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Lucky Airen Wins Lee Seung Gi’s Shirt From Love Forecast

A few weeks ago, Love Forecast‘s official facebook page held an event for the top 3 people who watched the movie the most. The event lasted for about a week, starting at the end of January and ending on February 3rd. The winners won clothing worn by Lee Seung Gi, Moon Chae Won, and Jung Joon Young respectively. The first place winner was none other than a Korean Airen who is well known for her HQ photos. She diligently attends Seung Gi’s events and takes professional quality photos that are very popular among Airens. You’ve seen them on my blog frequently. She won Seung Gi’s shirt for watching the movie 88 times! Considering the price of admission is 10,000 Won (approx $10 US), the shirt is worth about $880! She tweeted a photo of it this afternoon. Congratulations!  🙂

todayloveCredit: todaylove2015

“Let’s verify the most views of Love Forecast and receive actors’ possessions!”

“If you verify the most views by showing your tickets, we will give you Lee Seung Gi, Moon Chae Won, or Jung Joon Young’s possessions.”

First place prize: Seung Gi’s shirt

B-GOKQrCAAEH0lyCredit: sgeyelashes

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