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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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15.05.21~ Severance Hospital Family Concert Fanpics 1

severancedclsgCredit: lja0621

Sign for Family Concert with Lee Seung Gi and Lee Sun Hee, Ham Chun Ho(guitar), Choi Tae Hwan(piano) at Yonsei Severance Hospital’s Main Lobby. Held this afternoon at 12pm KST.

Seung Gi sang ‘I will give you all ‘, ‘Will you marry me’, and ‘Return’. Credit: bpimk

posterPoster for Family Concert

Credit: dclsg

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[English] Love Forecast Stage Greeting at CGV Sinchon~ Fancam

Credit: seungksunheelove

Director Park Jin Pyo: Hello. I’m the director of Love Forecast. Everyone’s expectations seem very high. Anyway, is there anyone who has seen it multiple times? (Fans shout “YES!”) How many times have you seen it? (A fan screams out “12 times!”). You’ve seen it a hundred times, a hundred, right? (Fans shout “YES!”) LOL. As you can see, Chae Won and Seung Gi have done a lovely job, haven’t they? (Fans shout “YES!”) If you embrace it just a bit more, we’ll also give you gifts. (Fans shout for joy)

Moon Chae Won: Hello, I’m Moon Chae Won. I’m glad to meet you. Are there many fans here? (Fans shout “YES!”) (A fan shouts out to MCW “Unni, you’re young!” and everyone has a good laugh) Thanks you so much for giving the movie and us lots of love. Enjoy watching it today and Happy New Year. Be healthy.

Lee Seung Gi: Thank you, I’m Lee Seung Gi. I’m really thankful. Thank you for taking your golden time to come out and choose our movie. Earlier, there’s even a person who has seen it 12 times and it seems like there are many who have seen it at least once or twice. Once again, thank you. I hope you will spread word that it’s very fun. You’ll do that, right? (Fans answer “YES!”) I hope you’ll send lots of love so that it will be successful till the end. I’ll also work hard with PR for the movie.

Director Park Jin Pyo: Now, among Moon Chae Won’s fans, who is single and is the oldest? (Seung Gi says,”The two of you decide among yourselves. Excuse me for asking but how old are you? Fan #1 says 35 and Fan #2 says 38. Seung Gi chuckles and says “its’ regrettable, regrettable.”) Now, among Lee Seung Gi’s fans, who is single and the youngest? (Seung Gi finds a young boy and says “Over here, over here! You can’t get younger than this, right? Is there anyone younger than him? There isn’t, okay. A fan says in the background,”I know that kid”. Seung Gi then asks him,”How many times have you seen it? He answers,”Ah…8 times.” Seung Gi jokes around and says to him,”You shouldn’t lie.” The audience bursts into laughter and Seung Gi says “No,no..I got it, I got it. You’re going to watch it more, right?” The kid answers,”Yes!” Seung Gi says,”Are you going to tell your friends that it’s fun?” The kid answers,”I already told them.” Seung Gi says,”I understand, thank you, thank you.” Now, among Moon Chae Won’s fans, who has come from the farthest place? People who haven’t come from Seoul perhaps. Where? Masan? A fan shouts that he came up from Chooncheon. He says he came up from Chooncheon today. Among Lee Seung Gi’s fans, who has come the farthest? Fans shout China! China! Canada? China! Tokyo? Seung Gi asks the fan if she came from Tokyo and chooses her. He says “thank you, arigato”. Now then, I want to thank you once again for loving our movie and we’re in the middle of making Korea’s romance movie history of all time.  I think it’s due to everyone’s support and I hope everyone will help by spreading news through word of mouth. Thank you.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever