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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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Lee Seung Gi Volunteers as a One Day Salesman ~ Press Video

I just came back from Seung Gi’s Big Issue event at Sinsa station so my posts are late. The place was packed with people and it was very difficult to get a good photo of him. The event started at 4pm and he left a little past 5pmKST. Vendors also started packing up after he left.  I hope the magazines I bought will be able to help in some small way towards such a good cause. The ajusshis were truly kind and humble, as was our star, Lee Seung Gi.  🙂


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Big Issue Volunteer Event~ Lee Seung Gi Fanpics 1

10986371_1612791932286175_428701298_nCredit: lovely_oov

sukheeCredit: ladysukheekwon

B-gxjYeCYAAb7BaCredit: ladysukheekwon

18382_341155802748314_2821652536788241422_nCredit: orange_sally

10979622_405048169668107_2076278776_nCredit: j00he.e

10838336_1622155884681581_979823731_nCredit: yumidaily

selcajnhlsgCredit: JNHLSG

10249249_1052976938049234_91390650_nCredit: hyuntae1451

10990619_286373888153286_859330665_nCredit: rrong28

10995069_1603119346568984_299153381_nCredit: yuzziny1005

10919312_422048577958379_2080925256_nCredit: y_hs97

10475046_732608943525499_2081757682_nCredit: janeoh_needlove

10983684_951343694883524_1115216009_nCredit: sueyakim

11008371_635641093231207_322598125_nCredit: gimgamja

10963954_1610835182482251_1197385838_nCredit: yoooonstyle

11007823_1564378503843236_935338870_nCredit: vegiita79

10986090_1571294376450552_86235646_nCredit: yukijandi

10958500_1414163185546164_32266504_nCredit: sb_0518

 11007947_630714630364039_1809518346_nCredit: yuccabaihan

11008151_359616367569515_800473950_nCredit: sunmi9753

11018501_357955737722784_668636799_nCredit: jiyoung_gu

10995237_766849143389297_1509864793_nCredit: daeun_so


11017557_1546551952299080_1028622256_nCredit: imagine_yj

11015535_1563173997233171_1016521377_nCredit: a2n03

sy_gloCredit: sy_glo

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[English] Lee Seung Gi* Lunar New Year Special Donghaeng Preview

Credit: seunggiairen

English translation:

Do you remember February 3rd’s “Popped Grain Father and His Two Sons” regrettable situation? Through a project prepared by the station, Lee Seung Gi, and viewers, we look back on the meaning of sharing and donghaeng (means “to go together” in Korean).

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] 2015.02.20 Entertainment Today – Lee Seung Gi Volunteers As a One Day Vendor For Big Issue

Credit: seunggiairen

English Translation:

Announcer: Singer/Actor Lee Seung Gi will be a one day street salesman for The Big Issue, a magazine which helps the homeless become independent. Following a cover and pictorial shoot through a talent donation, Lee Seung Gi will be volunteering in the Gangnam area this coming 23rd as a one day vendor and will be carrying out another good deed. It was 3 years since the last time a star was a vendor for The Big Issue in 2011 with announcer, Lee Ji-ae.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever


[English] [Exclusive] Lee Seung Gi, Another Good Deed…Helps the Homeless Become Independent ‘Star Assistant to Big Issue’

bighelperCredit: OSEN

Singer/Actor Lee Seung Gi will be doing another good deed.  He will be volunteering as a ‘Star Assistant to Big Issue’ to daily street vendors of Big Issue, a lifestyle magazine which helps the homeless become self reliant. 

On the 18th, according to a Big Issue insider, Lee Seung Gi will be active as a surprise assistant to the magazine following the Lunar New Year holiday this coming 23rd somewhere in the Seoul Gangnam area.  Being a Big Issue assistant includes standing by Big Issue vendors’ side and supporting them in becoming independent. Cheering them on is a given. It also includes PR work as well as helping vendors sell daily issues. Being a star assistant for Big Issue last occurred in 2011 with Lee Ji-ae, a former announcer. In September of the same year, after ‘Infinite Challenge’ Rowing Episode’s coach Kim Ji Ho, it’s been 3 years since such an event has occurred.

Regarding this, a representative from Lee Seung Gi’s agency, Hook Entertainment, told OSEN, “We decided that it would be good to have a systematic approach and goal to help Big Issue which helps the homeless become self reliant. Lee Seung Gi himself indicated his will to be a star assistant to Big Issue.”

Previously, through his talent donation, Lee Seung Gi underwent shooting for the cover and pictorial of the 102nd edition of Big Issue.  During that time at the shooting location, Lee Seung Gi said through an interview,”It’s a magazine with such a good goal.” Through his question of “Why didn’t we know about it?” he relayed his determination to participate by willingly donating his talent.  

Lee Seung Gi is Korea’s representative ‘Good deed star’ who has fulfilled good deeds in various ways. Including a 100,000 Won donation to KBS Kang Tae Won Welfare Foundation, he is a supporter for donations on behalf of low income female students in the USA, sharing of kimchi and coal briquettes program, volunteering at nursing homes, and helping orphanages among others.  Besides Lee Seung Gi, his fans have also followed his lead. In 2014, for his 10th debut anniversary, they donated  29,947,500 Won (approx $29,947.50 US) to the KBS Kang Tae Won Welfare Foundation.

Meanwhile, the 102nd edition of Big Issue that Lee Seung Gi graces  is currently being sold at major Seoul subway stations as well as online at the Big Issue Shop.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Original Korean article: OSEN

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Lee Seung Gi to Assist Big Issue Vendors on February 23

airenzonebigissueCredit: leeseunggi.com

Following Lee Seung Gi’s “talent donation” as a cover model to the 102nd edition of Big Issue Korea, a lifestyle magazine that helps the homeless support themselves, he will be volunteering as an assistant to Big Issue vendors. He will be standing next to them to support their self reliance in addition to assisting with PR for Big Issue.


Here are the details:

Time: Monday, February 23, 2015 at 4pmKST

Location: Sinsa subway station, in front of exit 8


Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Source: leeseunggi.com, Airen zone

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KBS1 Donghaeng Press Photos ~ Lee Seung Gi

Seung Gi will appear this coming Saturday, 2/21 on KBS1’s Donghaeng, a human documentary series about people in difficult situations who find hope through the help of others. This is a special episode for Lunar New Year which starts on Wednesday, 2/18 and lasts until Sunday, 2/22.  There are several press articles about Seung Gi’s appearance on Episode 8 of Donghaeng, one of which I will translate and post later. For now, here are the photos that have been featured online. This episode is about a deaf man who sells puffed grain and his two sons. Seung Gi attends his oldest son’s graduation and holds a surprise event for him and his friends.

201502161247280410_1 2015021618212161764_1

The banner above the four says:

“Our classroom is filled with dreams and hope”

Seung Gi and the man’s youngest son hold a sign that says:

“Sang Hoon! Congratulations on your graduation”


Photo credit: nate

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Lee Seung Gi to Help Sell The Big Issue?

This was on SNS around 10pm KST on 2/15/15:

bigissuesgCredit: jinwooky

The person seems to be the illustrator of this drawing. Above in black lettering, it says,”Lee Seung Gi, a daily big help, together with the magazine of hope, Big Issue

Next to her illustration were her comments:

It’s an honor to be participating in a good cause🙏
Next Monday, they say that Lee Seung Gi will be selling Big Issue together with its vendors – !!
This drawing can be used as a banner/sign and placard  😃
Handwriting was done together with @vintagegirl_yj  – 🙌🙌🙌”

I checked dclsg and there was a post about it asking exactly when was “Next Monday” and where the location was. If it were today, she would have said “this coming Monday” or “tomorrow”. However, “next Monday” usually makes one think of the following week, especially when written so late on a Sunday night. One dclsg member even questioned the validity of this event.  I’ve searched Big Issue’s twitter and facebook accounts but couldn’t find any further details about this event so far and it’s a little past 8am KST on Monday morning. How nice it would be to run into Seung Gi on my way to/from work! Updates to be posted.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever