyung and Yoon Yeo Jung.  I’m really looking forward to their sweet melo acting.

Lee Seung Gi: As a person gets older, their thinking becomes much more mature. It’s true that many things grow and change but I think the pureness of love is similar even if one ages. I didn’t think that there were very many genres like that in South Korea. I would like to see the two Teachers show us what it’s like.

Kim Hee Ae: I think they enjoyed it because I feel that both actors are very charming. I’m very curious about their romance…

Lee Seo Jin: Everyone who watched ‘Grandpas over Flowers’ may know that despite being over 70, I think he has many romantic feelings. As for Teacher Yoon Yeo Jung, I personally meet her often. She still has the feelings and charm of a young girl…

Lee Soon Jae: Needless to say, both are experts at acting. I believe a magnificent harmony will result since they are distinguished actors.

Na Young Seok PD: Probably more than young people, I believe their relationship and story will make hearts flutter even more.  The body may age but honestly, the heart is the same.

Lee Seo Jin: The way a person expresses him/her self and the situations of that generation may change a bit, but love always remains the same.

Kim Hee Ae: If there was no love in this world, how desolate and awful would it be. Love should always lie as a base (foundation); then how happy things will be.

Lee Soon Jae: I’m thinking that Director Kang Je-gyu will have another masterpiece.

Lee Seo Jin: Obviously, the expectations for this movie are very high.

Kim Hee Ae: I really wish for it to be successful.

Na Young Seok PD: I am cheering on Salut d’Amor!

Lee Seo Jin: I’m cheering on your love story!

Kim Hee Ae: Cheering you on!

Choi Ji Woo: If you love, do it for a long time!

Lee Seung Gi: If you love, do it for a long time!

Lee Soon Jae: If you want to live a long time, love.

Male voiceover as Yoon Yeo Jung and Park Geun Hyung are dancing in the movie: What does your final love look like?

Yoon Yeo Jung as she cries and holds Park Geun Hyung’s hands: I’m sorry.

Park Geun Hyung: Promise me. No matter which of us dies first, let’s not cry.

Male voiceover: Director Kang Je-gyu’s first moving drama, Salut d’Amor.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

For more information about this movie: Salut d’Amor

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Love Forecast Stage Greeting Official Photos 1/25/15

I’m not sure which CGV this first group shot was taken, but the 5 photos that follow are from CGV Ilsan. My fanpics are too blurry to upload, but according to Seung Gi during the stage greeting, CGV Ilsan was the first theater that Lee Seo Jin visited that day. He and Seung Gi both looked so handsome in person and the fangirl in me came out and I shrieked with excitement as soon as I saw Seung Gi again.

tl1251 tl125ilsan1 tl125ilsan2 tl125ilsan3 tl125ilsan4 tl125ilsan5Credit: todaylove2015

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[Dispatch] Lee Soon Jae Watches Love Forecast with Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seo Jin

According to an article by Dispatch, veteran actor Lee Soon Jae met up with the dimple brothers for dinner and watched ‘Love Forecast’ on January 18th in Gangnam. Afterwards, they drew quite a bit of attention at a cafe near the theatre even though they caught a late show. From the photos, I see that it’s at CGV, and the coffee cups seem to have the logo for ‘Tous Les Jours’ on it.

As you already know, Lee Soon Jae mentored Lee Seung Gi during his filming of ‘The Gu Family Book’. Lee Seo Jin played the role of his porter in the hit variety show, ‘Grandpas over Flowers’. Here’s a few photos followed by the original article in English. It may be a bit awkwardly translated, but I think you will understand the gist of the story. 

“Heartwarming Bromance”



soon8 soon9 soon10 soon7 soon6 soon5 soon4 soon3 soon2 soon1 soon14 soon13 soon12 soon11Credit: Dispatch