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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi


Cuckoo CF Catalog Ads

I was going to buy the small silver model in the last ad which cooks rice for 3 since I’m in the middle of spring cleaning. Perhaps, it’s just an excuse to replace my 7 year old plastic rice cooker that I received as a hand me down from my aunt. Aigoo, Seung Gi! It’s hard to resist not purchasing products you endorse. That silver stainless steel model for 3 happens to cost around $400 US dollars. I could buy a frumpy plastic one online for less than $30. Time to save up and wait for a good sale.  🙂  In case you’re wondering, the larger ones that serve 10 people cost between $350 to $500+ US dollars depending on the model.


Premium Eco Mini

(I wish the price was “mini” sized too, LOL)

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Spring Cuckoo CF

I accidentally ran across Lee Seung Gi’s CF while I was browsing online for a rice cooker. This ad is from a home shopping channel and online site called Home & Shopping. The current fad in Korea is ordering items featured on the live broadcast from your smartphone to get additional discounts and points added towards future purchases. As you can see below, every 2 to 3 days, they give additional discounts on top of your mobile phone discount if you pay with a particular credit card. In addition, if you purchase 100,0000 Won (approx $90 US) of merchandise in a month, they will send you a special gift.

All home shopping channels in Korea have some kind of promotion similar to this.  One channel is currently offering a dozen cans of Alaskan salmon if you purchase at least 3 items worth 50,000 won (approx $45 US). In any case,  I will definitely be looking into getting a Cuckoo rice cooker for my newlywed cousin 🙂

CAV-8hLUUAAPSl9Credit: hsnmall





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[English] Cuckoo Full Stainless Eco Curved Rice Cooker CF Clip ~ 30s

Credit: Cuckoo uploaded by Elise Min

English translation:

Seung Gi: You may look forward to it.  A more sophisticated, smoother, a more perfect me.

Female voice: Meeting the taste of rice cooked under extremely high pressure for the first time. Making today more delicious.

Seung Gi: Cuckoo Full Stainless High Pressure Curved.


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever