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[English] From Seung Gi ~ June 5, 2018

Thank you to the fans who have been together with me for 14 years since my debut                                                                                             2018.06.05



Hello, it’s Seung Gi^^
I’m leaving a letter after a long time.  After greeting you once in a while through the company Instagram, I’m a bit late greeting you.  For being an entertainer who is not confident about writing posts or taking photos, I’m sorry. haha.

2004, June 5th.
I still can’t forget the day when I stood in front of everyone for the first time as a senior in high school singing ‘Because You’re My Woman’ while sweating buckets on a program called Music Core.  It’s because it was one of the days when I was the most nervous in my life.

Lyrics and melody that were overflowing with spirit and vigor.
Things like humor and talent were so hidden away that they were not visible. I want to sincerely thank the fans who were together with such a lacking entertainer called Lee Seung Gi from his debut in 2004 or perhaps later up until now.

It’s an emotion that I didn’t feel in the past, but out of the numerous charming and cool entertainers in Korea, I am thankful and happy that you chose a person like me.
If it weren’t for everyone’s support and love, I might not be where I am.

When I first debuted, I looked up towards my seniors who had been active for at least 10 years.
Will I also be able to be an entertainer for that long?
It doesn’t seem long when there was a time I looked up to others with yearning while thinking,”If I do this for 10 years, wouldn’t I realize the truth about the entertainment industry?” I’ve been in this occupation for 14 years now. haha. To be honest, if someone were to ask if I were a specialist in my field, I think I would answer “no”.

It’s because I’m still really uncertain, curious, and trying to overcome my limits by facing them.

Also, I thought it was a really thankful event if I was even able to safely make a comeback after being discharged from the military. Including drama, variety, and even the movies, I think I worked with an enormous amount of passion for 6 months without any time for rest.
Everyone was a huge source of strength for this successful comeback.^^

Already, we’re halfway into 2018 and June 5th is my 14th anniversary.
Compared to the time I want to spend with you, 14 years is absolutely not a long time, but I am blessed considering the fact that I was able to come this far without any huge accidents.
I consider myself a happy person.

Along with today’s 14th anniversary congratulatory news, there was also good news in the press, right?
Articles about the confirmation of the drama ‘Vagabond’ haha
Through acquaintances, I heard that fans were also looking forward to news about this drama.
I’m happy that I will be able to show everyone the character and work that you want to see.

Since this work will be broadcasted pre-recorded, I won’t be able to meet you as quickly as pre-existing dramas. However, I’ve put in as much effort. Through a method of work I haven’t tried before, I’ll greet you with a cool production that can become my filmographic masterpiece.  Please take it easy while waiting for it ^^

In the meantime, let’s be together while watching Master in the House^^

If I were able to replicate myself, I would be able to do what I wanted all at the same time
Seeing that there’s only one of me, there came a time when I had to take care of myself and distribute my output appropriately so that I can continue to be active for a long time. ㅠㅠ
Because of that, take your time and wait for me. I will show you things one by one as if you were peeling an onion. keke

To my fans who have always supported and loved me with an unchanging heart, thank you and I love you. It’s something that I always say but personal happiness is the most important.

Please support me with a happy heart and never overexert yourself!!!
For the rest of 2018, I will be busy working hard and thinking about what kind of charm to show you.
I will prepare^^. Take care of your health and in the future as well, let’s be together!!

To all the fans who congratulated me, I’m really thankful and I love you^^

– From Seung Gi –


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[English] Hook’s Tweet

Hook tweeted close to 5pm KST today. I was busy enjoying the beautiful weather ^^

Hook tweet nicedayCredit: hookent3

“Today’s weather is really nice~^^ I am releasing photos in the hopes that you won’t grow tired from today’s hotter weather~ But will it energize you~?? ㅋ My Airens, keep your spirits up today as well !!! ♡ “

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi, Forever

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[English] Message from Seung Gi ~ January 18, 2015

To Airens whom I love and am very, very thankful!!


Airens Hel~~lo~~!!
It’s Seung Gi. ㅎ

If it were like any other day, it would have been a lazy one!
However, because of the movie stage greeting, I’ve been pretending to be busy preparing for it ㅎㅎ

First of all, although there were many things to thank you for,
I’m sorry it turned out this late!

Originally, I was prepared to write on my birthday but
The battery on my keyboard was depleted so I couldn’t write. ㅋㅋ Right now, it’s fresh and ready to go ㅋㅋ
(Although fans from the other day didn’t believe a word of it..In life, these kinds of things happen often..)

Anyway, getting straight to the point

Starting with a reservation rate at #1 plus the gifts and consideration for the reporters who came for all sorts of interviews..Including #1 at the box office!!
They say that in the first week, people come out of curiosity but fans’ power was a really, really big help^^
Airen power jjang…I wasn’t sure it would go so far as to affect the movie industry…ㅋㅋㅋ

Even the movie industry is saying that the results exceed expectations to the point where it is surprising!!
In the future, I wish you could see me in movies often^^

As usual, the place where one can meet fans often is at the moviesㅎㅎㅎIsn’t that right??

Also, you must have gone through many hardships by being concerned about the movie…even taking care of my birthday gifts unnecessarily..ㅠㅠ
Making me feel sorry…ㅠㅠ

Thank you for taking care of my birthday despite your busy schedule~~These days,
I’m in the middle of thinking about what I can do for everyone. Although, after much thinking, I did buy everyone Cola!!ㅋㅋ
It’s too small to express what I have in my heart so I’m in the middle of thinking ㅎ

Also, things like results don’t turn out according to what we would like them to be. However, since our movie is really in the middle of making romantic comedy history in Korea,
Let’s run with all our might till the end~~~^^

I’m always thankful!! And I love you~~~^^
Let’s all be happy and healthy this year too!!

Bye bye~~~See you later at the stage greeting!!

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Message from Seung Gi ~ 12/25/14

Merry Christmas Airens~~!!

Is everyone happily enjoying their Christmas Eve dinner to your heart’s content?
This year, everyone has worked hard and thanks to you, I was very happy. ^^
I’m always thankful and I love you!!

As for me, on this golden night, I couldn’t drink a glass of alcohol and for Psy hyung
I reverently finished my dinner and am in the middle of preparing my mind….
Hmm…I thought the time was around 11 o’clock and agreed thinking it was at this time 

But after finding out the performance started at this time,
I feel as if I sang the best ever at a late hour on stage

Except for the times when I went to the noraebang (karaoke) for an after party ㅎㅎㅎ

Honestly, If I were to have a concert this time, on a rock stage, I would wear the leather pants that I bought this summer in the USA ….Regrettably, I took it out now and am in the middle of stretching it out..

At least I can wear it at Psy hyung’s performance and break it in. Because I’ll never know when I’ll need it! ㅋㅋ

I got carried away with needless words! Anyway, have a happy and accident-free end of the year. Next year, I’ll take off running right away with PR for the movie and schedules so let’s huddle together once again!!^^

Now then, bye bye~~~


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Message from Seung Gi~ August 21, 2014

Good morning on a rainy day~!                                                      2014.08.21


Today is quite a rainy morning^^
I usually don’t like rainy days but today is a comfortable and
Sentimental morning ㅎㅎ
Just like in Noonas over Flowers, I have a standlight on and am sitting down, leaving you a message^^

Because I’m nervous and looking forward to the fan meeting on Sunday the 24th,I am writing down a few words unexpectedly^^

It’s a fan meeting that I am holding in Korea in a long time. Meanwhile, because I haven’t done much variety, the opportunity to interact with fans also
has decreased. In addition, work in which I have to do in secret has also increasedㅋㅋDrama. Movie, those are it.

Before I was aware of it, when I think about us being together for 10 years, my heart is overwhelmed and  I am reminded of old memories..
Although I’m not a newly debuted hot idol group, I want to say thanks once again to all Airens who have always been with me and cheered me on at the airport or anywhere I go. ^^!!!

Also, to those who express their great affection and on the other hand, I who feel shy about it.
I feel sorry…ㅠㅠㅋㅋI think it is best expressed in writing!ㅋㅋ

I thought a lot about what to do at the upcoming fan meet that contains bits and pieces of my thanks and apologies.
So, on behalf of the fans, I have thoughts of preparing things that we’ve never done beforeㅎㅎ ㅎㅎ ㅎㅎ
Please don’t have huge expectations~~!! Just come with the thought that we are getting together with a joyful heart~!!
I miss you Airen~!

Then, I will take my leave ……to film the movie, go go……ㅋㅋ
I love you~^^ㅎㅎ ㅎㅎ ㅎㅎ



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[English] Message from Seung Gi

Seung Gi left a message on his official website today around 5pm KST.

 To Airens to whom I’m always thankful and grateful^^


To Airens all over the world~~^^
How have you been? My greeting to you after finishing filming has been a bit late, right?
I’m sorry~~ㅠㅠI’ve also been busy with the wrap up party
As you all may know, my greeting has been late due to personal relaxation time^^

This drama has been the most difficult and busiest of all in terms of scheduling and physical stamina.
It’s to the point of being included among the busiest periods after my debut that I can count with my fingers..ㅎㅎ

However, I was able to do it with sheer determination due to fans and Airens who are always with me^^
Thank you for always being reassuring and cheering me on.

To everyone who always cheered me on and gave me lots of love, I acted to the best of my ability so you wouldn’t be ashamed of me. ^^
Seriously, through this drama, once again, I realized the meaning of the word “doing one’s best”
Because I really did my best, I have no regrets^^

To everyone who was happy, cheered me on, was sad, and shared in all the happiness, anger, sadness, and joy with me

I love you~^^

Since my company is holding a fan meeting with a grateful heart this August in Korea,
There, I will also do my best and be together with you^^
It’s been a long time since I had a fan meeting in Korea. Please make good memories~~^^

In addition, I’m going into another big project~^^
Although I want to write about specific details, since I’m not a real reporter
I can’t write about the details but hope you will understand that I’m giving you a heads up ^^

I’m always thankful and I love you!
The words I said earlier this year about working diligently as a cow~ I’m in the middle of keeping them.
Let’s do it together~~!!!!!!!^^

P.S  Thanks to everyone who loved  Dae Gu Dae Gu ~~!!



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Hook Entertainment’s Tweet~ Message and Photo

Hook Entertainment tweeted a message along with a photo collage of Seung Gi ~ one of him holding up a handwritten message. Here’s their message:

There are 2 weeks left for broadcasting the drama ‘You’re Surrounded’. Even during difficult times filming, thanks to our amazing Airen fans who are cheering him on, Eun Dae Gu is receiving strength. This is Lee Seung Gi~~~^^

707 hookCredit: hookent3

Seung Gi’s Message:

You Are All Surrounded!!!

300 Million view breakthrough!!!! Chinese Airen Xie Xie! (Thank You)

I am very, very thankful. Please cheer me on till the end!!

All of Airen ♡

Lee Seung Gi




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