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[English] *UPDATED* DCLSG 10th Anniversary Debut Commemoration Comic ~ Seung Gi’s Day

Special thanks to Dae-Anne Gabriel for her fabulous IT work which made this 10th Debut Anniversary comic by Chambbong on dclsg easy to read. How many CF items endorsed by Seung Gi within the past 10 years can you find?

Day1trans Day2trans Day3trans Day4transCredit: Chambbong via dclsg


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

IT work incorporating English translations by Dae-Anne Gabriel, Special Guest Contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever

Original dclsg link: 10th Anniversary Debut Commemoration Comic

Link to Original Draft with Text: Original Draft


[English] DCLSG Comic Strip~ Seung Gi’s Day

I ran across this comic strip early this morning and thought “What a shame I can’t share it with International Airens.” Blogging English translations after the comic strip is a bit cumbersome to read since I don’t have the software to white out the Korean and insert English. Many wonderful Airens volunteered to help out, so for now, I will blog a “rough draft” of translations so that English translations can be inserted instead of Korean. Thanks for your understanding! Meanwhile, see how many of his CF products you can count. There were so many comments on dclsg about  Chambbong’s ingenuity of incorporating so many of them into a single comic strip 🙂  She made this in commemoration of Seung Gi’s 10th Debut Anniversary. See how many CF products you can find that he endorsed in the past 10 years! ^^day1

English translation:

At the very top by Seung Gi’s head: Seung Gi’s Day~ ( followed by ) – Dae Woong’s birthday!

Under Seung Gi’s head: by Chambbong

Seung Gi in bed as his alarm rings: 6:00am, the start of a new day!

By Seung Gi’s hand holding Pyeongchang water:

Large comic balloon: Seung Gi must be thirsty because he heads towards the refrigerator as soon as he wakes up

Smaller comic ballon: He takes out the water

Seung Gi pouring water into a glass with orange liquid: A glass of Berocca!

Seung Gi at the sink: He also washes his face~

Korean writing on the bathroom mirror is just the sound of him splashing water: 어푸 어푸 is phonetically translated as uh poo, uh poo

Toothpaste going onto the toothbrush: He also brushes his teeth~

Korean writing as he brushes his teeth is just the sound of him brushing his teeth: 치카 치카  is phonetically translated as chi ka chi ka

Seung Gi throws his clothes out the door: Exercise~ Exercise~

Under this box it says: He changes his clothes for his morning exercise.



First box, on the ground by Seung Gi’s feet: 7:00am Morning exercise

Top comic balloon: To exercise, he goes to the mountain behind his neighborhood~

Seung Gi makes sounds as he exercises: One, two, one, two~

Seung Gi drinks a bottle of something: When thirsty, a beverage!

A silhouette of Seung Gi in the shower: 8:00am, a refreshing shower! In white, you’ll see >< followed by the word Kyaaah~

Seung Gi holding the Seam face cream: Top word: Moist~ Bottom word: For the skin~

By the rice cooker: He scoops the rice

By the kimchi refrigerator with 4 brown compartments:  And also takes out the kimchi!

Seung Gi eating: A delicious breakfast with curry~!

Seung Gi sipping with a straw: A bottle of Activia for the intestines! (Activia is a brand of yogurt for those not familiar with it)

LSG Style:

polo shirt: Heritory shirt

cardigan: Giordano cardigan

pants: Edwin pants

T-shirt:  FUBU t-shirt

To the right of this box: Preparations to leave the house finished-!


In front of KB bank:  To Kookmin bank to deposit money for the merchandise purchased from WeMAP last night~

In front of Home Plus (A supermarket/department store): To Home Plus to buy snacks for friends~

The checkout counter as the cashier scans each item:

In his/her hand is a can of beer: Max (a brand famous in Korea)

On the conveyer belt under the beer is a package of meat: Hanwoo (Korean beef)

Followed by a line of items:  Activia (yogurt), Market O Brownie, Sunkist, Ohsazz (sweet potato chips by Haitai and Calbee co.), Market O Cheese Chips

In front of Crown Bakery: To Crown Bakery on the way home to get a cake for Dae Woong’s birthday~

Seung Gi on the phone:  He orders a pizza from Pizza Hut using CJ Thrifty Phone~

Seung Gi with friends: To celebrate Dae Woong’s birthday, Hwan and Dae Gu also came~!


Top balloon as the meat is being grilled: Hanwoo that Woong’s girlfriend likes~

Next small box with Korean 앗뜨거: Ouch! It’s hot.

