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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English translation] Section TV Entertainment Report~ Lee Seung Gi

   Credit: seunggiairen

Originally a singer! Stars who made it big as an actor

English translation:

Male MC #1: These days,  there is a trend where there isn’t a fixed boundary line between a singer, actor, etc.

Caption: The boundary line which has disappeared in the entertainment industry.

Male MC #1: It’s to the point where viewers who are at least in their 50’s could say,”They (also) sang?”. They are already actors who are much closer to the acting industry.

Male MC #2: They’re stars who’ve already been put to the test and became a huge success.

Female MC: We could call him the original, Lee Seung Gi.  You know that Lee Seung Gi first made it big as a singer.

Caption: 2004 debut with “Because You’re My Woman”

Female MC: At the same time, he had prepared a drama. Simultaneously releasing his first album in 2004, he appeared in Nonstop 5. But I think this was a very smart move. You know how he had a fixed image of a model student, a comfortable image. He even took this directly into the drama.

Male MC #1: To Nonstop 5? I also appeared in Nonstop 5. (Caption says: There isn’t anything he hasn’t done)

Other MCs: Where? I think that was a different person.

Female MC: Called “The Famous Chill Sisters” aka “Famous Princesses”, he did a weekend drama. Back then, he was a friendly character who received so much love from lots of ahjummas.

Female MC: Afterwards, he appeared in another weekend drama called “Brilliant Legacy”. He shared the lead role with Han Hyo Joo. Back then with “Brilliant Legacy”, it received a viewership rating of 47.1%. This really isn’t easy to do.

Male MC #1: It’s really brilliant.

Female MC: Yes. Afterwards, there was “The Gu Family Book” and “The King 2 Hearts”. So he became definitely known as “MBC’s son” and went to the military.

Male MC #1: He’s coming back soon, isn’t he?

Male MC #2: October. He’s coming back in October.

Male MC #1: I see, so he’s coming back this year.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Gu Family Book~ Lee Seung Gi ~ Choi Kangchi Part 1~ Fan Video Revisited

This video was reuploaded on dclsg less than an hour ago by the same person who created fan videos for TK2H and the Gu Family Book. She said members wanted to watch more Kangchi and is walking down memory lane with the “beastly” version of him in this one.

Credit: haesong225 aka 시크 via dclsg

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[English] Gu Family Book~ Kangchi’s Dream~ Fan Video

I’ve provided English translations below the fanvideo for Kangchi and Yeo Wool’s dialogue. I’m sure you all know what they’re saying since you’ve watched the subbed version of this fantastic drama. It’s one of my favorites. 🙂 The dclsg fan who uploaded this video today must be feeling nostalgic since yesterday was all about TK2H. ^^ This video must’ve been edited since it was published less than an hour ago on you tube.

Credit: haesong225 aka 시크 via dclsg

English translation:

Kangchi: Yeo Wool, when I meet you again, at that time,  I’ll recognize you first.

Yeo Wool: Do you know me?

Kangchi: When I meet you again, at that time, I’ll love you first…Well, I feel like I know you…but also feel that I don’t know you….Also, my time which had stopped started flowing again.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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The Gu Family Book Fanvideo~ Kangchi Forever~ Congratulations Seung Gi!

I’m posting this fan video to celebrate Lee Seung Gi’s double win in The 2nd Asia Rainbow TV Awards for outstanding Costume Drama and outstanding Leading Actor.  The Awards ceremony was held on June 26, 2014 in Macao. Seung Gi couldn’t attend due to his filming schedule for YAAS. Congratulations, Seung Gi ya!  🙂


Credit: haesong225 aka 시 크 on dclsg

kangchi1 kangchi2Credit: 01合71  via dclsg

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[English] Japan’s Trailer for The Gu Family Book DVD & Blu-ray SET 3

Credit: NBCUniversal Entertainment

English translation:

Now let’s check out their kuga-no-sho (The Gu Family Book) outfits!
Although the real costumes in the Joseon Dynasty period were loose-fitting, we have adjusted them tighter for action stunts in this film. Based on the personalities of the characters, Wolryung changes his clothes from a lighter color to a darker one. Kangchi wears red with a simple design. Yeo-wool, while wearing men’s clothes, incorporated feminine elements (everywhere in her costume) and paid attention to details. And; By the way, The sword is lighter than a real sword, but they say it has appropriate weight, so that their performance won’t look light, too. Selected fashion/clothes from “The Book of Nine Houses (The Gu Family Book)”. They all look so nice, don’t they. Choi Jin-Hyeok finishes shooting. (To think that this is the last day we work together,)  We are sad to see him leave. Okay now, let’s take a commemorative photo together. Good smile. It seems they are satisfied with their performance.

Japanese to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever