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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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CJENMMOVIE’s Photo Update ~ Lee Seung Gi & Moon Chae Won

This photo of Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won behind the scenes during the filming of Love Forecast was uploaded on SNS.

cjenmmovieJune30Credit: cjenmmovie

“Memories gather drop by drop
❤️ Repayment for everyone’s support
2015.01.14 Premiere #LoveForecast
BTS Photo

#이승기 #문채원
#leeseunggi #moonchaewon

And (That’s it for today) Goodbye~”

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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An Airen Rides the Gyro Drop ~ Photos

A Japanese Airen who is active in support activities for Seung Gi in Japan visited Sapgyo Amusement Park in Chungcheongnam-do and rode the Gyro Drop. She said it was scary and tweeted some photos advertising filming locations for Love Forecast.

gyrodropmaya1 gyrodropmaya2

“Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won’s movie

“Today’s Love”

Today’s Love’s final ending “Gyro Drop”


“Leading actors Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won in “Today’s Love”

– Filming site of the movie’s final ending “Gyro Drop”-“

gyrodropmaya4Credit: kiracrystalmaya

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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HQ Scans of Cine 21 No.98 ~ December, 2014 Love Forecast Edition

%BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D6%C7%A5%C1%F6“We took a look at Korean movies for 2015”

“Individual leap forward?

Working together with different goals?”

%BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D602_-1In white lettering are lyrics to the song “Some” by Soyu and Junggigo:

“It feels like I’m yours

It seems like I’m yours

but no”

In black on top of Moon Chae Won:

Dating in our generation

Music video for the song “Some” sung in Love Forecast:

(I heard it was very popular in Korea when it was released)

Credit: HanabiTomoLyrics4

%BE%BE%B3%D721__NO986-1 %BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D603_ %BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D604_-1 %BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D605_ %BE%BE%B3%D721NO_986_%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%C7_%BF%AC%BE%D601_Scan credit: jejuslov

Lyrics credit: HanabiTomoLyrics4

English translation: Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Love Forecast Stage Greeting Official Photos 1/25/15

I’m not sure which CGV this first group shot was taken, but the 5 photos that follow are from CGV Ilsan. My fanpics are too blurry to upload, but according to Seung Gi during the stage greeting, CGV Ilsan was the first theater that Lee Seo Jin visited that day. He and Seung Gi both looked so handsome in person and the fangirl in me came out and I shrieked with excitement as soon as I saw Seung Gi again.

tl1251 tl125ilsan1 tl125ilsan2 tl125ilsan3 tl125ilsan4 tl125ilsan5Credit: todaylove2015


[English] Love Forecast BTS Story

01 A genre that I like, with Director Park Jin Pyo whom I always wanted to work with including my good friend, Chae Won. To anyone, the first time is the most important. This is a work that is a culmination of every good aspect.

02‘Jun Su’ may have liked Hyun Woo for 18 years but he also dated another woman and had “some” relationships. Because that was more realistic, I really liked the character ‘Jun Su’.

03I was able to act as the bright character who lives in the moment, Hyun Woo, which I always wanted to do. After ‘My Sassy Girl’, because it was the most unrivaled female character, I snapped it up!

04I found a work that honestly could show my 20’s. An image where there’s pretending while being honest and easy going. Because ‘Hyun Woo’  has that image, I really had fun acting.

05Usually while acting, several versions are prepared. However, on the set, scenes that were made through discussion with the director were more fun. At that moment, I thought,”this is the charm of the movies”.

06Director Park Jin Pyo is unexpectedly charming and has many ideas. He shared many points in common with me such as a similar viewpoint on acting and personal preferences. Due to these aspects, we were able to communicate smoothly while shooting.

07This is one of my most memorable scenes. Because I really can’t dance very well, I worried a lot. But as soon as I started shooting, I got the feel of things.

08In reality, because I have a fear of heights, going up 50 meters was really scary. Later on, there was much talk about the number of times I rode the Gyro Drop. To me, the moment it surpasses 30 times, it doesn’t hold any meaning for me.

09I went bungee jumping relying on just a rope. I also thought about having a stand-in, but I refused to give in. So I shut my eyes and jumped!

10The first scene of our first filming was the bar scene.  The side dish was pig feet. They said it was definitely a famous place for pig feet so I didn’t eat dinner and filmed but…I can’t forget the pig feet which were hard and difficult to chew.

11Because Chae Won has a good feel for melo, I wanted to do a romance with her. Because teamwork with one’s partner is important. That’s why the chemistry between me and Chae Won is very good ^^

12Since Seung Gi has a humorous and comfortable personality, filming was fun and enjoyable. Seung Gi was going to film a movie like the Korean version of ‘Gone Girl’. I recommend him for playing the opposite to partner roles.

13I really had fun when I received the first scenario. I thought that it would be a role that would show a different image of me that I could play well.

14Among Director Park Jin Pyo’s works, I like ‘You Are My Sunshine’ the most. The director never takes love lightly. Even in this movie, because I liked this aspect about him, I ended up choosing it.

15When the director wants to increase the feeling, he expresses it by saying,”Just 10 won worth”, “Just 20 won worth”. In the beginning, it was awkward but later, it became much easier while acting.

16During filming, we had a really enjoyable time doing <Love Forecast>! We were portraying a male and a female whose “something” became love in a delightful and realistic way.

17It is also a movie that makes one seriously think about what love is. Please look forward to <Love Forecast>!


23to. Naver members ♡

“Please give lots love to “Love Forecast”!

Lee Seung Gi


22Moon Chae Won ♥

” Please give lots of love for Love Forecast!!”

Thank you!! 2014.12


Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Please give proper credits and a link back to my blog if you plan on using my translations. Thank you! ^^

Original link: naver


Love Forecast Box Office Update for January 18, 2015

Love Forecast is holding its ground at the #2 slot again this weekend. I’ve already watched the movie twice and will have a separate post about it tomorrow. As you can see, a total of 972,093 people have watched it since its premiere grossing over 7 billion won at the box office in just 5 days! Best wishes for continued success! 😀 Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won’s chemistry really brings the movie to life.  So glad to hear that it will premiere in Los Angeles, USA in just 4 days. Hoping for it to be released worldwide for all Airens to enjoy.

tl118Credit: dclsg

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[English] Today’s Love aka Love Forecast Teaser #2

Credit: jeong hyang

English translation summary:

MCW: I’m not sure what love is!

KJS: (On the phone) Excuse me, our Hyun Woo’s heart is really aching so can you increase the volume (for the music)?

MCW: Sorry, brother. In the end, I don’t get turned on.

Caption in Yellow and White on Blue background: If I’m not her boyfriend then exactly what am I?

MCW: Shut up, you a**hole!

KJS: Uninhibited vulgar drunken behavior and the true winner.

MCW: Where have you been only to show up now?! I’m the goddess of weather, Kim Hyun Woo.

MCW when she’s sober: I’ve been the weather’s Kim Hyun Woo.

KJS: She’s been my female friend for 18 years.  Someone like me is acceptable and alright, don’t you think? I don’t get angry easily, I’m caring and considerate, and I’m attentive, right?

MCW: I don’t consider you a man. As always, I wasn’t nervous around you.

KJS: You don’t always have to make a woman nervous to be considered a man!  How can one be nervous everyday?!

Caption in Yellow and White: I still don’t know you!

KJS: Did someone tell you to meet a young b*st*rd and date him? Have you planned to live recklessly?!

LSJ to MCW: You’re like shrimp chips (they’re like potato chips in Korea, really addictive) I keep wanting to reach for you. (LOL)

KJS: You’re sh*tt*ng me!

KJS to MCW: You were flirting like crazy!

MCW to KJS: This %$#@!

Caption: Director of <You Are My Sunshine>’s First 2015 Romance

JJY: The way I see it, Hyun Woo, you keep leading him on (giving him room)

KJS: HEY! Stop right there for a moment, hey! Am I really nothing to you?!

Caption in Yellow and white: Are you sick and tired of relationships that don’t progress?

KJS: Do you know what love is? Do you know what REAL love is?!!

MCW: Now, I’m now longer going to love anymore.

Final Caption: In the new year, let’s end “some” and start real dating!


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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CJ Entertainment Releases Individual Photos of Moon Chae Won from the Poster of ‘Today’s Love’

The individual photos making up the background of the official posters were such a hit that fans started creating their own cut outs of Seung Gi and Chae Won. CJ Entertainment decided to surprise us with the release of Moon Chae Won’s mini photos today with the promise of revealing Lee Seung Gi’s tomorrow.  I believe in sharing photos of Seung Gi’s costars even though my blog is about Lee Seung Gi. Without them, Seung Gi’s projects wouldn’t be possible. ^^


ch1 ch2 ch3ch4 ch5 ch6 ch7 ch8 ch9 ch10 ch11 ch12 ch13 ch14 ch15 ch16 ch17Credit: CJ Entertainment Movie Official Facebook Page

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Moon Chae Won’s Today’s Love Cast Photo

A similar photo was on actor Go Yoon’s SNS previously, but another version popped up on Moon Chae Won’s today so I am posting it even though they’re similar. This is a nice group shot. ^^

bbong8611“With Seung Gi, Yoon, and Lizzy ^^”

Credit: bbong8611

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[Eng Subbed] Today’s Love Original Teaser from Facebook

Are you excited? Seung Gi’s debut on the silver screen will take place on January 15, 2015 with the premiere of his first movie, Today’s Love.  I don’t like to upload videos without translations if possible, so here is an English subbed version.   A correction on the first translation when the student asks Junsu teacher if his girlfriend is “that a**h*le.” A more accurate word is b**ch.  In Korean culture, women are not referred to as a**h*les when using derogatory language.  Unfortunately, there are worse terms used to describe females when using curse words.

Credit: jeong hyang