Small balloon by the grill underneath this: Oh no.. Dae Gu burned his hand while grilling meat

Balloon by Medifoam: So it won’t scar, Medifoam, ta da~

Seung Gi and friends drink and eat: Up by Seung Gi’s head it says 치맥~ : Chicken and beer~

Small balloon on the upper right hand corner: A late night snack is chicken and beer!!!

Dae Woong in the checked shirt eating noodles:   Dae Woong with a good appetite eats another bowl of naengmyun (cold noodles) by himself…

The slurping sound in the background says 후루룩~ : Hoo roo rook~

Balloon on the left by Hwan and Dae Gu: Hwan whines about not winning in the lottery tickets he bought that day~

Background comment from Hwan: Why aren’t I winning ㅠㅠ

Balloon on the right by Dae Gu: Dae Gu drinks milk like a whale after drinking alcohol

Underneath this box: This..this is how they say the day ended! – END-

Underneath last box: Seung Gi’s Day by Chambbong

On the very left hand corner: DCInside Lee Seung Gi Gallery comic strip commemorating his 10th Debut Anniversary



Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

 Original dclsg link to see it enlarged: 10th Debut Anniversary Commemoration Comic Strip

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[English] translations for Market O Blondie Facebook Event

Market O blondieCredit: Market O Facebook page

A rich brownie that melts in your mouth, a real brownie Blondie~!
What could be the secret behind the even deeper and richer taste?!
Facebook friends~~please comment with the correct answer
1) Of the highest grade 100% real white chocolate chunks
2) Vanilla
3) Denmark cheese
*Duration of the event: 12/17/2013 (Tues)~18 (Wed)
*Prize: Real brownie blondie 1 box (5 people)
*Announcement of winners: 12/19/2013 (Thurs)


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] New Market O Facebook Coverpage

Now that Seung Gi has become a CF model for the confectionery company, Market O, interest in their delicious, rich, gooey brownies has peaked to an all time high.  Here is their new coverpage for their Facebook page: Click on the red link to go to their page.

Market o cover page 1129Credit: Market O Facebook page

English translation:

Red lettering:

Real Cheese Chip made from Denmark’s Camembert cheese and Cheddar cheese

Yellow bubble caption pointing to the slice of cheese:

Denmark’s Cheddar and Camembert cheese

Yellow bubble caption pointing to the potatoes:

Fresh potatoes

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Script for Market O Real Brownie Blondie 15 second clip

English translation script:

First caption: (in pink) Flower Nunas real story (in brown and white) Real brownie blondie

Nunas: Seung Gi yah, you haven’t found it yet? Seung Gi yah! Seung Gi yaaaaah!

Seung Gi: Nuna, why are you so abrasive towards me?

White caption: Chock full of 100% real white chocolate chunks and vanilla

Tiny white caption: White chocolate chunks 8.9%  Vanilla 0.013% (Chock full??!!! Right. Always read the fine print. LOL)

Female voice:  Melt the tender heart of the abrasive nunas, (it melts in your mouth!) Market O Real Brownie Blondie!

Seung Gi: Market O knows a woman’s heart.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Script for Market O Cheese Chip 15 second CF

Credit: seunggiairen

English translation:

Caption #1: Flower Nuna Real Story

Caption #2 in yellow: Real Cheese Chip

Seung Gi: I may have been in many variety shows, but this is really real.

Male voiceover: Seung Gi yah, nowadays if it isn’t real, who would it eat it?

White caption: Chock full of 100% Camembert cheese from Denmark and Cheddar cheese

Tiny white caption beneath it: Cheddar 7.3% Camembert 5.4%

Tiny white caption at the bottom of the screen: Choose foods properly after confirming their expiration date

Female voiceover: Made from real cheese, Market O Real Cheesechip 

Caption: Market O Real Cheese Chip

Seung Gi: Now this is a cheese chip.

Male voiceover: That’s right.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Lee Seung Gi is a CF model for Brownies?!!!!!

Seriously, Seung Gi is keeping his fans and bloggers busy with all this year end activity.  Here’s another post about a CF mentioned in my group on Facebook that I am blogging now.  He’s filming a CF endorsing Market O, which is a very expensive, high end confectionery company which specializes in manufacturing gooey, rich, home-made tasting brownies. They’re about $12 for a medium sized bag of bite size brownies. Very $$$ compared to other cookies and snacks which are about $5.  Here’s a link: Market O

Market o Credit: dclsg

This caption states that the owner of this photo is “melting inside Lee Seung Gi’s gallery”, a play on words for the gooey, melt in your mouth brownie that Seung Gi seems to be holding in his right hand.

1456701_10202658361250194_1840044952_nCredit: weibo via sunnyqueenie

It looks like Market O will be seeing a boost in sales in addition to Firstlook Outdoor this winter!