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Sneak Peek of Seung Gi and the Nunas on February’s Vogue Korea~ the Designer Brands they’ll be wearing

Here’s a sneak peek of the photos that will appear in February’s issue of Vogue Korea.  Unfortunately, Kim Ja Ok was unable to attend the photo shoot due to conflicts with her drama shooting schedule.

vogue firstLee Mi Yeon’s dress and ankle boots are by Gucci. Lee Seung Gi is wearing a dress shirt by Burberry. The rest of his outfit including his jacket, pants, and loafers are by Gucci. Yoon Yeo Jung is wearing a flower print jacket by Vivienne Westwood. Her skirt is by Burberry,lace top by Sandro, and ankle boots by Guiseppe Zanotti,  Kim Hee Ae is wearing a top and skirt by Lanvin, a bangle by Cartier, and booties by Jimmy Choo.

vogue hee aeKim Hee Ae is wearing a flower pattern sleeveless dress by Thom Browne at 10 Corso Como. Flower earrings by
Dolce&Gabbana. Pumps by Helena&Kristie.vogue 3 seunggi floral everywhereSeung Gi is wearing a jacket and pants by Gucci.  His dress shirt is by ANN Demeulemeester. His lace up water boots are by
Marc Jacobs.vogue 4 sg and nunas whiteSeung Gi is wearing a white dress shirt by Dolce&Gabbana and flower print pants from Kimseoryong Homme. Scarf by Lanvin. Bangle by Hermés. Kim Mi Yeon is wearing a blouse by Chloé.  Her H-line skirt is from Miss Gee Collection. PVC Bangle by Vintage Hollywood. Shoes by Miu Miu. Kim Hee Ae’s dress is by Proenza Schouler.vogue 5 hee ae and sg gucciKim Hee Ae’s dress by Prada, Heels by Valentino, diamond ring by Cartier. Seung Gi’s dress shirt is by Raf Simons, pants are by Gucci, and shoes by Cesare Paciotti. vogue 6 miyeon purpleLight pink silk blouse and pants by Emilio Pucci at Mue.

Credit: Vogue Korea

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Secrets of the Nunas and Lee Seung Gi on Kang Yong Suk’s Gosohan 19

I was able to watch Kang Yong Suk’s Gosohan 19 on tvN which was featured on the official NoF page. This show talked about the Nunas’ and SG’s fashion, celebrity lives, and their past. Just a few tidbits I picked up about the Nunas and Seung Gi:

1. Lee Seung Gi placed #1 in his class and #2 in his high school during middle and high school. In Korea, high school starts in the US equivalent of 10th grade. His dream for the first year in high school was politician and businessman. In his second year, it became a businessman. However, it changed to celebrity in his third year.  He decided to drop out of his band in high school when his studies dropped to 8th place in his class until he was scouted by Lee Sun Hee. (Thank God! There would be no Airens today if it wasn’t for that fateful meeting). He garnered a 45.2% viewership rating for Brilliant Legacy and combined with his appearance on 1N2D, he gained a total viewership rating of 70% and was even nicknamed “the 70% man.”

2. Yoon Yeo Jung was born in Kyunggi province (where Seoul is located) in 1947 and graduated from Ehwa Women’s National University, one of Korea’s top schools in Sinchon, Seoul.   She appeared on TBC in 1970 and eventually moved to MBC. She was paid 500 won (50 US cents) for her first commercial and was named as a fashionista in her youth for being able to wear short shorts well. Back in those days, 500 won was enough to buy a cup of coffee or matgeoli (fermented rice wine).  She now receives 400 to 600 man won ($4,000 to $6,000 US dollars) per CF. She was approached by Na PD first and he knew that she didn’t travel often because it was physically hard on her. In order to get her to agree, he proposed to her, “Why not do a traveling program with “real actresses” from Korea”? implying that she was one of them. He also felt her experience and character would be a refreshing addition to the cast.  Her older son graduated from Columbia University in NYC, USA and is working as a manager in the entertainment and modeling industry.  Her younger son is working for Universal in the Hip hop industry.

3. Kim Ja Ok was born in Busan in 1951 and debuted with MBC in 1970 until she moved to KBS. She appeared in a ketchup commercial when she was in the prime of her youth. Her secret to keeping youthful looking skin is not washing it too often. She loves rainy days and her father used to compose poems for her which he sang to her as lullabies. She was diagnosed with cancer of the large intestine in 2008 and had surgery a year later. At the encouragement of Yoon Yeo Jung, she appeared on Nunas over Flowers.  Her youngest daughter married in 2010 and Lee Soon Jae from Grandpas over Flowers was an honored guest at the wedding.

4. Kim Hee Ae’s nickname of “omnivorous girl” also came from her daily habit of eating mixed nuts including sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and pistachios.  The sales of these nuts have skyrocketed after this fact leaked out to the public. According to Lee Mi Yeon, 10 peanuts provides a day’s worth of Vitamin E which is good for the skin. (I guess both of them eat nuts!) The TV program mentioned how she and Lee Mi Hyeon are both in their 40’s but are able to maintain such a youthful look.  She was born in 1967, Jeju Island, and started acting in 1982. She moved to KBS in 1986. In 1987, she appeared on KBS singing “Don’t Forget Me”, which was shown in one of the episodes on Nunas over Flowers.  She is considered an A level actress and receives 2,000 to 3,000 man won per CF. ($20,000 to $30,000). She is known for her cosmetics commercials. She worked for KBS in 1986 and moved to MBC in 1990. She also worked as an MC on a talk show for free during a 20 year period to help out with a charitable cause.

5. Lee Mi Yeon: Born in 1971,  Seoul. 1988 debut in a chocolate commercial.  She is also famous for starring in the drama “Empress Myeongsong” which is about Korea’s last queen before Japan invaded Korea and assassinated both Queen Min and her husband, King Gojong on October 8,1895. Lee Mi Yeon graduated from Dongguk University so she is an alumni with Lee Seung Gi. She placed 1st place in her class. She was so popular with the boys that male students used to take her chopsticks from tteokboki (spicy red pepper paste coated white rice cakes) stands after she was finished eating. Lee Mi Yeon receives 500-700 man won ($5,000 to $7,000) per CF appearance. She even created a 1000 man won ($10,000) investment account for her manager out of the goodness of her heart. The manager cried so much when he came home because he was so touched when she handed him that account book.

6. Both Lee Mi Hyeon and Kim Hee Ae’s secret to looking youthful is not wearing too much makeup. Lee Mi Hyeon only wears CC cream while Kim Hee Ae wears only foundation and mascara.

7. Although the blue leather backpack that Lee Mi Hyeon wore looks unassuming, it is valued at 50 man won, which is approximately $500 US dollars. It has been a hot item since it aired on the show and all 300 that were available sold out. Lee Mi Hyeon’s trademark white sleeveless jacket/vest is by PRADA and is worth 50 man won, $500 US dollars.

8. Kim Hee Ae’s denim shirt on episode 7 as she’s in her room applying makeup and at Incheon Airport as she left for Turkey may look unassuming, but it is by Pierre Cardin and 50 man won, which is approximately $500 US dollars.

9. Lee Seung Gi wore Firstlook throughout the trip and sales hit the roof estimated at over 2.1 billion, 2,000 man won. Man won equals $10 US dollars.

10. The cast and crew of Nunas over Flowers noticed Seung Gi frequently checking his cell phone and knew he was dating someone, but they didn’t know who.

p.s. tips from Oh Dong Suk scriptwriter who has traveled all over the world and has been in Croatia about 30 times. He warns of watching where you walk as it is quite common for people to throw dirty laundry water out of the windows into the streets.   The transportation  system in Croatia is not well developed so renting a car is a must, which is what Seung Gi did.

Credit: tvN

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[English] Detailed Nunas over Flowers Episode 8 Recap

The show opens in Korea at a barbeque restaurant. Caption says “20 days after the trip, nunas and staff behind the scenes”. Next caption says “Mi Yeon arrives first and happily? greets the head VJ”. “Now Na PD appears”. “Following him is Hee Ae”. “After greeting Na PD, Hee Ae heads towards the head VJ!” Na PD and the producer joke around about finding “partners” for dinner because Hee Ae took special care to greet the head VJ. Hee Ae dismisses this and says it’s because she grew fond of him through the trip. Mi Yeon jokes to her “You two should marry”.  Hee Ae’s pink bubble caption says “But I think many viewers are expecting the first broadcast” as she flips over meat on the grill. Hee Ae: Instead of asking when does your movie open or about my drama, they ask, “Nunas over Flowers premieres on the 29th, right?” Mi Yeon mentions how an ahjumma in the lobby of her apartment told her “Fighting!” for NoF.

At this moment, Ja Ok appears “as if out of a drama” followed by Yeo Jung whose captions say “Purchased a new curling iron and has voluminous hair that is now one level higher”. LOL . Seung Gi is the last to arrive. Caption in white says “that’s how everyone gathered and talked about the BTS”. Seung Gi mentions how he had recently appeared in ‘Running Man’ and how it’s become a habit for him to say ‘Please wait a moment here”. Ja Ok comments how she feels the best part of the trip is the beginning and the end. Next caption says “The producer has prepared something for the cast”. Na PD and the captions say he has prepared albums of photos from their trip that he gathered in his spare time. Hee Ae comments that she’s about to tear up and Na PD says “You haven’t even seen the photos yet”.  Mi Yeon says “Omo! What a surprise!” Na PD explains “that is the Zagreb hostel where Teacher (YYJ) had constipation.” LOL! (Gosh Na PD! People are eating!” Caption says “each person is busy looking through the album”. YYJ says the only place she remembers is Rastoke while getting the name of the place mixed up.  Next caption says Mi Yeon tears up while looking at the photos. Caption says the tears won’t stop followed by another one that says “page by page, the album is filled with memories”. “From Turkey’s Istanbul to Croatia’s Zagreb”. “Plitivice”, through “Split” to “Dubrovnik”. “Including 4 dimensional (off the wall, unique, one of a kind) Ja Ok” as they’re taking pictures. “Including luggage or porter Seung Gi” as he’s running. “Also trouble maker Yeo Jung”. “Including Mi Yeon with the same clothes”. “Also Hee Ae who obsessed over Korean food”. “All have become one in the past 10 days”. “Now that the trip is over”, “Close the memory filled album for a moment”. On a black background, caption says” We wish to tell you the unfinished stories”

Cut to the scene with Hee Ae sitting down at a table in a white blouse. Caption “One month before the trip, hidden camera view of Kim Hee Ae’s first meeting”. “Scriptwriter recommends iced Americano or Cafe Latte”. Hee Ae jokingly asks if the staff drinks alcohol. She continues by saying that she really enjoys it, a glass, a can…” She plunks the menu down and asks for a Cass (Korean brand of beer). LOL! In the middle of the day! She asks “Why? Am I not allowed?” Na PD shows her photos of the travel destination and asks her how she feels. Hee Ae replies that she likes cozy places and somehow, she likes it. She REALLY likes it and remarks how she likes the color green. She likes cities and also nature, and the buildings too…She claps and says it would be nice. Caption “It’s a place I haven’t been to before”. Caption “She is completely absorbed in choosing the location of her trip”.  She says she thinks of it as a trip and says to Na PD that he seems to think of it as work. She asks about Lee Mi Yeon’s opinion and they tell her that they haven’t met with her yet.  The screenwriter tells Hee Ae that it seems like she is more concerned about Mi Yeon than the teachers. Hee Ae replies that she hasn’t discussed anything in depth with Mi Yeon.

Cut to the hidden camera scene with Lee Mi Yeon.  She asks about Hee Ae’s opinion and plans. Na PD remains vague. Mi Yeon gets nit picky with so many detailed questions ranging from who is going all the way to what the working hours would be. Na PD replies that she’ll get to know in time. Captions show her with Hee Ae during one of the episodes and jokes about working 24 hours a day and how there’s no law about this. She even asks if she has to bring her own clothes and jokes how she has to show an actresses’ fashion sense to the audience. Captions with photos of her in the same outfit say “In reality, she did so many times”. She asks next about lodging and Na PD simply responds by saying it’s not any place you’ve been to.  A production crew member with a deep voice says, it might boil down to having to sleep at a motel…to which everyone is shocked and says “MOTEL??!!!!”. In Korean culture, motels have a negative connotation as they are places for couples to have one night stands and affairs.  They are not viewed as cheaper versions of hotels like they are in other countries like the USA.   Na PD jokes and says that’s only for special occasions like someone’s birthday. (Like one’s boyfriend or girlfriend…if you get what I mean 😉 ) Cut to the scene with her with Hee Ae, caption says “Mi Yeon’s birthday has passed, but she spends it in a guest house…” They all start laughing when Mi Yeon asks if there isn’t any food for her, not even coffee.

Cut to the scene with Hee Ae again and she says that there seemed to be a lot to eat on Grandpas over Flowers.  Na PD tells her that was an incident with Seojin and it wouldn’t happen again this time. Cut to Mi Yeon again and she tells the staff that Seung Gi would probably take care of it. Cut to the scene of Seung Gi in his house packing. He is preparing travel kits including a scented candle and air freshener in each bag.  On top of that, he even takes time to write handwritten notes to each person. Mi Yeon comments how nice it is to receive a handwritten card. Captions say “There’s no one like the Nunas’ porter when it comes to his beautiful heart.” Cut to YYJ’s room where the “aroma candle” is already lit. She says “Seung Gi gave it to me”. Next caption with all 5 of them “They may have met awkwardly” , “They looked out for each other”, “Made memories together”, “Somewhere along the line, they’ve become very close”.

On a black background, caption says “2 months after the trip, how is Porter Seung Gi doing?” Seung Gi is at an undisclosed cafe in Seoul and tells Na PD that he didn’t want to watch the first episode because he knew what he was like.  He adds that he preferred to watch himself when he is calm and collected. Na PD asks him about him struggling at Incheon airport on their way to Turkey and how he kept insisting that the US dollar could be used there.  Seung Gi mentions how it’s been a while working together with the production team but he noticed that they seemed too happy for some reason and it tipped him off to the fact that he made a mistake.  Cut to the Incheon Airport Turkish Airlines Lounge. Seung Gi is online looking for directions on getting into the city from Turkey’s Airport. He asks if the production crew took a bus and Na PD answers “Why are you looking at me? You said Turkey accepts the dollar.” Seung Gi realizes Na PD knows something he doesn’t and asks him “What kind of laugh is that?” Uh oh. The smile fades off of Seung Gi’s face as he starts to doubt himself and asks out loud: “Turkey doesn’t accept the dollar?” Flashback to the scene at the airport where he tells the Nuna that Turkey accepts the dollar (Miyeon’s caption asks “Are you sure?”) while Croatia accepts the dollar but mainly the Euro. Cut to the scene with Miyeon exchanging for Euros. “She leaves without any Turkish money…” Seung Gi says there’s a metro and a bus to get to the city from Turkey’s Airport. White caption says “However, only Turkish money is accepted!” Seung Gi is in panic mode and asks where he can exchange dollars for Turkish money. He gets back on the computer. “An urgent Seung Gi has started looking for a currency exchange booth!” He asks out loud if the keyboard can be switched into Hangul mode and asks Hee Ae nuna for help since she’s knowledgeable about computers.  She refuses by telling him to “discard all of his preconceived notions”…basically…figure it out on your own.  He goes back to the computer and asks why the keyboard isn’t changing into Korean mode. Captions say “Arrival in Turkey 6am when all banks are closed but I don’t have any Turkish money…” “He searches and searches, but can’t find a solution”.

At that moment, Seung Gi has this “Eureka!” moment and asks out loud if there is a Turkish person there so he can exchange money. Caption says “Plans to do a direct exchange with a Turkish person!” He practices Seunglish “Excuse me, are you Turkish and…” Next caption says “Now that he actually plans on doing it, it’s not that easy”. Seung Gi and captions say “I can’t believe I’m doing a currency exchange here, I’m going nuts!!!” Then he realizes that he doesn’t even know the exchange rate. Next caption as he’s sitting back down at the computer is ” Our baggage….boy who doesn’t even know the exchange rate for the lira”. 1.99 lira per dollar. “Preparing his mind, he takes on the challenge of currency exchange!” “Attempt #1” Seunglish. “Excuse me, are you Turkish?” Caption as he’s speaking to the men “Seung Gi’s existing English skills are revealed”. Attempt 1 is a failure and caption says “right away, onto attempt #2”. Caption “Eh yeah, exchange Turkish money…”Found a Cool Turkish Ahjusshi!” Caption as Seung Gi opens his wallet “Before he changes his mind, Seung Gi opens his wallet”. “Success in exchanging 100 lira!” “However, the Turkish ahjusshi who observes Seung Gi walking away” “After calling Seung Gi back” “He gives Seung Gi his telephone number” in case he needs help. Seung Gi “Thank you”.  Seung Gi tells YYJ that he offered to help if they needed directions to the hotel. They all remark how friendly he is. Caption “I did it!” Seung Gi says that Turkey is a brotherly country. “100 Lira, I’m saved!!!”

