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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English] Lee Seung Gi Greets Fans on Starcast from “And Goodbye” MV Set

Credit: Dispatch

Seung Gi: Hello everyone on naver Starcast! Nice to meet you, I’m Lee Seung Gi.  Please have a lot of anticipation for this album.  In addition, as it’s an album that’s coming out after two and a half years, I really worked on it diligently for a long time. Everyone, please give it lots of love. At more than any other time, I hope it can be a gift for everyone. Since I made an effort to load it with music that will make you feel good and give you a sense of stability as you listen, please give it lots and lots of love.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] 2015.6.04 Lee Seung Gi 6th Album Message Part 1~ Seung Gi’s Greeting to Japanese Fans

Credit: LeeSeungGiOfficialJP

Caption: Lee Seung Gi 6th Album “Soshite…”

                               coming soon

Seung Gi: Hello, everyone. I’m Lee Seung Gi. It’s been a long time.  As it’s an album that’s being released after 2 1/2 years, expectations are very high. All the fans in Japan, I love you very, very much and let’s meet soon with a cool album!

Japanese and Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Screencap by rahmayanth


Lee Seung Gi’s 6th Album MV [Teaser 1] Lee Seung Gi(이승기) _ And goodbye(그리고 안녕)

Credit: 1theK

Seung Gi’s teaser has words in the background that are supposed to go with his album’s title and theme ‘And’. The first word to the right of the screen is “regret” followed by “understand”, “And” on his left followed by “I think (of you) “, “I’m sorry”. “And” on his left again followed by “I remember”, Seung Gi is running in the desert followed by “I love you”, “And”, “And goodbye”.

English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Seung Gi’s Photo on MV Set w/Uploader’s Commentary *UPDATED w/Full Translation*

This photo was uploaded on weibo this morning and the uploader basically wrote a message to Seung Gi regarding her thoughts on netizen’s comments and the postponement of his new album.

musicvideophotoamazingsgS21Credit: AmazingS21

“Was feeling stifled the entire morning, but I eventually decided to post this picture to calm everyone’s feelings. Seung Gi has really suffered a lot due to groundless accusations. Hope that people who understand you love and protect you more. May you succeed in all that you wish for. When certain circumstances truly happen to you, there’s nothing we can do to help you. Nevertheless, we will be united in our love for you (If this post is inappropriate, I’ll delete it, but showing this image shouldn’t be considered a spoiler right? Thank you Seung Gi for the extra polished piece of work ~ “

Chinese to English translation by Yuling Tan, Special Guest Contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English Lyrics] Lee Seung Gi~ Was It So

Thanks to jurious at One Hallyu for the translation.  🙂

Credit: leeseunggi01

Korean Lyrics || English Translations


그만 내게서 떠나요 아직도 내 눈가에 숨어

왜 자꾸 눈앞에 보여요 도망쳐도 술래처럼 따라다녀요


Just leave me, you still hide in the corners of my eyes

Why do you keep appearing, Even if I run you follow me like a seeker (hide & seek reference)


더 이상 머물지 말아요 아직도 내 가슴을 밟고

왜 자꾸 힘들게 하나요 숨조차도 제대로 나 못 쉬게

Don’t stay around me anymore, you still stomp all over my heart

Why do you keep making things difficult, so much that I can’t breathe properly


잠시만 견뎌내면 될 줄 알았죠 세상은 감당할 슬픔만 준다고

며칠도 못 가 나의 가슴은 이렇게 누더기처럼 해져가고 있는데


I thought enduring for a bit would be enough, because the world only offers endurable sadness

Not even a few days in, my heart starts wearing out like a pile of worn out clothes 


너무 사랑했나요 그랬나요 바보 같게도

치러내야 할 눈물이 너무 아파

만들지도 말걸 그랬나요 추억 같은 건

이별보다 더 잔인한 건 추억인데


Did I love you too much like a fool

The tears I’m suffering through hurts so much

Should we have not made those memories

What’s crueler than parting is the memories


그만 멈추고 싶은데.. 다 잊고 쉬고 싶은데

왜 그댄 이별도 모자라 추억으로 두 번 울게 하나요


I just want to stop.. I just want to forget and rest

Wasn’t parting enough, why do you make me cry with the memories


이렇게 아파하게 될 줄 몰랐죠 세상엔 거저 얻는 건 없나 봐요

행복했었던 기억일수록 더 시린 비수가 되어 내 가슴을 베니까


I didn’t know it would hurt so much, there’s nothing in the world that’s free

Happier the memory, the colder the dagger becomes and stabs my heart


너무 사랑했나요.. 그랬나요 바보 같게도

치러내야 할 눈물이 너무 아파

만들지도 말걸 그랬나요 추억 같은 건

이별보다 더 잔인한 건 추억인데


Did I love you too much like a fool

The tears I’m suffering through hurts so much

Should we have not made those memories

What’s crueler than parting is the memories


English translation by jurious at onehallyu.com

English edit by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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The King 2 Hearts Revisted~ Tears ~ Fan Video

Credit: chic (시크) via dclsg

Jae Ha starts out by asking Hang Ah:  It’s a dream, this. Isn’t it?

Jae Ha: What’s wrong with your expression?

Hang Ah: Someday, it’ll all pass

Her Highness the Queen: Hang Ah?

Jae Ha: Mom? Hang Ah! Mom! Hang Ah!

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Seung Gi Coffee GIF and [Eng Sub] Invite MV

DCLSG is full of coffee related Seung Gi GIFS today and I couldn’t let the one I tweeted today go without posting it here. I’m also uploading the video where it was taken from, Invite, from his 5.5 Mini Album which I’m currently translating. Both are perfect timing for his new CF and the fall weather.  To see the English subtitles, click on the CC button.

forestcCredit: justbam via dclsg

Credit: 1theK

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Today’s Love Late Night Food Support Event by dclsg~ Lee Seung Gi~ Blog & MV

Tteokmo catering, the food truck that provided the food for the cast and crew for Today’s Love, had a beautiful overview of last night’s events in a video set to Seung Gi’s ‘Temperature’.

Credit: Tteokmo catering uploaded by Elise Min

KakaoTalk_20140918_160801167Credit: Tteokmo (their blog is kfoodtruck.co.kr)

“We’re going to watch over you to check whether you finish all your food or not!”

backs tteokmo sign

“to Tteokmo ♡

Lee Seung Gi”

previewCredit: tteokmo blog, photo taken by dclsg


Link to original blog: Tteokmo

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Because We’re Friends (Japanese Version) ~ Full Set~ Screencaps and MV~ チングジャナ -友達だから-

BwyABRPCUAE76k1 BwyABwqCAAAPLS_BwyC66TCUAAivBk BwyC3KLCcAAnivY BwyDDXOCQAAVdQa BwyDFIjCMAEAFIxBwykXR3CMAAE5jj BwykYIhCcAA95nd BwykY1yCYAAEg2f BwykbXaCEAAUSON BwykggpCIAALfxy BwykiwZCIAI3JFb BwyklapCIAALw49 BwykmFiCYAA72-E BwykqlvCcAAcaoR BwyksocCEAA4W7_ BwykxS2CAAEFiM2 BwykyK3CUAEwWi0 Bwyk5y4CYAA59WL Bwyk7w-CYAEPKr0 Bwyk60vCAAAC-CQ Bwyk8p3CcAAhXIyBwzfhVJCAAAiVwA BwzfkE_CIAAzEGV BwzflAqCYAAW1dW BwzfmLhCUAAzKHe BwzfttFCEAEEqgo BwzfvjQCMAEn35m Bwzfx2pCYAAnMTy BwzfyQUCMAANw8X Bwzf0lGCAAAseAO Bwzf1fzCIAASqvz Bwzf2EzCAAE1hGH Bwzf4yGCYAAZS2GBwzgBoTCUAAdGIP Bwzf--yCIAEehcP BwzgAk4CAAAoG-s BwzgCYVCUAAFW7gBwzgDYCCAAE16kL BwzgERzCEAAqzGw BwzgGE0CcAAEWd3 BwzgFM2CYAE6I7LBwzgPJyCYAA0x_e BwzgORxCcAAkfds BwzgMp9CQAAY84S BwzgNdICUAA4yjJBwzgU9DCEAA7CSZ BwzgX7qCAAEhUeQ BwzgVmpCAAAjiz8 BwzgZG5CEAANFa-BwzgggaCIAAHVfi BwzghQFCUAA8lwe BwzgiIcCQAA9Y3t Bwzg0DQCQAAZtC9 Bwzg0zMCIAAjgPK Bwzg1hoCcAI1upt Bwzg2GcCUAACYrtBwzhEx9CAAAi4aU BwzhFoHCUAANP33Credit: bisso

Credit: Cassie Trang

English Lyrics:

I was going to embrace your shoulders because you were crying
But I just put my hand down
Because I’m a friend, a friend, a friend
I’m just a good friend to you

I want to go to that guy who is hurting you and punch him but
I can’t, I can’t I can’t
Anyway, I can’t be anything more than just a friend

* I want to suddenly hug you, kiss you on the lips
Comfort you, who would be surprised
And be the one who will make you happy
I want to tell you these things but I only clench my fist
Eventually, I can’t say those words
Like a coward, I make an excuse for my heart – we’re just friends

Because I’m afraid of your obvious rejection
Because we might not be able to even be friends
I love you, I love you, I love you
I hide those words that I want to tell you

* repeat

If I wait one more day, I wonder if you will look at me
Every time I see you crying
I get so mad that my heart feels like it will burst and cry

Although I hurt as much as you hurt
Although I swallow my tears
I can’t go a step closer to you
I deceive my heart saying that we’re just friends
And like a fool, I just cry inside
And on the outside, pretending to be a good person,
I just say, we’re friends

English lyrics translation: Pop!gasa