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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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My Visit to Itaewon~ Marley Coffee & Love Forecast Filming Location, My Thai China

This past Friday, I had a conference in Seoul so I had some time to stop by Itaewon for a cup of Marley Coffee and to see the restaurant, My Thai China, where Love Forecast was filmed. For those who have already watched the movie and seen the the previews, it’s the scene where Jun Soo plays rock, paper, scissors with Andrew to see who pays the dinner bill. Jun Soo loses and while he’s paying the bill, Andrew and Hyun Woo drive off without him, leaving him running down the staircase after them.  The mural on the wall by the staircase is unique and I made sure to take a decent photo of it to share with you. ^^

m1 m2 m3 m4 m5As you can see, the menu is very diverse and the place was bustling with people on Friday night.

Here is the famous mural on the restaurant’s wall that appears in Love Forecast:


Continued…view as you go up the stairs


Entrance to the restaurant and sign above that says “My Thai China”

m9 m10

Waiting area with bench for customers:


What Seung Gi would have seen as he was running down the staircase after Hyun Woo and Andrew:

m13 m12

That’s the end of my visit to My Thai China. After crossing an alleyway, across the street was Itaewon’s Marley Coffee. I stopped by to purchase their Limited Edition Americano and Summer Edition Stainless Steel Tumbler.

m16The Single Origin Americano was really deep tasting without any sugar, exactly the way I like my Americano. It wasn’t like the other slightly sweet RTD Americano version sold in CU stores for 2,000 Won less. It was worth the 4,700 Won which in US Dollars is about $3.50 a bottle. The stainless steel tumbler was 16,000 Won which is approx $14 US dollars.

m14 m15At the second floor with affogato, my favorite item from their dessert menu. I inserted the straw upside down, but no matter. You get the idea. 😉

Photos by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever


Business and Fangirling at Marley Coffee Itaewon ~ Photos

I’m uploading these photos as a post for my readers who either don’t have a twitter account or for whatever reason don’t use it often.  I tweeted these yesterday afternoon/evening after having a meeting with a colleague in Seoul at Marley Coffee Itaewon. Afterwards, I had some time to fangirl before catching the last bus home to where I live. Korea’s public transportation system is convenient and inexpensive but the drawback is that you can’t stay out too late. Otherwise, you’ll get stranded because you missed the final subway or bus headed to your destination. Then you’ll see a line of taxi drivers hanging out near the subway station exits like hungry sharks waiting to feast on desperate people who missed their final ride. I ran like a madwoman to catch the final 11:15pm bus home after transferring from the subway. Little did I know that the bus I usually take home had changed bus stops from exit 4 to exit 1 during the time I had used only the subway.  I like to share my first hand experiences with my readers because I feel it makes it more personal.  Without further delay, here are the photos of Marley Coffee Itaewon after I found out Seung Gi’s palmprint had been put on display:  🙂  I also discovered that members of Infinite Challenge had autographed mugs there 2 weeks ago. I knew they had filmed there from an article online, but it was pretty neat seeing them up close and in person.

CDG-pixUIAAqLTr CDG-o1QUEAERLxV CDG-qHkUgAAnipx CDG-qnpUIAAmH_k CDG-_k8UIAEfFw3 CDG_APNUsAEzLxZ CDG_Ag_VEAEidG-These are all photos of the 1st floor store that sells Marley Coffee merchandise. As you can see, they also sell RTD Marley Coffee but it’s not at the sale price available at CU convenience stores.

Now, heading towards the second floor:

CDG_Ao4UgAArp_d CDG_UTNVAAEOk-t CDG_VGoUMAAb-9Q CDG_VRHVEAAMgQx CDG_WLZVAAAI2Yoitaewon4These are the mugs autographed by members of Infinite Challenge. The manager said they had been by 2 weeks ago.

itaewon5They moved up Rohan Marley’s autographed mug up towards the front. Last time I visited, I couldn’t get a good shot of his mug since it was taped towards the back.

itaewon6My one time indulgence for the day~ Affogato. ^^

CDHp8-TVAAA-ZqB CDHp9iZUIAAwjWjFinal photos as I left the cafe around 10:30pm KST.

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Lee Seung Gi’s Palmprint at Itaewon Marley Coffee

It looks like there’s something new besides Seung Gi’s autographs at Marley Coffee in Itaewon. Hosuk Lee, the president of Marley Coffee Korea, uploaded a photo of his palmprint today. I hope to check it out when I go to Seoul next week.  🙂

palmprintCredit: Hosuk Lee

“Marley Coffee Model Lee Seung Gi’s Handprint”

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Marley Coffee ‘Making Of’ CF Preview

I was very lucky to have the manager of Marley Coffee in Itaewon show me this preview on his cellphone when I was at the store earlier this week. He heard I was a Lee Seung Gi fan and pulled out his cellphone to treat me to an unexpected surprise. The food and coffee at the store were both excellent. According to him, the CF will be released in January or February of 2015. Looking forward to the finished product! 😛

Credit: Marley Coffee Asia