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D-2 till the Hope Concert! [English] Lee Seung Gi’s 5 minute Broadcast Slave MV

It’s D-2 till the Hope Concert! Can’t wait…already checking to make sure my camera, cell phone, and batteries are working.  Make sure to dress warmly! Most of you have already arrived in Seoul so you know that it’s pretty cold here.  Instead of photos, today’s countdown will be celebrated by Seung Gi’s performance of ‘Slave’ in his 5 Minute Broadcast:

Credit: LOEN Music

Here is the translation for the video.. ‘Lee Seung Gi’s 5 minute Music Broadcast’ in white lettering across the screen

“I sincerely welcome everyone to tonight’s open concert, Cafe Tonight. I’m Park Ji Yoon, your host for Lee Seung Gi’s 5 minute music broadcast. One starts to fantasize about this: one day, what if a handsome man approached you and said he wanted to be your slave? (oohhh!!) On top of that, what if that man was none other than Lee Seung Gi? (screams) Yes, I’m sure it’s every woman’s dream. Out of all the songs included in the nation’s top 5 albums, this new song is one that Lee Seung Gi feels a particular attachment to. Lee Seung Gi says that he wants to be your slave. (screams) Could it possibly be true? Let’s confirm it by listening to his song.”

At 2:54, he says” rock dance”? “it’s a unique and distinctive song”. At 4:04, he is asked, “What kind of song is ‘Slave'”? He replies, “I’m a slave (to it)…I really like this song.” At 5:23 he tells everyone while clapping that they have worked hard.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever