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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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Another Love Forecast Filming Fanpic Posted on IG

The same person who posted a fanpic a few days ago uploaded another one tonight. She is known for her HQ photos of Seung Gi on dclsg.

junsu703Credit: dorothy

#Love Forecast #이승기 #leeseunggi Memories of Teacher Junsu❤

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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CJENMMOVIE’s Latest Instagram Update~ Lee Seung Gi BTS During Love Forecast

cjenmmoviebts701Credit: CJENMMOVIE

“Memories which return drop by drop whenever evening comes

2015.01.14 Premiere #Love Forecast
BTS Photo . .
A diligently working masculine man
#이승기 #leeseunggi


Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Love Forecast to Premiere in the Philippines on June 3rd

Thanks to a dear friend and a fellow Airen reader who submitted this news and translation from the Philippines.  So happy for Airens in the Philippines! ^^

Love Forecast will premiere on June 3rd in the Philippines exclusively at SM Cinemas.

Donnalyn Bartolome, a popular YouTube video blogger as well as a singer-songwriter/ rapper, posted on her IG saying she dubbed Love Forecast which will premiere on June 3rd.


Credit: smilefordonna

“Hey everyone! Just finished shooting for MTV. I am still the celebrity VJ! (MTV The OPM show 3-5pm. Monday-Friday)
Guess whaaaat!! I dubbed a Korean film from Sine Asia titled LOVE FORECAST starring Lee Seung-gi and Moon Chae-won. Showing exclusively on SM Cinemas on June 3! The story was so cute!! I love it! Watch it, okay? 😄‪#‎DonnalynBartolome‬

News and Filipino to English translation by Arem Talaguit, Special Guest contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Love Forecast DVD to Be Released on April 23rd

The Official Airen Fanclub tweeted news about the official Love Forecast DVD being released on April 23rd in Korea. The link they gave was to Synnara records, the equivalent to Tower Records in the USA. It will cost 23,500 Won which is approximately $20 US dollars. Shipping within Korea is free. It did not specify if it was available in Blu-Ray as it only said “DVD”. It will be available in Korean and English subtitles only. The language is obviously in Korean.

I just checked yesasia.com to see if it was available there, but no luck. I hope many overseas Airens will support Seung Gi and purchase the DVD instead of watching it online on pirated sites.  It really saddens me to see Airens passing on links and posting it on their facebook pages as if it’s something to be proud about.  I’ve even seen pirated videos for sale in the streets of Korea and links on Korean blogs.  Let’s not do this to the star we love.  Lee Seung Gi deserves respect and the royalties for his hard work shooting his first movie.

Love forecast dvdCredit: synnara records via AIREN_fanclub

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Love Forecast Filming Fanpics with Comment *UPDATED*

These photos come from a blog of a child actor named Yoo Sung Joon.  He worked together with Seung Gi and his mother wrote the following about the photos:

tl tl2 tl3 tl4

Credit: duswjd0414

“This is from last summer when we were filming Today’s Love with Lee Seung Gi sunbaenim. 
It was a real honor to be filming a movie together with Lee Seung Gi sunbaenim ^^ 
All throughout the filming, he paid meticulous attention in giving pointers. Even though the children bothered him, he never showed any indication of it.  
Thank you Lee Seung Gi sunbaenim. 
It would be great to meet again in another good project^^ “

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever


[English] Love Forecast Releases 2 New Posters

lfnewposter1“If I confess my feelings, I may get dumped. However, if I only have “some” relationships, I might lose her.”

By Moon Chae Won’s shirt in white and blue: “Now, when I need courage”

‘Love Forecast’

lfnewposter2“It’s okay if it makes others squeamish. It has to be childish to be love.”

By Moon Chae Won’s shirt: “Now, when I need to be sincere”

‘Love Forecast’

Original Poster lforiginalposter“She says I’m definitely not the one but what’s with her flirting in front of me?”



Credit: todaylove2015

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Please give proper credits and a link back to my blog if you plan to use my translations. Thank you!


[English] Today’s Love Releases Its First Posters

CJE&M’s Official Facebook Page just released the first posters for ‘Today’s Love’ at 12am KST.

tlposter1“You don’t consider me your boyfriend, but you ask me to

Buy you food,

Buy you drinks,

And spend time with you


Do you have a conscience


Today’s Love”

tlposter2“You’re not bad but

You don’t attract me



Don’t arouse me


Today’s Love”

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Poster credit: CJEnMMovie

For an enlarged and HQ version of these posters, here’s the dclsg link: Today’s Love

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Today’s Love Wrap Up Support Event~ Photos and Comments

tonyhong1004Credit: tonyhong1004

“#Movie #Today’s Love #Final filming #Lee Seung Gi #Moon Chae Won#Jung Joon Young#Lizzy #Go Yoon”

tonyhongmarleyCredit: tonyhong1004

“#Today’s Love#Lee Seung Gi#Prepared by the fanclub #The coffee and gifts are as expected # Popular#Nation’s Younger BrotherㅎㅎEnvious Envious”

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Today’s Love Wrap Up Party ~ Lee Seung Gi’s Message and Autograph


“to Official Fanclub Airen ♡

Thank you very much! Thanks to you, I was able to complete the wrap up day with much happiness! I will totally, totally eat well!

Airen Forever ♡”

Lee Seung Gi


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Today’s Love Filming Wrap Up Support Event by Official Airen Fanclub with Comments

B1_p3oUCYAIv7SC“You’ve worked hard”

B1_p4IMCYAAzHxa“Thank you”


In pink lettering with the chef’s hat: Chef Lee~

“Lee Seung Gi’s King-like Recipe as it is!

Airen’s table where you chew, tear apart (LOL), taste, and enjoy!”


“We Love You”


“Because We’re Friends”


“Shall We Fall in Love?”


B1_rnpFCEAAqMNQ“Just once (more)”

For new Airens, all of these photos refer to Seung Gi’s songs.

chocopietlThis is a parody on Korea’s famous chocolate covered marshmallow cake sandwich called “Choco Pie”. The word “fighting” is used in Korea to encourage someone and when translated, this box says:

“Today’s Love (Pie)ting

Since 1987 (Seung Gi’s year of birth)”

Underneath it says:

“Let’s open up and talk about things we couldn’t talk about due to filming”

Seung Gi also wrote a message:

to Official fanclub

(Official fanclub) Airen ♡  is love.

Lee Seung Gi



“Marley Coffee and Airens together are cheering on Lee Seung Gi and the success of ‘Today’s Love’!”

tlmarleytlwrapgroup“Time for affection! Lee Seung Gi is love~^^”


1. Chinese character for love is pronounced “Ae” in Korean. Spelled (애).  This is a play on words saying:

“You’ve worked hard”

2. “Thank You”

3. “We love you”

4. “We’re together with you”


The Official Airen Fanclub said that Seung Gi was surprised upon seeing a chef’s hat in the photo. He said, “Oh?! Wow~ I wasn’t wearing a hat…” The staff wrote that he praised Airens highly and said there was nothing that they couldn’t do.

In pink lettering with the chef’s hat: Chef Lee~

“Lee Seung Gi’s King-like Recipe as it is!

Airen’s table where you chew, tear apart (LOL), taste, and enjoy!”

tleggsSeung Gi loved the “bird party” that was held for him during one of the support events for YAAS so the Official fanclub

prepared decorated eggs for this support event.


“Today’s Love Egg”

According to support staff, Seung Gi was impressed with the clever take on the choco pies and these eggs.

He said to fellow actors,” Have you seen something like this? Isn’t it awesome~”


Staff members said this was the first time they had ever seen such amazing fan support before.

B1_r5meCYAEprFH B1_r406CAAIZHUAB1_ehA6CMAAE-sB B1_ehiCCIAADMmf B1_ej-DCAAABbD3 B1_eiUhCcAEgZPbtlmorechocopieschocopie2

More ‘Today’s Love’ chocopies to say “Pieting” (Fighting!) LOL.

B1_eU0CCUAAF1bQ B1_eUWvCIAAlipNA staff member said Seung Gi swiftly signed these standees.

wrapeunjoo409Credit: eunjoo409

“#Finally#Today’s Love Wrap Up!!!!! Although there is some supplementary filming left….ㅜㅜ lunch with Jung Joon Young oppa #Fanclub #Lunchbox for dinner with Lee Seung Gi oppa’s fanclub#From Airen #A gift.. all I can say is thank you for being with us till the end ㅋㅋㅋ I’ll use it well ! #Today’s Love Fighting”

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Photo credits: presentSG, kynkyn37, Airen_fanclub, ladysukheekwon, eunjoo409