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[English] Support Event for Lee Seung Gi’s 11th Debut Anniversary by Official Airen Fanclub

In celebration of Lee Seung Gi’s 11th Debut Anniversary and his new album release, the official Airen fanclub has prepared a support event. Currently, the news is in Korean, so I will translate the main points for you:

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First the good news: Not only Airen 6 members, but ALL Airens can participate in this event. 🙂

Application/Deposit time period: May 27, 2015 (Wed) ~ June 12, 2015 (Fri) KST

Announcement of Winners: June 14, 2015 KST

Date prizes are shipped : Mid June of 2015


[Directions on how to participate in the 11th Debut Anniversary Event/ Album Support]


The collected funds will go towards gifts for Seung Gi’s 11th Debut Anniversary and support activities related to his new album (PR, purchase of albums for the purpose of PR, support for appearances on broadcasts, etc).


The 11th Debut Anniversary gifts will be a collection of everyone’s  [What I Want to Tell Seung Gi]  & Videos that were submitted for this event.  I believe actual gifts will be sent in addition to this collection.

●How to participate individually


1. Deposit – Deposit into the support account

    ※ If you are an overseas fan, you are responsible for wire transfer fees. When you do a wire transfer, make sure to calculate the total. Example, you should be sending:  your intended contribution + wire transfer fee

2. Application form to participate:



● How to participate as an overseas group

1. Deposit: To the deposit account. After your wire transfer of the lump sum, describe the contents of the wire transfer (Name of remitee, Date of wire transfer, amount)  and email it to the official fanclub’s executive organizer.

2. Application form to participate – 1) One representative from the group needs to fill out this form below▼ click

2) Email the list of names of people participating (Name/Amount submitted to the support event/selection of gifts from the 2 choices) to the official fanclub’s executive organizer.


[11th Debut Anniversary & Album Release Commemoration Event Gift Announcement]

1. Those who participate in the event – receive the same gift
Lee Seung Gi pictorial, interview included  1 copy or Large Photo Bath Towel (1)

On the application form, among the two choices, choose what you wish to receive in the order that you’d like to receive it.
At the end of the event, among the 2 gifts you chose, one will be sent to you at random.

ex 1) Wished for Gift 1 – Big Issue Magazine
         Wished for Gift 2 –  Love Forecast Large Photo Bath Towel

ex 2) Wished for Gift 1 – Love Forecast Large Photo Bath Towel
          Wished for Gift 2 – Big Issue Magazine

2. Special gifts given to event winners


1) <Love Forecast> DVD – Autographed : 2 people


2) Lee Seung Gi’s stamp : 1 person
   * This is the stamp that Lee Seung Gi directly used during the Smile Friend Event (at Yongsan CGV)


3) Large Poster – Autographed by Lee Seung Gi : 1 person


4) Magazine (Lee Seung Gi pictorial, Interview included) – Autographed by Lee Seung Gi : 3 people


3. Participating Overseas Group Teams (20 people minimum) 


1st to participate : Lee Seung Gi pictorial, Interview included 30 copies + Lee Seung Gi autographed DVD 2 disks


2nd to participate : Lee Seung Gi pictorial, Interview included 20 copies +Lee Seung Gi autographed DVD 1 disk 


3rd to participate : Lee Seung Gi pictorial, Interview included 10 copies

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Source: leeseunggi.com, Airen Zone