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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Lee Seung Gi from DCLSG

It’s only fair to upload the gifts that dclsg members delivered to Hook Entertainment’s office on Valentine’s Day morning after what Seung Gi did for his Airens at the group viewing. I can’t believe I voted with other members to hold a Valentine’s Day Event as the top of this photo says only to forget to check on its progress. I guess I was still happy from the chocolates and personal message Seung Gi gave Airens the day before. ^^ Members spent 918,000 Won on wine, fresh flowers, and chocolates (approx $900 US). I hope he had a wonderful day.

web_1846184015_926f6bf5“Happy Valentine’s Day”

web_1846184015_1ce59affCredit: dclsg

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[English] Win a date with Lee Seo Jin & The Dimple Brothers wish you a Happy Lunar New Year ~ WeMAP

Credit: WeMakePrice

English translation:

Hello, I’m WeMAP model Lee Seojin. I’m WeMAP Lee Seung Gi. 2014 has arrived.

Lee Seo Jin: I hope that everyone will have a year filled with only happy events.

Lee Seung Gi: I wish for everyone to be healthy and to have a year filled with love.

Lee Seo Jin: Everyone, Happy New Year.

Lee Seung Gi: Everyone, Happy New Year.

There’s an event that WeMAP is having in celebration of reaching 300,000 fans. It appears to be a date on Valentine’s Day with Lee Seo Jin!  You have to go to the WeMAP official homepage on Facebook and press the “Like” button.  Then you will receive a coupon that you can download. You must have an official WeMAP account online first. Participate in a drawing for a date with Lee Seo Jin! Final caption says “2/14, you are the leading lady”.  The event will be held from 1/23, 10am KST to 2/6 10am KST.  100 WeMAP customers will be drawn at random and contacted individually on 2/7 for a date with Lee Seo Jin! Sigh…don’t get your hopes up for an individual date! LOL.

Here’s the link to the WeMAP FB page: WeMAP

p.s. If WeMAP is able to reach 500,000 fans on Facebook, there will be a White Day date event with Lee Seung Gi on March 14! In Korea, Valentine’s Day is for females to give males chocolates. The next month, on March 14, it is called White Day and this is the day males give candy or chocolates to females.  I come from the USA so this doesn’t really make sense to me.  Many netizens say this is a marketing ploy to increase the sales of chocolate in February and candy in March.  >< WHAT!!???  I’ve been living in Korea for several years and still shake my head at this custom.  The American culture in me just won’t accept it.  What ever happened to the saying “Ladies first?”

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever