Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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Because We’re Friends (Japanese Version) ~ Full Set~ Screencaps and MV~ チングジャナ -友達だから-

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Credit: Cassie Trang

English Lyrics:

I was going to embrace your shoulders because you were crying
But I just put my hand down
Because I’m a friend, a friend, a friend
I’m just a good friend to you

I want to go to that guy who is hurting you and punch him but
I can’t, I can’t I can’t
Anyway, I can’t be anything more than just a friend

* I want to suddenly hug you, kiss you on the lips
Comfort you, who would be surprised
And be the one who will make you happy
I want to tell you these things but I only clench my fist
Eventually, I can’t say those words
Like a coward, I make an excuse for my heart – we’re just friends

Because I’m afraid of your obvious rejection
Because we might not be able to even be friends
I love you, I love you, I love you
I hide those words that I want to tell you

* repeat

If I wait one more day, I wonder if you will look at me
Every time I see you crying
I get so mad that my heart feels like it will burst and cry

Although I hurt as much as you hurt
Although I swallow my tears
I can’t go a step closer to you
I deceive my heart saying that we’re just friends
And like a fool, I just cry inside
And on the outside, pretending to be a good person,
I just say, we’re friends

English lyrics translation: Pop!gasa