Cut back to Seung Gi in the cafe. He said if he hadn’t been able to exchange money there, it would’ve been a disaster. Seung Gi says he has saved the man’s name in his phone but he didn’t have the time to call him. Seung Gi and Na PD agree that SG panicked the most in Turkey. Na PD brings up the time when the teachers wanted to see a night time view and Seung Gi mentions Galata Tower and how that was one of the best things he did but it had been edited out. Na PD and SG agree that’s when Seung Gi came to his senses. Cut to the scene in Turkey. The producer asks him if he knows where to go for the night time view the teachers requested and SG says “I’ll have to ask that ahjusshi”.  Captions as he’s waiting to ask the man “English” “Worry”.  He asks and the man replies “Selamanya Mosque” in Istanbul.  Seung Gi has difficulty pronouncing the place so he decides to stick to Galata tower since it’s “the most famous”. Producer comments that he should be able to make it there without getting lost and he says all he needs to do is get on the tram and google map will guide him. Caption “However in a few moments…” “Lost at the tram station”, “Nunas are surrounded by Turkish Men” “Where’s Ja Ok?” Seung Gi’s caption with blood stain “I feel as though I’m under a curse”.  “Will Seung Gi be able to make it to Galata Bridge?”

Cut to Mi Yeon and 6pm, 30 minutes before leaving for the night view. Mi Yeon is bored and decides to play with the camera by covering it up. “The youngest (43 years old) nuna has fun with the camera.” Cut to Ja Ok in her room “Ja Ok touches her bag” “Yeo Jung is changing her clothes”. “Suddenly Ja Ok spills the contents of her bag??!!” “Is she trying to organize her things?” “She suddenly flips it” “Re-Reversible bag!!!” Cut to scene of Ja Ok walking the streets “At times cool and chic”. “At times hot and sexy”. LOL!!! “Same bag, different feeling” as the split screen appears. “Ja Ok’s fashion secret!” YYJ says “So you’re going to reverse it, is that your plan?” “You’re going to reverse it and to change it?”

Cut to Seung Gi running. “Meanwhile, the tram tickets should’ve been purchased in advance” “Seung Gi who is now standing in front of the tram token booth (for the first time in his life)” “Thankfully, there’s directions on how to operate it right next to him” “He looks at them briefly” “To start off, insert money into whichever slot is visible”. “Adding 10 more lira” “It’s not going in” “The sense to press the OK button by nature”. “For some reason, his expression doesn’t look good”. “Only a handful of coins!” Producer”By any chance, aren’t those tokens? (I think they are?)” Seung Gi “No, I don’t think these are tokens”. “What do you mean they’re not? Caption with curly arrow points to a red token in Seung Gi’s palm. LOL. Seung Gi’s yellow bubble caption “Why won’t the tokens come out?” He checks the machine, backs away and checks his palms again. “I think this is it?” ( I love his Heodangness here). Caption says “He finally realizes”. Captions say “The truth is, you can purchase several tokens at once” while Seung Gi is buying them one at a time. “Since it’s a round trip, I bought 5 and 5”.

Cut to Mi Yeon and Ja Ok. Nunas are gathered in the lobby all prepared for a view of the nighttime scene.  Mi Yeon prepares vitamin drinks for them. “Lee Mi Yeon takes responsibility for the Flower Nunas’ Conditions!” “Anything good for the body is taken in one shot!” “Nunas welcome Seung Gi with a smile” “Within 10 seconds of showing off, Seung Gi drops his hard earned tokens” Seung Gi asks Mi Yeon to help her out because it’s too difficult for him. She finally relents and says OK, OK. “The only one Seung Gi can lean on is Mi Yeon Nuna!”

“Ok, let’s go, where do we go?” Caption as Seung Gi is leading the nunas “the nighttime tour has begun!” “This time our porter is fully prepared!” “He escorts the nunas to Galata Towers” Each nuna puts their token in and captions say “….nuna, pass!” Ja Ok puts her token in but gets stuck.  After help from others, she uses a different turnstyle and passes.  The tram is packed because it’s rush hour and people are coming home from work. The nunas tell each other to watch their bags and wallets.  “There’s no room for the staff to get on”. “1 VJ was barely able to make it on!” Mi Yeon tells Yeo Jung to hold onto her but she already is.”Hee Ae turns her head and bursts into laughter” Hee Ae “Today is the first time riding (public transportation) since high school. “Nunas laugh despite being in an awkward predicament”. “There’s only 1 more stop before Galata Tower”. “One two one two one two…” as they get off the tram. The next tram that they need to get on is even more packed than the one before. They decide to exit the station. Caption says “The evening wind has gotten cooler”. “Even though their bodies are tired, they can’t afford to lose this chance on their final night in Turkey”.  The nunas and Seung Gi walk along the streets of Turkey enjoying the scenery. “Step by step, they reach the top of Galata Bridge”.  “A calm sea and Golden Horn unfolds” “From the East, Asia’s nighttime view can be seen” “From the West, Europe’s nighttime view unfolds” Nunas are walking across 200 year old Galata bridge. SG asks Mi Yeon if she’s watched Taken 2. He tells her that it was filmed here. Caption as they gather to take a photo “We have to take a photo together with Galata’s night scenery”.

Cut to Seung Gi and Na PD back in the Seoul cafe.  Na PD asks him if he remembers the second night in Turkey after eating at the restaurant Hee Ae nuna recommended? There was a small incident that wasn’t broadcasted. Seung Gi says “That’s right.” “Sunglasses”. “I wondered why they were laughing at me”. “3rd day of trip, nunas after finishing lunch”. YYJ to Mi Yeon: “He left his sunglasses here, you would look after them”. Ja Ok:”Don’t say a word and just take it with you”. “Give me his sunglasses, quickly!” “I’ll wear them”. “The porter was absorbed in paying the bill” as Seung Gi appears on the screen. He comes back to the nunas and when YJ asks how things turned out he says “I didn’t have 50 won so they gave me a discount” The elder nunas say “It turned out well!” Caption pointing to Seung Gi “Seung Gi looks at Ja Ok”. Ja Ok’s caption as she gets out of her chair “You don’t think he noticed, right?” “Isn’t this Seung Gi’s bag” “He’s leaving this behind too” Mi Yeon: “He tends to leave things behind”. Ja Ok and Mi Yeon discuss how Seung Gi still doesn’t know about his sunglasses. Mi Yeon says it’s driving her nuts. “Even though he sees her again, he doesn’t notice”. Caption by SG:”Is something out of place here?” “You’re a flower, a flower! We’re laughing because of Seung Gi”. “Where’s Seung Gi?” YYJ:” Our mission all day long will be “Where did Seung Gi go?” Ja Ok cracks up and claps her hands at this. YYJ: Do you think he went to find his sunglasses? Mi Yeon and Hee Ae: I think so, there’s no way he would leave us behind like this. Here he comes!

Cut to Seung Gi in front of a bakery. “These are Turkish desserts”.  “Europe’s popular dessert: Turkish Delight”. Delicious! It would be perfect with coffee! “Should we run?” before he takes off to catch up with the nunas. Mi Yeon: “Ah! He went to buy desert so that’s why he must’ve forgotten about his sunglasses!” “Do you know the way to the hotel?” SG:”Straight ahead”. As the nunas enter the hotel, Ja Ok stops by the door and the caption reads”Her laughter can’t stop” “Ja Ok who eventually crouches down in front of the hotel”. Na PD to Ja Ok:
“Don’t you think he’ll ask you to give them back?” As Hee Ae is fixing her makeup, SG says to her “You’re beautiful, nuna”. (Awwww) Bubble caption above Hee Ae “This kid is weakening my resolve”. Hee Ae: “Seung Gi ya, you…” Ja Ok:” Yah, Hee Ae ya!” YYJ: “Why are you laughing so much?” Ja Ok: “It’s because of the cake”. Ja Ok to Hee Ae “Just don’t say anything”. Hee Ae” I bet he won’t know even when we get home (Korea)” Miyeon:”He won’t”. Bubble caption by SG: Could they possibly be talking about me? Ja Ok:”It’s sticky rice cake, it’s chewy.” Caption as Mi Yeon gives Seung Gi some dessert “Mi Yeon first feeds the pitiful porter a mouthful”. YYJ and Ja Ok: It’s extremely sweet. YYJ as she puts down her coffee: Isn’t it extremely sweet? Caption by SG:”You’re deliciously eating the snacks I bought” as he looks at YYJ. SG: “I’ll load the luggage (in the van) teacher”. Caption:”They are about to depart for Croatia but” Hee Ae: Mi Yeon left her sunglasses behind. I’m going to wear them and pretend I know nothing. Mi Yeon: Oh! My sunglasses! “Mi Yeon to Hee Ae: Aigoo, you’re so cute! Seung Gi ya, do you want to wear them? Do you not have sunglasses? SG: “Honestly, I know that Kim Ja Ok teacher is wearing my sunglasses. Ja Ok: “Omo! Since when did you know?” SG: “From the very beginning”. Flashback to private one on one with SG as everyone is walking: “In a blink of an eye, Ja Ok teacher is wearing my sunglasses. Don’t you think they look better on her than on me?” Cut to hotel again. Ja Ok asks Seung Gi “Why didn’t you say anything?” SG: “Because I thought you wanted to wear them.”

Cut back to scene in Seoul Cafe. Question: When did you feel that you had breathing room as a porter? Seung Gi: When I rented the van. Na PD: What concerned you the most as you escorted the nunas? SG: To begin with, all 4 nunas have different characters.  Mi Yeon nuna likes being wild and driving fast. There was an incident when I was passing a truck and nearly made Kim Ja Ok teacher faint. Driving is really difficult. I have to match the wishes of each nuna as I drive. For example, when I drive and another car passes us, Mi Yeon nuna gets really agitated while Ja Ok teacher says “that’s how accidents happen”.

Hee Ae”Wow! It’s beautiful”. Ja Ok:”Seung Gi yah, please look forward. Don’t look at the scenery. Mi Yeon: Seung Gi yah, drive! (Inside joke from Korean comedy called Gag Concert. One of the skits involved a madame ordering her chauffer “Drive!”) Ja Ok: while you’re driving don’t look at the side. Seung Gi: Yes, teacher. Ja Ok: Seung Gi yah, look forward. Please slow down. Seung Gi: Yes, teacher. YYJ: Wow! This place is so beautiful! Ja Ok: Seung Gi ya, park the car and look at the scenery. Seung Gi: It’s okay teacher. Mi Yeon: Are you sure? Seung Gi: yes. YYJ: Seung Gi won’t be able to meet all our demands. Ja Ok: Oh, yah, it’s because he can’t see any of the scenery.

Cut back to the Seoul cafe. Na PD: You were listening to a lot of music. Seung Gi: The speaker that I brought was received well by everyone. All the nunas exploded with emotion. Travel day #8. Hee Ae: What is this? Seung Gi: It’s a speaker. A bluetooth speaker that is linked to my cell phone. Would you like to take a listen? Hee Ae: Yes, let’s. Caption: To begin with, calm, light music. Hee Ae: This fits perfectly with the scenery. Whoah! You have sense. Seung Gi: (Smiling broadly) Thank you very much. As Mi Yeon finishes patting him on the shoulders “You did well” in yellow bubble caption. Ja Ok: I like it. Others: It’s really nice. Ja Ok: I really like it. Hee Ae: clapping as she says: It’s perfect. Seung Gi: I feel as though half a day has to pass before receiving a compliment. Nunas: that’s not true! Hee Ae: this background music fits perfectly with that mountain over there. On the flip side, we see Lee Seo Jin with the Grandpas. Totally different atmosphere from the nunas. LOL. There’s no talk or music in their car says the caption.  Back to the nunas. Miyeon “The youngest nuna who has already started to fall deep into the music”. YYJ: It’s Kim Dong Ryool! Seung Gi: Teacher, you’re a fan of his. YYJ: It’s Kim Dong Ryool! (She smiles brightly) [I think YYJ looks so cute in this scene] Caption in front of Ja Ok”that magical voice which will make anyone fall in love”. YYJ: Since I’m a fan, I asked to meet him and I did. Hee Ae: How? How? Please tell us. Miyeon: Teacher, let’s meet him together. YYJ: He wouldn’t like it. He’s very shy…He’s very sensitive..and…he’s very cautious, isn’t that right Seung Gi ya? Seung Gi: Uh, yes, he’s an artist. Mi Yeon: Seung Gi, are you two close? Seung Gi: yes. Mi Yeon: We’re also cautious too. Let’s have a meal together sometime.  We’d like to have a conversation with him. Seung Gi: I’ll text him once we reach Dubrovnic. Seung Gi: I’ll tell him “The nunas really like you, why don’t we all eat together sometime?” Miyeon’s bubble caption: I’m asking you for this favor, Seung Gi ya. Hee Ae: Does this person compose his own songs and lyrics? Seung Gi: Yes, he does them all. Hee Ae: He does all 3! “Hee Ae also falls for Dong Ryool’s charms”.

Cut to the Seoul cafe. Question for Seung Gi: What was the Nunas’ most favorite song? Seung Gi: (Kim) Dong Ryool’s, particularly his “Departure”. Na PD: “Mmm..it’s perfect for a trip.” Seung Gi: Please write to the broadcasting station and tell them it was the song that I got the most praise for (audience laughter).

Cut to the nunas in the car again with the song “Departure” playing. Hee Ae: Wow! This song is perfect. Cut to the Seoul cafe again. Seung Gi says “I wanted to do something for the nunas and all of a sudden, I was flooded with questions.” Cut to the scene in the car again. Hee Ae: Do people like him go on trips and write songs? Seung Gi: Yes, he travels. Hee Ae as she’s clapping: I really like this song.  Mi Yeon to Seung Gi: “I’m timid and not very talkative.”(LOL! OK Mi Yeon nuna, we all feel how much you want to meet this singer. But that’s so not you!) Audience and nuna laughter at her comment. She continues: It’s only because I’m working that I put on a bright act, but in reality, I don’t really talk that much. Seung Gi: Oh, is that so. Yellow bubble caption by Mi Yeon “You understand what I’m trying to say?” Mi Yeon to Seung Gi: I have a very quiet personality. Seung Gi: Yes. (as he smiles knowingly)

Hee Ae: Ah, the scenery is nice, the atmosphere is nice plus it’s raining. Would anyone like to sing? Hee Ae: I mean our bachelor, Seung Gi.  Ja Ok: It doesn’t have to be your song. Seung Gi: I’ll sing my debut song. Nuna, you’re my woman, nuna you’re my woman…He cracks up in the middle and says…I feel weird…in this atmosphere, that felt really weird. Ja Ok: That was great, absolutely great. Seung Gi: because I don’t have any accompaniment….Ja Ok: We’ll be your accompaniment. Hee Ae’s caption “You’re calling me ‘you’?” (Informal way of addressing someone younger than you…here all the nunas are of course older than him). Ja Ok’s caption says the same thing.  Seung Gi stops singing and says he feels extremely awkward and shy. The caption says “a singer of 10 years who is really shy in front of the nunas.” Caption by Hee Ae says “In the end, instead of being moved, everyone bursts into laughter!”

Cut to the Seoul cafe again. Seung Gi’s question: What was your most memorable city that you would recommend?  Seung Gi: I would really like to recommend Dubrovnik. I remember everything. It was really beautiful. Cut to the scene in Dubrovnik with the cable car: It is day #9 of their trip. They are about to take the cable car up to the Srjd mountain observation deck. Hee Ae: When are we going to have dinner? The head VJ tells her to invite them as well. YYJ says they are so shameless. The VJ continues, I really want to have spicy stir fried pork.  YYJ: You’ll get kicked out of that house! It’s not an easy task grilling meat at a stranger’s place. Hee Ae: You should have told us, then we would’ve purchased some pork. YYJ: You’re too nice, tell him to eat it at home. Hee Ae: Eat it at home! I spent 60,000 Won ($60 US dollars) buying fish and got scolded by Mi Yeon. YYJ: She spent 60,000 Won.

Cut to the scene with the 60,000 won. Mi Yeon: Give me some of the leftover money. Producer: You didn’t use up all the leftover money, did you? YYJ: She doesn’t forget that we had 60,000 won left. Caption says “Mi Yeon in the middle of scolding Hee Ae for spending what was left”. Hee Ae: 2 fish cost 16,000 won.  Caption”Hee Ae in the middle of diligently making excuses”. Caption “Yeo Jeong is by her side protecting her”. Caption by Mi Yeon on the street “Fastidious manager of the Nunas over Flowers Team, Lee Mi Yeon!” “What could be her secret?” “#1 Steal other people’s food” “#2 Blackmail and steal other people’s food” “#3 Steal other people so that no one will find out” “#4 Lead others into buying things I want” “#5 Make others forget about one’s debt by beating them with a straw” “#6 Being fastidious about money even with your comrades” “The result of that is being the manager with the most money” As Mi Yeon twirls around on the balcony “I am Chosun’s (Korea’s) manager!”

Cut to the cable car scene. Hee Ae and the production team joke about a Korean slang word for “ripping someone off”as Seung Gi watches the approaching cable car. Seung Gi: Teacher, let’s go. Seung Gi as the cable car rises “Yeah~ now I can see everything in one view” Question: Have you ever been on a cable car before? YYJ: When I first went to Europe. About 40 years ago? Hee Ae: Wow! It’s beautiful. Seung Gi as he walks towards the observation deck: Is that a cloud? It is a cloud! Hee Ae: This is art..really..Caption after all the scenery says “Wherever you go,all of Dubrovnic can be seen in a glance” Hee Ae: that’s where we went to the market. Caption says “Dubrovnic is situated like a toy”.  Production team to Hee Ae: If we stay another week, I think we’ll get skin cancer…because the sunlight is so strong.  Hee Ae: I have to do a shoot for a cosmetics CF the next day so I’m in trouble. Seung Gi: Oh really? Hee Ae: With Lee Yeon Hee and others, I’m in trouble. Seung Gi: You’re not going to miss out on it? Hee Ae: I’m not going to miss it. Seung Gi: What should you do?

Cut to scene inside observatory restaurant: YYJ to SG: Have a taste of the glorious sunlight over there. SG: Oh, they have hamburgers! Hee Ae: You had a small lunch earlier today. YYJ: Eat, eat, eat, eat. YYJ to SG: Give me a bite of your sandwich. SG: Teacher, I plan to change it to a cheeseburger. YYJ: Do as you wish.  Just give me a bite. Caption as SG yawns “Seung Gi, the yawns won’t stop” “He puts on the sunglasses because of the blinding sunlight” “After leaning back in his chair…” “Seung Gi smiling” “Slowly his lips close” “Fixed position” as Seung Gi is obviously sleeping. LOL. “No one can see my eyes…” “Teacher, sorry..zzzzz” “Ah, refreshing. I slept without getting caught. hehe” YYJ: This kid was sleeping…is sleeping.. Seung Gi: No, I’m not. YYJ: This kid is sleeping. I knew you were sleeping. Seung Gi: I’m wearing sunglasses, teacher how can you see me? Hee Ae: Everything shows since it’s direct sunlight.  That strong teacher…when she puts her arm in mine and leans on me….I..feel that she is really a woman that I need to protect.  I really want to hold her and such.  A while ago, I had a conversation with Teacher, she was taking the plane to London. She told me that she was very thankful and something in me made me want to cry.  In the beginning, I didn’t do things well, I was really lacking, but to hear her say, “Seung Gi ya, thank you, see you in Seoul” Oh, I’m about to tear up.

Cut to Seoul cafe. Seung Gi: I didn’t think I’d get caught. It was very warm when I reached the top. It was as if a heat mat had been turned on. It was so warm. Plus I had on sunglasses.  Back to the observatory deck. Seung Gi points out the location where Dubrovnic was bombed.  Then the rest of the segment has flashbacks of the Croatian War in 1991. The producer tells YYJ that 80% of Dubrovnic was destroyed when she asks if many people died. Seung Gi says “Those tour guides honor their country and make people want to visit again. So they are really good citizens of this country.” Seung Gi tells Na PD: “I’ve become mentally strong. I’m thankful to Nunas over Flowers because it became a turning point in my life.” Seung Gi says to Hee Ae:”I also used to ask my closest managers so many questions. I realized that I shouldn’t do that.”

“The thankfulness and apologetic feelings towards the people I work with…From a young boy who always received care from others to a young man who cares for others. Seung Gi to YYJ: Teacher, I think we have to take approximately the number 6 tram. YYJ: approximately number 6? (In English) “What do you mean jungdo?” {Jungdo means approximately in Korean} “We asked the nunas if they could return to Seung Gi’s age? YYJ: No, I don’t want to return (to my 20’s). I really don’t want to return. I think youth is a reckless period. One can sacrifice their life for their country or love.  I don’t want to return to such a reckless age. I must’ve lived a difficult life.  I don’t want to return. I want to live once. Honestly. I’m getting sad with the night sea. (Laughter) Hee Ae: I like it now. I really don’t like it. If I filmed a movie and was asked to shoot it again, would I like it? I spent sleepless nights crying to do it. If I were asked to do it again, I think I would die. I am happy and thankful now.

Nunas were asked: What do you think of yourself? YYJ: I don’t have a talent for traveling. I don’t have many things that I’m curious about. Also, I don’t have curiosity. Flashback to her jawdropping at the sites during the 10 day tour. (Audience laughter) I like this street. I even love this sewer.  Hee Ae: my husband does a great job. How do you feel about your English? “I’m not good at it. It’s a complex of mine.” Ja Ok: “Last year wasn’t good for me. 4 years ago, I had surgery…Last year wasn’t good because it (cancer) spread last year. I thought “Then, after this, am I going to die?” Caption for Ja Ok says “You overflow with life and make people around you happy” Lee Mi Yeon: “I got to know parts of myself that I didn’t know. Even though I have parts that are lacking, I want to love those parts as well.

Nunas were asked: What do you think of others? YYJ: Being with people I don’t know at all is a bit… Kim Ja Ok: Kim Hee Ae~ I haven’t worked together with her. Kim Hee Ae: I’m meeting them for the first time. Lee Mi Yeon, I’ve bumped into twice before.  YYJ Teacher I’ve seen in the hair salon several times but I’m not directly close to her. Lee Mi Yeon: “Can’t I go home?”

Ending captions read “Hold out your hand for me” as Lee Mi Yeon massages Ja Ok’s back, “Send your warm sincerity”,  Hee Ae “People shouldn’t hold preconceived notions. After traveling together, Mi Yeon is doing her best. Usually, all actresses are princesses…all of them have only received recognition and care” Caption “Don’t hide your kind heart. express it.”

Question: Were you afraid of your first time? Seung Gi: When I woke up in the morning, the pressure was, how do I put it? When I meet them for real, what am I supposed to do? When Teacher YYJ comes home in a good mood, she always puts her arm in mine. What is that feeling? I can’t express it in words.

Cut to the Seoul cafe with Na PD: Seung Gi, But, in my opinion, I have a hint for the production crew.  You’ll be making Grandpas over Flowers 3 right? Na PD: Yes. Seung Gi: Then the Teachers will have a burning motivation. Na PD: Why? Seung Gi: Lee Soon Jae Teacher keeps calling me. I personally had a feeling that he is really anticipating Grandpas over Flowers 3. Caption in red “Soon Jae’s reason for anticipating …” Caption says “6 months ago in Taiwan” Soon Jae Teacher is shown saying “That’s why we need to go to corners of the world where no one recognizes us.” Cut to the group dinner at a restaurant with Na PD and the grandpas. “Let’s go for 6 months”. “Let’s go around the world in 80 days!” Na PD shows Seung Gi the map and says “We’re planning to go here”. Seung Gi” No way! Really?” Na PD: In addition, another thing we want to try is this. Seung Gi: Is there such a thing in this country? Isn’t it Russia? Wow. I don’t think Seo Jini hyung will be able to take it. He’s going to go crazy… Seung Gi: Seo Jini hyungnim…Hyung…once you go there, I think you’ll have to cross a border once…

As messages are being written in marker. Caption says “We remember” as the message reads “I will volunteer as a porter for 200 episodes”~ Lee Seo Jin” Caption as the balloon is set free reads “Now is the time”. “May the heavens be moved by that earnest pledge…” Question by producer: Is it okay to have Seo Jin as a porter in the next show? “Ah, of course! Another person…won’t do!!” Can they do as much as him? The camera focuses on Lee Seo Jin as the caption says “You’ve heard right? The Grandpas want only you…” Lee Seo Jin “There’s a possibility I might disappear! Drop everything and just..for real..!!” Caption “6 months ago already…” “I’m already looking forward to the next itinerary” “We are also looking forward to it” “We’ll see you soon with an even more powerful Grandpas over Flowers 3…soon…”

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Nunas over Flowers Latest FB Photo and Captions

<Flowers Facebook’s Unfinished Stories>

1.  The omnivorous girl who deliciously ate the sandwich meant to be used as a prop during the poster shoot

2. Nunas were laughing nonstop throughout the poster photo shoot

3. That map with Seung Gi’s fingerprints…If there’s anyone who is going to Dubrovnic, please let us know. Since it’s the only one, we will give it to only 1 person!

4.  Nunas and Seung Gi who seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves…don’t they seem like family?

new nof picCredit: Nunas over Flowers Official FB page

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Nunas over Flowers Hee Ae Nuna before and after the trip

Do you remember? The actress we didn’t know well, Kim Hee Ae. In addition, we’ve gotten so close to her now, Hee Ae Nuna.

Tonight <Nunas over Flowers> Epilogue will tell you the untold stories.

p.s. Hee Ae Nuna is curious about the shooting equipment^^

Hee Ae before and afterOn the left: “Kim Hee Ae-shi before the trip”

On the right: “Hee Ae Nuna after the trip   ♥  “



Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


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[English] script for Episode 8 Nunas over Flowers

Flower Nunas Epilogue Preview

<Nunas over Flowers Episode 8: ‘I’m not going to miss the epilogue’>

‘Backpacking Project’s Wrap Up’, ‘Nunas and Seung Gi’s latest news’, and even including ‘Unaired clips’!! An epilogue that is more entertaining than the original broadcast, is it a bit unfamiliar?

Starting from ‘Backpacking Project’s lingering memories’ including  ‘the stories afterwards’ Join us for the Flower Nunas’ Epilogue and enjoy it to the fullest~Welcome! (I’m overdoing it;;)

English translation:

Caption #1: The burden of going on a trip with unfamiliar people

Caption #2: However, they’ve become close like family through the 10 day backpacking trip

Caption #3: The best part of a trip is afterwards (trip is in white)

Caption #4: (small yellow square caption: Trip sequela) (In white~ Seung Gi is saying this: I appeared in a running program) and through habit I’m saying “Please wait here for a moment” as I run back and forth.

Caption #5: After seeing Porter #2, Porter #1 takes the lead in criticizing his performance…

Caption #6: I’m personally thankful to Nunas over Flowers because it became a turning point in my life

Caption #7: (Small yellow square caption: Unaired clip) It’s better to use it up, what’s the use in saving it~

Caption #8: Nunas over Flowers (underneath) I’m not going to miss the epilogue

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Subbed Episode 7 Nunas over Flowers Preview

I know this is a week late, but it’s better late than never. Today was Episode 8, the final one for Nunas over Flowers.  English translations for the preview clip coming soon.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Subbing and Encoding by sgsairl, Special Guest Contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever


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Seung Gi and the Flower Nunas to appear in February’s issue of Vogue Korea!

There was news on dclsg about this and today, I was finally able to find a photo and video off of twitter. Seung Gi and the 4 Nunas will appear in next month’s issue of Vogue Korea. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! Have a feeling it will be a sellout like his October 2013 issue of Ceci. 😀

vogue korea nofCredit: Vogue Korea

Credit: Vogue Korea via AirenVideo