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[English translation] Lee Seung Gi KBS Entertainment Relay 3/15/14

Credit: Official Fan Cafe

English translation:

Caption #1: Resembling the refreshing spring sunlight

Welcoming the warm spring more than anyone else…

We met Lee Seung Gi on the location of his film shoot.

From the Nation’s charming man to now one woman’s, Lee Seung Gi!  We’re together with you!

A Date with the Nation’s Charming Man, Lee Seung Gi

On a morning with the spring breeze blowing…

We were able to meet Lee Seung Gi riding a bicycle in between automobiles

It looked as if he would pass by looking cool on his bike like the breeze…but he alone seemed to be having difficulty

Q: Riding the bicycle appears difficult?

A: It’s not the bicycle that I normally ride so it’s really awkward.

Seung Gi: There’s nothing that I do particularly well. *laughs*

The CF was filmed early in the morning during rush hour befitting the concept of an office employee going to work.

Seung Gi: It’s so cold here right now.

Male interviewer: What if you were asked to report to work at this time everyday? Do you have the confidence to do it?

Seung Gi: Early in the morning is difficult.  Truthfully, I’ve been to work earlier than this while filming dramas..if I were asked to show up every day like this, I’m not sure I could do it!

Female interviewer: Since you’re playing the role of a real office employee, if you had the chance to establish a company, what kind of company would it be?

Seung Gi: If I established a company, the burden would be too great because there is a huge risk of it failing. *laughter* (Captions in each corner spell out “Safety First” LOL! ) Either it would be to run a company someone else has established or to be a civil servant.  To be on the safe side for a long time.

Female interviewer: Ah…to stay on the safe side.

Lee Seo Jin: My first frustration was when I was drinking with Seung Gi. He likes to drink a lot so I was frustrated.

Female interviewer: Not long ago, Lee Seo Jin revealed a surprising fact about Lee Seung Gi’s alcohol tolerance.

Seung Gi: I was in Japan and after seeing that in the press, I was ambushed. I was so surprised. I believe that I can hold my liquor better.

Female interviewer: Is that right?

Seung Gi: Well, of course. My liver is already…it’s less “bitter” (?) It started 15 years behind (that of Lee Seo Jin’s) but after seeing him enjoy his liquor, I thought,”Hyungnim holds his liquor well.”  He was already really drunk. *laughs*

Female interviewer: You have a strong image of a role model

Seung Gi: Yes

Female interviewer: Does that kind of image burden you?

Seung Gi: I don’t feel that it’s necessarily a burden but if I had to choose a difficult point, it would be that on the whole, people have high expectations of me…no matter what I do.  I do have some burdensome feelings regarding that.

Female interviewer: Constantly receiving love, Lee Seung Gi. During that time, he consistently focused on one person as his ideal type.

Caption: 10 years since his debut, steadfast popularity

Yoo Hee Yeol: A certain sunbae oppa half jokingly-half seriously is consistently choosing me as his ideal type.

Female interviewer: Lee Seung Gi comes to mind

Yoo Hee Yeol: When he does this, is he interested in you or not?

Caption in front of Yoona: Honest

Female interviewer: Mmmm…because Yoona knows how it feels more than anyone else.  Lee Seung Gi, who is like a vitamin to you?

Seung Gi: Someone who’s like a vitamin? These days, my family comes to mind.

Female interviewer: If that’s the case, who is the person that gives strength to Yoona?

Yoona: I have my family..and also my friends.

Female interviewer: Their replies are perfectly synchronized. When I date, I have a strong heart towards the woman.

Seung Gi: I don’t think I have a weak one. *laughs* (cut to a different scene) …I’m a detective.

Female interviewer: A detective?!!

Seung Gi: Yes, yes, yes.

Female interviewer: Then doesn’t a detective have many action scenes?

Seung Gi: A detective would have many action scenes with a lot of running.

Female interviewer: But when I did online research, suddenly Lee Seung Gi clumsy appeared.

Seung Gi: Clumsy is correct but clumsy people are rather better at action scenes.

Female interviewer: Why is that?

Seung Gi: When you’re stiff, you appear like you’re moving faster.

Female interviewer: *laughs*

Seung Gi: Really, you appear faster. Your speed appears faster. My body is like that.

Female interviewer: Then that’s perfect.

Seung Gi: So if you look at only my speed, I look really fast. I just need to stay away from scenes requiring flexibility.

Female interviewer: The short interview was over so I asked an urgent question. Lee Seung Gi’s Entertainment news?

Seung Gi: News?

Female interviewer: He was really flustered.

Seung Gi: Next time.

Female interviewer: A charming man who knows how to keep a female’s interest, it has been Lee Seung Gi!

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] subbed Entertainment weekly dating news about Hallyu Stars, Lee Seung Gi and Yoona

This is refreshing. An English subbed version of Entertainment weekly that is about Hallyu Stars and their budding romances.  Lee Seung Gi and Yoona’s clip starts at 3:30 and ends at 6:35.  The entire program gives you up to date information on the latest dating news as well as stars born in 2014 which is the year of the horse, new dramas for 2014, interviews, and highlights from the KBS Daesang Awards Ceremony.  Enjoy!

Credit: KBS World TV

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First Celebrity Couple of the Year is Revealed! Seung Gi is Dating SNSD’s Yoona

On New Year’s Day, Korea’s Dispatch news caught a really big fish and let out breaking news about Lee Seung Gi dating SNSD’s Yoona.  All Airens know that Seung Gi liked Yoona very much from his days hosting Strong Heart 3 years ago.  According to Dispatch, paparazzi had been following them around for the past 3 months and snapped several photos of them.  Yoona’s agency, SM Entertainment, has confirmed that they are dating, “Lee Seung Gi and Yoona are currently getting to know each other.” Likewise, Seung Gi’s agency was quick to confirm their relationship as well. Hook Entertainment, stated “Since it’s a personal issue, we don’t know the specific details, but it’s true that they are dating. Since both are young and are only in the beginning stages, please look upon them fondly.”  Congratulations Seung Gi and Yoona! Although many Airens’ hearts are broken, we wish the both of you the very best.

dating 8Top photo shows Seung Gi dropping Yoona off at her home. The bottom photo shows Yoona heading home after a date with Seung Gi.

dating 6dating 7Caption states “Cinderella Date” because their curfew time is 1AM. Yoona is seen approaching Seung Gi’s car for her date.  Seung Gi and Yoona’s favorite dating places are small  streets. They live only 500 meters away from each other in Samseong-dong, Gangnam. The first photo of their “car dates” is by a side street. The second photo is by the Han River, and the final one is by Namsan Tower. The last photo is of Seung Gi on the phone with Yoona on his way home after a date.

dating 9Credit: Dispatch

Clockwise starting from 12 o’clock: car date by the street, Yoona A Apt, Namsan date, Han River date, Lee Seung Gi B Apt.

Here’s what goes on in their car dates: When dating they’re just inside the car drinking coffee and talking. They mainly drive around Namsan or Han River which are near Yoona’s apartment, but never leave the car. The date lasts for about 1-2 hours but no matter how late, Yoona will always go home before 1AM.

Credit: risse9

dating 3Credit: SBS Strong Heart

Here’s a clip from Strong Heart with Yoona doing Aegyo with Lee Seung Gi. He is asked to caress Yoona’s hair and at first, he says,”How could I dare do such a thing?”…The caption says that he does it so naturally before they do their Aegyo pose.  

Credit: 1380myths

Credit: haryouth

This second video is English subbed and Seung Gi says he”likes Yoona to death”. LOL.