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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English subbed] Lee Seung Gi’s Best Welcome Award Speech at 2017 Asia Artist Awards

Many thanks to @LSG_MX who subbed my translations for Seung Gi’s acceptance speech for the Best Welcome Award at the 2017 Asia Artist Awards. Your hard work is much appreciated and will help spread the Seung Gi virus to many more Airens around the world. 🙂


Video credit: LSG_MX

Translations subbed by LSG_MX, special contributor to Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Subbed Nunas over Flowers Teaser #4 is Out!

Thanks again to a hard working and dedicated Airen who has subbed Teasers #1,3, and now 4 using my translations.  Sgsairl, kudos to you for everything that you do for the Airen community!

For your reference, here’s the script:

Pink and yellow captions read: Mi Yeon, who has never been on a trip using her own effort.
Meanwhile, Lee Mi Yeon says: In the meantime, whenever I’ve wanted to go on a trip, they’ve (her staff) made all the arrangements.
Na PD starts to say to her: After you start reading a little bit about it…ahh (he gets cut off)
Captions in pink and white across Na PD’s chest read:  Meticulously taking notes
Lee Mi Yeon before the captions: I assume we will have to choose lodgings near the airport?
Captions read: She asks questions in detail…
Lee Mi Yeon: Should we unpack and then travel or is the International Airport going to be doing so?
Captions: And she asks more questions…
Na PD: Should we rest for a while? Would you like a glass of water?
Pink and white captions read: She studies without taking a break…
Lee Mi Yeon: Do the five of us always have to travel together?
Captions read: The one with many questions [(Literally it reads, question King, her) but this is Konglish and not appropriate for translation into native English]
Lee Mi Yeon: I’ve never done anything (like this)  before
Question: Will you be able to make reservations for lodging in Istanbul by yourself?
Lee Mi Yeon: OK, of course.
Lee Mi Yeon: I’m going to give it a try. My thought is why don’t we have fun while trying.
Final ending captions read: Nunas’ Very Special Challenge, underneath it reads ‘Nunas over Flowers’ 11/29 (Fri) night, First broadcast

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Subbing and Encoding by sgsairl