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2015.06.18 Lee Seung Gi Posts Latest Update on Official Instagram

This photo of Seung Gi and his award was posted at 11:32pm KST:

lsginstagrampopactorCredit: leeseunggi.official

“Thank you for the Popular Actor Award~👍

#AwardforStarWhoMadeKoreanMoviesShine #FirstMovie

#LoveForecast #TeacherJunSu #ThankYouForYourCongratulations💕”

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[English] 2015.6.18 ~ Congratulations Seung Gi on Your First Movie Award! Official Airen Fanclub’s Tweet

Seung Gi, although I didn’t have the time to blog any of the fanpics, fancams, press videos, press photos, etc. from your memorable day, I just wanted to congratulate you for winning the award for Popular Actor in your movie debut, Love Forecast.  Although my new work schedule is long and hectic not to mention that it also runs on Korean Standard Time like yours, I can’t let this day just pass by without at least one post marking such a happy day! The Official Airen Fanclub also tweeted their congratulations a little over an hour ago along with 2 photos:

150618popularactorairenfanclubCredit: AIREN_fanclub

“Our ☆ , whose very existence shines. We sincerely congratulate you on being awarded the 2015 Star Who Made Korean Movies Shine Award ~♡

airencongratsCredit: AIREN_fanclub

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