Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi


[English] Lee Seung Gi Dispatch Clip~ “Not a Heodang, Discovery of Unpolished Beauty”

Credit: dispatchsns

Caption translations:

#1: In depth coverage of Lee Seung Gi! To the set~

#2: Lee Seung Gi’s charismatic glance

#3: The return of Heodang Lee Seung Gi!

#4: Once again?

#5: A surprised Seung Gi~

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Poems with Lee Seung Gi Photos

I ran across these in dclsg and thought they were beautiful. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did. 🙂

sg thoughts1Credit: as labeled via dclsg

English translation:

Instead of confessing that I love you

A love that is 100 times, 1,000 times larger relayed to you is a big relief

Instead of screaming to keep your spirits up

Cheers that are 100 times, 1,000 times louder for you is a big relief

Instead of me praying for your happiness

Luck that is 100 times, 1,000 times larger shared with you is a big relief

Instead of being one person approaching you

100, 1,000 faces that are near you are a big relief

Instead of becoming someone you recognize

Being one among a thousand is 100, 1,000 times a relief

sg thoughts2Credit: Seung Gi Butterfly

English translation:

Because you’re my star, I’m really happy.

Although there are difficult days and days that bring tears

Your song

Your smile

Your sincerity

Makes me smile.

You are my angel who shines rays of hope.

sg thoughts3Credit: Seung Gi Butterfly

English translation:

Because you’re an angel

You give us hope’s sky

Because you’re a flower

You give us the fragrance of happiness…


Because I’m human, I give you love.


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] KB Financial Group Everland Event~ Lee Seung Gi~ Fancam#6

Credit: Lee Peony

English translation summary:

The MC tells the kids who lost to come down from the stage. Then he asks the remaining kids to play rock, paper, scissors and one kid curses so he tells him/her not to curse.  Seung Gi seems amused and laughs. The MC says it’s not nice to curse and he’ll just acknowledge it as the kid making a sound. He counts how many kids lost at the game and announces the start of round 3. The losers say goodbye to Seung Gi and shake his hand. Next, they play a truth game with X being false and O being true. The MC says O is to his right and X is to his left. Seung Gi starts to read off questions about himself that the kids have to answer by standing on his right or left, depending on whether they think it is true or false. Seung Gi’s first question is “Lee Seung Gi’s debut song is “Because You’re My Woman”. The audience screams and the MC asks Seung Gi to sing a few lines. Seung Gi’s right side is true (O) and his left is false (X).  Seung Gi announces the right answer as “O” and points to his right. The boy who lost will get a prize and he shakes Seung Gi’s hand before leaving the stage. Seung Gi’s second question,”Lee Seung Gi’s profile height is 180cm”. The MC reminds the kids that if the answer is correct to stand to Seung Gi’s right. A girl in the audience shouts that it’s correct but the answer is incorrect.

The MC states that the next question is a bit “cruel” as in difficult, and Seung Gi says he will ask a more difficult question. He asks,”The title of Lee Seung Gi’s earlier variety program where he had to travel was called 3days2nights.” He and the MC agree that it’s too easy. The next question is “Lee Seung Gi’s hometown is Seoul.” One girl in the audience shouts out “Chungchungnamdo”. The correct answer is yes of course. Many kids lose and the MC says,”This is the real world”. One kid thought his hometown was Busan and Seung Gi says it’s because he went there so often during 1N2D.  The MC says the first prize will be a bicycle and the kids get excited. When they see a cardboard cutout, he says not to get mad at him and say “What’s up with that?”.  The MC asks Seung Gi to ask 2 more questions. Seung Gi asks,”Lee Seung Gi became KB’s CF Model in 2009″. He says that the right answer is “0”.  The MC says that he will ask the next question which is, “Lee Seung Gi’s current age is 27”. The MC says at this rate, the game will never end so he will give all the kids a gift certificate and send them off stage.

The MC asks Seung Gi to relay his thoughts and feelings about the event.

Seung Gi: It is very spectacular and out of the events I’ve participated in, the participation rate is the highest. The atmosphere is very heartwarming.

The MC asks the audience to make some noise for Seung Gi and the response is deafening. 🙂

Seung Gi mentions how he thinks the response is more passionate than his fanclub. He comments about the amount of passion in the audience. The MC asks him if it isn’t the first time Seung Gi has seen such passionate fans. Seung Gi says,”Truly, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this (kind of response.) The MC asks him if that’s so and Seung Gi answers yes.

The MC addresses the audience and tells them that they’ve had a good time with Lee Seung Gi. He thanks Seung Gi and Seung Gi bows. The MC announces that they will be taking a commemorative photo. He then tells the audience “Up till now, we’ve had a really good time. Everyone, did you enjoy yourselves?” They all shout “YES!!” and the MC starts calling several people up to the stage in preparation for the photo.


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


[English] Yeosu NuSkin Fancams *UPDATING* with translations coming

Because You’re My Woman

Credit: parkgeumju

Ending of Because You’re My Woman and Complete version of Return

Credit: parkgeumju

Seung Gi talks after 1st song and introduces Will You Marry Me~ translations coming

Credit: parkgeumju

Will You Marry Me?

Credit: parkgeumju

Seung Gi talks to the audience after they request an encore~ translations coming

Let’s Go on Vacation

Credit: parkgeumju

Seung Gi talks to the audience before introducing Smile Boy~translations coming

Credit: parkgeumju

Smile Boy

Credit: parkgeumju